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We are never going to get this house started!Everything is ready to go at Coral's end - but it turns out there was an error on the mortgage docs we signed and returned last week.
I know it doesn't help much, but you are definitely not alone in the pre-site drama stakes. I think it took us about 7 months from settlement to start date with some dramas along the way but not to the extent of yours. I doubt a single person on this forum has sailed through with 100% zero issues You'll get there!

They got to the final stages of issuing the ACC and realised they stuffed up the valuation! Then I called the council chasing a rates notice that we should have received by now - but it turns out the bank never lodged paperwork for title transfer so we don't even officially own the block yet!
So ordered another valuation, which came back different, so then we needed new mortgage documents. Our broker is working to fix things but it will set us back another week or so, maybe more.
Sent a hasty email to HO this morning to get these fixed before our Friday start date.We also met with our neighbour to discuss retaining walls and fencing.

I thought that is odd rang council they said it can take time for it to change over their end, but 4 months a little ridiculous look into it they said. So I contacted the bank & lands title office and yes not registered in our name, lands title had not received correct paperwork from bank so it was just sitting no one was doing anything about it.

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