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Free Shipping for UKThis lamp is hand-crafted using the same methods originated by Louis Comfort Tiffany. This wall light is a Tiffany Style stunning product, hand-crafted individually to create the beautiful forest design out of stained glass.
This Pacific Tiffany Style wall light has the colours and design for someone with a unique and specific taste. This wall light is hand-crafted using the same methods originated by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Check out this classy Victorian ceiling pendant to your bare ceilings and beautify your interiors.
Description:Forming structure geometrically, this green and white mini pendant light is designed in Tiffany style, featuring art stained glass craftsmanship.
Why is your item’s price lower than other suppliers’?The reason is that we run our own factory. For your reference, E27 and E14 are the most common sizes in countries that use 220V–240V AC domestic power.
Do light dimmers really save energy?Dimming the lights can save a substantial amount of energy and may extend the life of the bulb. Q: About replacement.I broke the lamp during installation, is it possible to get a replacement?
A: Hello, we are sorry to tell you that you are not qualify for a replacement as you take the item back as defective. A: If you received an incorrect item, you can exchange it for the correct item or receive a full refund. Q: How to pay the items I bought?I only have the paypal account, is that enough to pay for my order?
With blue-ribbon products in low price, fast shipping and privacy security, we regard your satisfaction as our destination. Each item is handcrafted by hundreds of individually cut stained glass pieces and each is a genuine heirloom quality work of art. Besides, guests paying a visit to your place will be enticed to add one to their interiors.

Fitting for coffee house, dining room or foyer, the mini pendant light is coming with 8 inch wide shade, hanging with 31.5 inch high adjustable supporting wire. With all the middle dealers being left out of the business, it takes you less money to purchase the same item than it does on any other online sites. Modern light dimmers reduce the voltage to dim the lights in a much more efficient manner, so they have negligible energy losses unlike the dimmers of 40 years ago. I really love this beautiful chandelier, but how am I supposed to know if it could appropriately fit my living room? Since I need to put the whole light together all by myself, I wanna know if it’s difficult and time consuming?
The shipping cost is automatically calculated by the system based on the shipping distance and packaging size of the items. Today's modern Pendant Lighting comes in an awesome variety of different colors, shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can also wrap this fascinating ceiling pendant to gift your near and dear ones. You require 21 to 30 watt incandescent or fluorescent bulb to install the mini pendant light. We are and always will be dedicated to providing latest fashion and newest design with high quality and low price.What does the specification under the compatible bulbs, such as E27, E26, E14, etc means? Dimmable compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can save even more, but keep in mind that their dimming characteristics are often only high, low, and off. Please kindly refer to the specification chart under the product details, you will find the information about space fit. Contoured foam and carton could withstand high pressure are used to protect the goods by our factory. The items might be free shipping,if not you can see the exact cost after you put this item into your shopping cart. When making a request for your refund, it is necessary for you to provide Customer Service with photographs which can clearly show the problem of the item as soon as possible. Orders containing different items are supposed to be delivered as a whole set, which means the total processing time or tailoring time will be the longest one, but expedited shipping will be the only delivery method to ensure you can get your orders ASAP.

Pendant Lighting is one of the most sylish and versatile types of lighting on the market today.
This ceiling pendant can be added to any ceilings of your living space, hotel rooms, palaces and similar other places. How to choose the right ones for my ceiling lights?The specification such as E27, E26 means the diameter of the bulb base in millimeters.
Our package offers complete protection on all sides to guarantee the items could arrive in perfect condition to your hands. Dollars but can be changed into other currencies at the top of each page and in each product page.
Pendants are often used as main light sources and are perfect for kitchen and counter top areas or for applications in which you want to provide a task lighting to a specific area.
To see our protection for every customer who has been to, registered on, subscribed to newsletter or purchased on our website, please refer to our Privacy Policy. It is common for Large Pendants to be used in the entry way or foyer of a home leaving a standing impression to any visitors you may have to your home. With many pendants available with inter-changable pieces, the combinations of Pendants you can design for yourself are endless. Similar to Pendants, Mini-Pendants are great solutions for smaller applications where regular sized Pendants won't apply. Mini Pendants offer a bit more versatility in that they can, in alot of ways, serve more as accent pieces rather than primary sources of light. Often placed in areas not centrally located, Mini Pendants when applied properly, because of their highly stylized and crafted workmanship can have the ability to shift the focus of a room. Mini pendants work well in staggerd groups creating a symmetry and elegant design complementing the the room.Designers from quality brands like Elk Lighting, Besa Lighting, Lite Source, Dolan Designs, Maxim Lighting and Quoizel provide specialized designs and materials into the creation of signature pendant pieces.

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