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Sonic: Toontown Trials is currently in it's idea stage, however, there are plans to use the Unreal Engine to develop the game. There is very little known about the plot, other than Sonic the Hedgehog will be warped from his world to that of the colorful city of Toontown. There may be auditions for voices, but until further notice, all characters are either played by Akamia, or left voiceless.
There will also be Free Play mode, unlocked after Story Mode is completed, which enables the player to play as other characters in Modern Mode in place of Sonic, such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Metal Sonic.
Shadow's gameplay is not far from Sonic's, save slower acceleration, even when Boosting, and the ability to use Chaos Powers. Tails's gameplay will mostly be a cross between his Genesis gameplay and his Adventure gameplay, with the Boost Meter serving the purpose of telling the player how much airtime Tails has left before he can no longer fly. Metal Sonic's gameplay will be similar to that of his appearance in Sonic Adventure 2's multiplayer mode, but with an element of the boss battle from Sonic CD, namely the Maximum Overdrive used to catch up to (and damage) Sonic in that battle. Rainbow Dash's gameplay will be identical to the DLC Rainbow Dash gameplay in Sonic: Equestrian Adventure. After beating the Action Stage versions of the following stages, you are free to explore the Hub World versions. This pack is meant to be a homage to Sonic CD, and is so far the only pack planned to enable the Time Travel feature present in the rest of the game's Free Play stages. This pack takes the very first levels of Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis), and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, and brings them into the next generation. This pack will be the first pack to use original level designs, as these stages take place in unknown bases owned by Dr. The placement of the 4th Special Stage, as well as the character raced is a reference to the Shadow the Hedgehog line used when Shadow was searching for the 4th Chaos Emerald in that game.

Mecha-Wright and Mecha-Edgeworth are references to the Ace Attorney games, with the main character Phoenix Wright being a defense attorney, and his rival, Miles Edgeworth, being a prosecutor. There are also plans to add bonus levels for DLC after the game is developed and released to the public. However, something is off; Toontown is falling to the evil Cogs, robot executives seeking to suck the fun and color out of Toontown and turn it into a grey corporate nightmare.
16-year old Sonic the Hedgehog is coming from 2 weeks after his birthday, and had already ran around the world twice over, saying hello to old friends. The following are the possible actors, with Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic confirmed to be Akamia. Classic Mode has the player play through the Action Stages as Classic Sonic, going through as he would in the classic Sonic games. Each have their own unique gameplay styles, making use of the Modern Mode's Boost Meter, but only Sonic and Shadow can transform into Super form. However, in addition to the slide maneuver he's known to be able to do in the modern games, he gains access to the Spin Dash once again. Shadow can use abilities like Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, and Chaos Blast, but each use of a Chaos Power drains the Boost Meter significantly.
He can also dig in the 2D Platforming sections in a similar way to the Drill Wisp from Sonic Colors. The Maximum Overdrive takes the place of the Sonic Boost, and as a result, uses up Boost Energy. The stages will also preserve their original level designs from Sonic CD in Classic Mode, with modified, 3D-environment versions of the same designs for Modern Mode play. Like the Sonic CD pack, these stages' original designs will be preserved for Classic Mode, with some modifications for Modern Mode.

Their boss fights have Mecha-Wright and Mecha-Edgeworth use modified versions of Phoenix Wright's moveset in Ultimate Marvel V.S. It is also the first in Akamia Studios' Sonic Crossover series, already with a planned sequel called Sonic: Equestrian Adventure. But then a vortex opens up as he's on his way back home, and scoops him up, catching Sonic completely off guard.
Modern Mode has Modern Sonic going through in a similar way to the modern games, only with less of a focus on speed, and more of a focus on platforming and exploration.
The Action Stages also enable Sonic CD-style Time Travel in this mode only, allowing for Good and Bad Futures to happen, depending on what is done (or, in the case of failing to go back, what isn't done) in the Past.
He cannot perform the Sonic Boost, like Sonic and Shadow can, and is significantly slower in running speed.
The Action Stages are unlocked (and thus, played through in the story) in the following order. Handsome amounts of bonus points are given to players who take the time to get a Good Future.
Sonic then wakes up in the middle of what appears to be a race track, and runs off to find out what's going on.

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