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Those who know me well know that I often get random ideas and become a bit obsessed with them. I looked into opening a Tims in a neighbouring town, but, like you, the barrier to entry was a little high, even w a partner and some parental funds in there. Good analysis, it’s nice to hear there’s others that get OCD about the same types of things as me! I believe, however, that my math is based off of there being 3 326 Tim Hortons — a number I stated in the beginning of the post.
Oh, that tweet saying that there was 1 Tim Hortons for every 3 Canadians was a joke from a parody site that I retweeted and added my link to. There is plenty of talk of a Tim Hortons opening in Sooke and according to a statement released by T’Sou-ke First Nation, Sooke could very well have its first ever Tim Hortons very soon. The T’Sou-ke First Nation say they have entered into a preliminary business arrangement with Tim Hortons, Esso and On the Run Convenience. They plan to pursue the construction of a franchise restaurant and gas station on the undeveloped portion of T’Sou-ke reserve land at 6080 Sooke Road. A job listing for the possible Sooke location on UsedVctoria indicated the franchise could be opened as soon as June but there are reports saying it will open by fall. Racontez-nous un moment special de cafe Tim Hortons et vous pourriez gagner le grand prix de 5000 $ en cartes Tim.
A franchise owner in the mountain town of Fernie is under investigation after being accused of exploiting temporary foreign workers. The British Columbia government and Tim Hortons restaurants’ head office are investigating a complaint that a doughnut shop owner has exploited Filipino workers brought into Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
Pierre Pelletier, owner of the Tim Hortons franchise in Fernie, was not available for comment, according to a woman who identified herself as the manager.
The Tim Hortons chain is conducting its own internal review into the allegations, said Olga Petrycki, senior manager of public affairs. The temporary foreign workers program allows workers to enter the country based on a job contract with a particular employer.
It’s decidedly unpopular with labour representatives, who say it forces down wages and gives employers too much power over vulnerable workers. There are reportedly a dozen Filipino employees on temporary work permits at the Fernie doughnut shop. Some 213,573 workers came into Canada under the program in 2012, compared with 190,568 in 2011, according to federal government statistics.

Hassan Yussuff, secretary treasurer of the Canadian Labour Congress, said in an interview that stricter enforcement is needed for the program. Employers found guilty of abusing it should never be allowed to make use of temporary foreign workers again, Yussuff said. Yussuff and others in the labour movement say the program serves to force wages down in low-skill sectors of the economy, in a time of high unemployment and particularly high youth unemployment for Canadians. Yussuff praised the courage of workers in coming forward to call attention to what they say is abusive treatment. She credited them with saving Canadian jobs, since many businesses could not operate without their services. Franchise News India: Tim Hortons, the largest quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain in Canada, is planning to enter the Indian market.
According to people familiar with the development, Tim Hortons has been scouting for a franchisee partner.
A global retail consultant working with several global cafe majors too confirmed that Tim Hortons has been looking for an India partner.
Another industry official also familiar with the development said the company is likely to adopt a similar franchisee strategy it did while entering Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. However, in an email response, the company said it did not have any plans at this time to expand into India. Tim Hortons officials had earlier mentioned in 2010 that going ahead they will be looking at exploring new markets such as India and China, but will enter when they have a detailed plan chalked out.
Considering that the sales in the developed markets such as the US have been under tremendous pressure, it is not surprising that cafe chains are looking at nascent market, said retail experts.
Since the Indian cafe market is slowly becoming bigger, more players have been evaluating an India entry.
Tim Hortons has 4,350 cafes across the world, out of which 3,500 are in Canada, 817 in the US and 33 in GCC.  The Toronto Stock Exchange listed company recorded revenues of $794 million and net profit of $111 million in the September quarter. The information contained herein is of generic nature only, & FranchiseZing is not, by means of this website or any part thereof, rendering professional advice or services. After a final decision by the Manitoba Labour Relations Board, 35 workers at a Tim Hortons franchise in Winnipeg will now be represented by Workers United Canada.
The labour relations board issued a consent order granting a discretionary certification to the union after the Tim Hortons franchise’s managers admitted they engaged in several violations against workers’ rights to unionize.
An employee was also fired in February after management discovered she was talking to union organizers.

Workers United, whose members work in the textile and garment, food-service, hospitality, social services, manufacturing and distribution industries, represents 10,000 workers across Canada and 150,000 overall across North America. Fast forward 3 years and the guy who owns the one here, plus 2 others in nearby communities, is now opening one there. That was dangerous for my wallet (and waistline!) … of course, it was also actually dangerous to walk there (I lived in a pretty sketchy neighborhood, and it was a busy road), so that helped keep me in check.
If you could be more specific as to where I implied that there are 10 million Tim Hortons I would be happy to fix the error.
If Tim Hortons has 3326 stores, it means that there is a Tim Hortons for ever 9019 Canadians.
I guess the idea is to stop a silent investor with deep pockets from rebelling against corporate… Divide and conquer, right? They are yet to finalise on a partner but talks are in progress,” said a person privy to the development. The organised (or upmarket) Indian cafe market is estimated to have notched up sales of Rs1,246 crore in 2012 and the the figure is expected to bubble up to Rs2,222 crore by 2017, as per Technopak estimates. You should consult a qualified professional advisor, before making any decision or taking any action that might affect your funds or finances or business .
These included threats to employees that the franchisor would close down any location that unionized. There’s an application which requires you to show financial skills, entrepreneurship and motivation (which makes sense), and you need a partner. This model is simply beautiful because, if ever Tim Horton’s is unhappy with the franchisee, it simply replaces the franchisee with zero interruption in services. One opened up near my parents’ house, and my mom said the line is really long all the time! Your use of this website or any of its pages or links given, is at your own risk & you assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from your usage. The labour relations board reinstated the employee to her position and she was awarded $1,500 in damages for mental anguish. The entry costs are too high for me right now and I’m not convinced that the market will not be over-saturated by the time that I have $203 000.

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