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There are some distinct differences between a traditional home purchase and that of a Fannie Mae Owned Home.
If during your home inspection you find the condition of the home is not acceptable to you, then you may exercise your right to cancel the contract and your earnest money will be returned 100%. If your appraiser finds repairs that must be done as a condition for your loan to be approved, then you will need to contact the listing agent right away. Fannie Mae requires that all properties be on the market a minimum of 15 days before they will consider any offers from non-owner occupant purchasers.
When purchasing a Fannie Mae home as a non-owner occupant, Fannie Mae may require you to agree to what is called a deed restriction.
Yes, all Fannie Mae properties will require you, as the buyer, to sign their purchase addendum.
Click here if you would like to review a sample copy of Fannie Mae’s required bank addendum. When your offer is accepted and terms have been agreed to, Fannie Mae will send you (or your real estate consultant) the official bank addendums to sign. In most cases, the sooner you sign and return the bank addendums to the listing agent, the better. Fannie Mae has implemented a form called an Owner Occupant Certification to ensure proper handling of purchases by non-owner occupants.
Fannie Mae may allow you to make changes to the purchase if the changes are as follows: If you want to remove a name from the contract paperwork, you must submit a request in writing to the listing agent with an explanation for the change.
You can not add a buyer to the loan or contract at any point during the escrow process. If you (or your real estate consultant) have submitted an offer with all the proper documentation as required by the listing agent, most offers will be responded to within 48 hours. Initially, when you make an offer, you may use a personal check to submit with your required paperwork, unless the listing agent has requested something different.
I haven’t decided who I want to use for my loan, can I still make an offer on Fannie Mae property? Although shopping around for a home loan is always a good idea, you will want to have your loan approval in hand before making an offer on a Fannie Mae home. If you are planning to pay cash for the property, you will need to provide a copy of your bank statement or an official document which supports the offer you are making in available funds.
The short answer is yes, however there are details you need to be aware of so you can fully understand the process.
In most cases, if you choose to use a different title company, Fannie Mae will not pay for the seller side closing costs, nor will they provide an Owner’s Title Policy. Before you decide to ask the seller for a concession for closing costs, make sure you ask your loan officer how that will impact your loan. When a property is foreclosed on, Fannie Mae assumes the monthly, quarterly or annual cost of the HOA expenses from the date they recover the property. If there is a large amount of back HOA dues accrued from a special assessment, you will want to ask the listing agent how those fees will be handled at the time of closing. Many home buyers are unaware that the option of new construction home may available to them.
The initial steps of looking into new construction homes should be determining what your budget is and what type of new construction home you may want.
In contrast, a turnkey loan is financing that is approved for the homebuilder, not the borrower. In comparison to a typical construction loan, some people may be better candidates for either the FHA 203k loan or the Fannie May Homestyle loan. Keep in mind that regardless of which option you choose, you will be at the mercy of weather conditions and the normal processing times of the local lenders during the entire construction process.
The other type of development you might see is the larger multi-category development where price ranges and features will vary.
Another option to consider when looking for a new construction home is that of having a builder build you a brand new home on the lot of your choosing. When searching for land you will need to consider whether the plumbing, sewage and electrical utilities are available for the land you are looking at or it is something you will have to pay extra to extend to your new home. Once you find the piece of land that would fits your new home plans, ask your builder and ask the city government officials where the land is located if you can build on that land or not before you buy it. Unless offered as part of a development, new construction homes generally don’t have any model homes for you to walk through and experience. When walking through some homes the builder has previously built be sure to look past the personalization of the current owners and see if the home itself is something that would work for you . So you’ve seen examples of homes the builder has built in the past or toured through model homes in the development now comes time to figure out the actual price of the home you want. In considering the prices of the upgrade first look to your budget range and your pre-approved mortgage amount. You may have looked at the title “Home Inspection” and thought why do I need a home inspection if I am buying a new home? Many builders will give a one year warranty on new construction homes so it is best during the 11th month after moving into your new home to have a home inspector come out and look over the home again.
Did any of the above confuse you or leave you wondering whether new construction is worth all the effort? While there is work required in any home purchase the effort required in purchasing a new home construction results in a great custom home that should meet all your needs for years to come.  By understanding the basics of the new home buying process and the different options you have in available, you will better be able to accomplish the goal of getting into your dream home. About the author: The above article “Tips For Buying A New Construction Home” was provided by Paul Sian. I service the following Greater Cincinnati, OH and Northern KY areas: Alexandria, Amberly, Amelia, Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Batavia, Blue Ash, Covington, Edgewood, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Hebron, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Madeira, Mariemont, Milford, Montgomery, Mt.
Thanks to share this lovely post and i will also keep it in my mind when i will buying my home. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions home buyers like yourself will need to know and understand before you begin the home search. In most Fannie Mae transactions, the buyer is allowed to conduct all customary inspections within a specific inspection contingency timeline. In most cases, this rule will apply, unless something else is agreed to during the negotiations.
Because the home has never been occupied by the current owner, in this case Fannie Mae, they can not provide you with the customary disclosures you would receive if you purchased a home from Mr. Nor will there be any disclosures about the property condition made by the current seller (Fannie Mae).

Fannie Mae will require a copy of the appraisal and it will depend on the type of repairs and the cost to complete the repairs before Fannie Mae will agree to do any work to the house.
If they are minor repairs Fannie Mae may be more inclined to agree, however, keep in mind, this is case-by-case and could vary from property to property.
A non-owner occupant by definition is a purchaser who does not plan to occupy the property as their full time, primary residence. This document does not replace the Arizona Department of Real Estate purchase agreement, however, it can alter or change the terms of your original offer.
The listing agent should give you a deadline in their instructions; however, a good rule of thumb is no later than 24 hours.
This form is to help prevent fraudulent transactions where a buyer may say they plan to occupy the property but really have no intention of living there as their primary residence. Fannie Mae must approve the change first before an amendment to the sales contract can be prepared.
Once the offer is accepted and paperwork has been signed, a change like this will require cancellation of the contract and the new terms resubmitted for approval.
If you (or your real estate consultant) fail to follow the instructions given by the listing agent, this could prevent your offer from being submitted to Fannie Mae in a timely manner.
If multiple offers are received, it could take several days before you hear a response back. If you are making an offer on a home listed for less than $100,000, you should be prepared to make a deposit of at least $1,000. Once your offer is accepted you will need to be prepared to get a money order or cashier check payable to the correct title company. Depending on the asset manager, they may not even consider your offer without a Pre-Qualification Form. All Fannie Mae listings have been assigned to a specific title company at the time the foreclosure happens.
From time to time, they will offer special sales incentives, which may include a home warranty.
Fannie Mae is an exception to this rule and will sign the Addendum if there is an HOA in the subdivision where the home is located.
Fannie Mae takes a very serious approach to this policy and requires all properties to be rekeyed at the time of closing.
It might be because they have seen the million dollar plus showcase new homes that they think the price is out of their reach or they might be thinking it is too much work and hassle to get the house setup in terms of selecting all the features.
Since there is many physical inspections and appraisals going on during the construction it makes sense to have the financing handled by local companies.
You will likely need to make a few calls to find out what each company offers and their general guidelines for a new construction loan. These loans allow borrowers to purchase an existing home and do extensive remodeling and updates to the home. Part of the development may start out with entry level homes where as other parts of the development may step into mid-level or even luxury homes if there is a demand for that.
If going this route it is recommended that you first interview different builders and settle on a layout for your home that the builder can build for you.
As a result you don’t really know what you are getting until the final product is almost done.   This is where interviewing multiple builders and asking to see homes that they have built is important.
In developments most of the model homes are equipped with mid to top of the line products and features to show you what the premium home looks like. You should not just consider the maximum mortgage pre-approval amount and think you are home free to borrow up to that amount. Unless your builder is perfect in everything they do and the sub-contractors they used are perfect as well a home inspector could find problems that need to be fixed before you move into the home. Anything discovered by the inspector as being a potential issue can be reported to your home builder so they can fix the issues before the warranty is up. Washington, Newport, Newtown, Norwood, Taylor Mill, Terrace Park, Union Township, and Villa Hills.
This is not always a standard rule, so make sure you read the fine print to protect your earnest money. Some Fannie Mae asset managers require the deed restriction on second home purchases as well as all investment purchases. This document is made available to you at the time of writing your offer (if it is not, then you need to ask the listing agent for a copy). If you are unable to meet the deadline for some reason, make sure you tell the listing agent. You will also be required to submit a new Pre-Qualification form with all qualifying parties.
In some cases, Fannie Mae may counter your offer with a specific dollar amount they want as earnest money. If you plan to wire the earnest money deposit, you will need to get the wiring instructions from the title company to make sure your earnest money is applied to the correct escrow. In some cases, an exception can be made if you are pulling money from an investment or account that only provides statements once a quarter.
If you negotiate seller concessions, Fannie Mae might allow you to use part of the concession to pay for a home warranty. At this time, Fannie Mae will not contribute more than 3% of the purchase price towards any buyer side closing costs. Most HOA Companies will try to collect as much as possible of the previous debt owed on the property. Again, it is important to remember that the HOA Company will try to collect as much as possible.
The cost for the rekey is paid for by the buyer and will be reported on the final HUD settlement statement.
Even if you can have this done for less money, in most cases, Fannie Mae will not allow the buyer to use their own company. Due to these misconceptions on price or the different ways new construction homes are built, home buyers might be passing up good opportunities to get the home that they want, the way they want it and for not an unreasonable cost. Here are a few tips about the whole process to help you understand the basics and ensure that you are ready for the task. During the duration of the construction you will be asked to make monthly payments on the amount of money that has been used thus far. Usually the homes in a development are home plans that the builder has already acquired from an architect and will build most of them according to a certain specification with very little modifications.

When you step into the mid-level and luxury level home developments there usually are many more options to choose from. Once you have settled on a home plan and know what minimum land requirements you need for your new construction then it is easier to find out which piece of land will work for your plans. Additionally you will need to confirm if the zoning on the land is residential or something else. One particular concern is whether the land is designated a wetland or found in a flood zone. While that home you walk through may not be the exact same floor plan as the home you intend on building, it will give you an idea of the quality and workmanship the builder puts into their product. In talking with multiple new home owners and touring recently built homes you will begin to get an idea of how the builder works and what particular style they bring to their custom builds. When it comes time to getting a price on your home you will need to find out what the base price is, what features and amenities does that base price come with and how much the upgrades you want will cost.
For a great example of the many different issues Structure Tech home inspectors found in new homes during inspections see Photos from New Construction Home Inspections. By spending a little money up front on the inspection fee you can save money by not having to make a repair on something the builder will repair while under warranty. There are many real estate agents who are more than qualified and able to help you purchase your new construction home. With over 10+ years experience, if you’re thinking of Selling or Buying, I would love to share my marketing knowledge and expertise. It’s a good idea to have in mind how long you will want to live in the house you build. He made sure that he thoroughly understood what we were looking for and only showed us properties that closely matched our requirements. The terms of the deed restriction will be outlined in section 14 of the Fannie Mae bank addendum document. Fannie Mae requires you to review and sign the bank addendum before they will review your offer. If you are asking for any special concessions or closing costs, please make sure you read section 38 of the Fannie Mae addendum thoroughly. If anything should happen to the accepted offer, your offer could move into first position.
Earnest money must be deposited right away, unless otherwise instructed by the listing agent.
From time to time, Fannie Mae will offer a special sales incentive where they may offer more than 3%.
They will not pay for any other fees and if there is an upfront fee during the escrow process, the buyer may be required to pay this expense.
The listing agent will order the rekey prior to the official recordation of the property and will make arrangements for you or your real estate consultant to obtain the new keys.
With this article I explain the various aspects of new construction that home buyers should be looking at as the conduct their search. Areas with good schools, low crime rates, and appreciating property values is usually something only locals will be familiar with.
Finally, when the construction is complete and approved by the lender, your construction loan will be converted to a mortgage loan and you will have one set payment for the rest of the loan. The only requirement for a turnkey scenario is the initial down payment and the borrower’s approval for a mortgage loan. Home options variations include choices such as how many bedrooms, finished or unfinished luxury basements, large yard size, more exterior and interior colors choices and more.
If the land is zoned residential but 90% of the land is listed as wetlands with no structures allowed then it is useless to you.
Depending on the builder some upgrades are likely to come in a package in that if you want a jetted tub in the bathroom they are going to require you to upgrade to the premium master bathroom package.
Sometimes home inspectors also offer a deal or special package on new home construction inspections where they will come out to inspect the home before closing and during the 11th month.
The agents can help you with land searches, connect you with home builders, provide a list of home inspectors, negotiate on your behalf with all of above listed and much more. His promptness in setting appointments for ones we were interested in was beyond expectation.
If you find there are mistakes, then you need to address them with the listing agent right away. If it is not clear, make sure you ask the listing agent to clarify how the seller concessions can be used. Special assessments for community or property improvements may be prorated and assumed by the new buyer. Make sure you ask your real estate consultant for more information if you are considering purchasing a home with an HOA. In the mid-level and more so in luxury level homes the builders will even adjust room size and room locations based on your request and at additional cost. Additionally your builder should perform tests as well to ensure that the land you want can support the homes physical structure.
Other builders may be more than happy to separately price each upgrade and let you choose what upgrades you want and give you a total at the end. The cost is usually not any higher to work with an agent since home builders encourage real estate agents to bring in their clients and will pay the commissions as well.
He went out of his way to educate us on the pros and cons of every property that we looked at and was also was very efficient in reviewing, creating and submitting necessary paperwork whenever required, even if it meant staying up very late to do so.
If you are looking for maximum flexibility and options in a new home development then looking for a luxury home development is your best bet if within your budget..
By getting an evaluation of the land including soil testing you will know if the home you want to build can’t have a basement due to high water level, can’t have grass due to poor soil conditions and more. If adding upgrades ends up raising the price beyond which you can afford it is time to step back and decide if you really need those upgrades or not.
So why not contact a real estate agent and have them assist you in the process of buying a new construction home. Do your research and investigation prior to purchasing the land so you are not left empty handed with no land to build on and no way to sell the land to someone else.

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