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I got this hugger about a year ago, and I know it isn't Litex due to the mounting hardware. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum!
I wish I had better pictures, but I couldn't get these uploaded in full size due to my ISP's bandwidth restrictions.I have a white hugger ceiling fan with gold stencils on the blades. Thank you very much for the replies!Silly question, is there a way to secure the part that holds the lightulb so it doesn't dangle? Thanks, Matt!I missed your first post because my internet went out while I was trying to post.
Yeah replacing the entire light kit is an easier route, but replacing the parts will be the cheapest.
Looks good, I agree the other thread was long, and I remember you said you would start another.
There are times when I work in or near my fan shop, and there are weeks, sometimes months, when I dont have time to access my fan shop.
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Minka Aire Haier SMC Wexford Fanimation Rowenta King of Fans Hampton Bay Casablanca NuTone Air King Bionaire Blade Brentwood Brookstone Canarm Chicago Electric Mfg. This One Light Hugger Ceiling Fan is part of the Concept Ii Collection and has a Mahogany Finish Finish. They seem to be very durable, and I wonder who manufactured them?The 42" hugger displayed in this thread moves a tremendous amount of air for a hugger.
It originally had a glass globe for the light part, but with the new bulbs I could not get the globe to fit.

If you can find a small enough screw to fit, you can re-attach the socket so the light would be more secure. You can get a replacement socket form Home Depot if you have one near you and we can guide you on how to replace it. I had thought the light was smoking because of all of the power surges and maybe something was wrong with the bulb. Those ceiling tiles are actually pretty cool-looking if you ask me; they're likely from the 50s or 60s.
Does anyone have a picture of where I would put the screw and how I would attach the light part back up in the mechanism so it doesn't dangle?
Big Ass Fans Broan Builder's Buddy Camping World Canarm Canadian Tire Carroway Casablanca CEC CEI CKC Classic Concepts Classic Fan CMC Codep Concord ConTech Craftmade Crest Crompton Greaves Crompton Parkinson Dayton Deka Design House EEC Ellington Emerson Encon Envirofan Evergo Evertemp Fanco Fanimation Fasco Febbre Fengda Forever Fan GEC Geepas General Electric GFC GGC Fan Company Gold Wheel Golden Fan Guibb Gulf Coast Gulf Fans Halsey Hampton Bay Harbor Breeze Harbour Breeze Heritage Ceiling Fans Hitachi Home Essentials Homestead Hunter Igma Imasu Island Fans J&P Manufacturing Jackson Fan Company JC Penney JMC Ju Feng K-mart KBF KDK Kedia Kendal Kenroy Kevin Key Largo Khaitan King of Fans Lasko Leading Edge Liberty Fan Co. I don't know if it was installed improperly, but there doesn't seem to be anything to hold the lightbulb still and it just sort of dangles.
I don't have the light working actually, smoke started coming out of it and then it stopped working. When I say smoke, I should say that it was white and appeared to be coming out of where the glass of the bulbs connects to the metal. I'm trying to visualize it.I suppose I would like the ceiling tiles better if they didn't have holes in them that catch dust and other debris. I think the wiring is bad (probably because the house is old and the wiring is not up to code).I miss Montgomery Ward's.
It was very strange.I will have to see where the screw would go to see if I can get the socket to go back in place.
The only good thing is that I was able to jam a hook up into one to hang something light.The house is from the 40s or earlier.

Monte Carlo Monterrey Fan Company Montgomery Wards Moon Moss MTC MTM Murray Feiss Myga fan Nadair National North American Fan Company Northman Nutone Ocarina Omega Orient Ox Pak Fan Palco International Corp. I need to replace the mechanism for the pullchain as well (I bought the replacement part already) because it jams and doesn't work when I try to pull.I very much appreciate the information and the help. There are four blades.I wish I could find more blades like that and use them on a newer fan that isn't so noisy and that has a better light. I don't live near a Home Depot (or any large hardware store), but I'm close to being due for a trip out of town in the not too distant future. I love the gold finish on some of the huggers in that thread.I have a smaller one similar to the one photographed that is in the laundry room. I think the only downside may be the noise level (which can make it hard to hear the TV) but I've found that it is soothing and helps me get to sleep.I think these will likely last a lot longer than the newer cheaply made yet much more expensive ceiling fans.
They just don't make them like that anymore.I know I said that mine is noisy, but I actually like that because it helps me get to sleep.I know I should get up and measure it myself, but I can't quite reach and I don't have the space to bring in a stepstool or ladder, but how large is the part that holds the globe? The ceiling fans and the Toto Drake toilet are probably the nicest fixtures in the house now.I'm still thinking of re-making the fandelier with better materials. And does anyone know of good replacement globes that fit over the newer lightbulbs?I had constructed a chandelier and put it up, but there was an incident involving a family member playing with one of my swords and the chandelier was broken.I really love vintage fixtures so this site is a treasure trove for me.
If I can get the bulb to stay still and be higher I can have a smaller chandelier part.Sorry for the long delay.

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