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Before he joined the party, a certain incident had taken something from Susanoo and placed a strange magical power within him, which he seeks to know about from the perpetrator.
Susanoo offers lots when related to battle, but he is more akin to offer help for the sidelines than something as aggressive a being in battle. Later on, once the player's friendship with Susanoo deepens, the player will gain access to Susanoo's Aramitama, where lies an unknown magic that stirs trouble in his body. Raising Susanoo's affection level increases the number of dungeons the player has access to in his Aramitama (seems like there are only 3 at the moment). Susanoo, as the God of War, is more than glad to introduce others for the player to fight against. Raising Susanoo's affection level increases the number of enemies the player can duel and also increase the chances of getting special duels. Susanoo offers protection upon the player and everyone else in the party, increasing the amount hits they can take.

As a partner in battle, Susanoo uses his Great Sword of Gathering Clouds (????? murakumo no daitou). Susanoo provides to the player the dueling system, a system that allows the player to fight old boss enemies again.
In battle, while slow in attacks, Susanoo's attacks hit hard and wide, making him good against other slow enemies that are tanky.
The flower blooming from his shoulder isn't a decoration, but something that sprouted on its own.
After the player clears the cursed clouds that surround Izumo, Susanoo is introduced into the party as the seventh member.
But this cold side distances himself from most others, rarely asking for a hand when he should.
He offers protection, along with the fame of dueling which allows the player to reencounter old enemies. Because of so, the player will have the chance to duel certain past enemies, and also at different "levels" from 1 to 5.

With this artistic blade that is just as large as he is, Susanoo can dish out lots of damage with each hit. With the fact that he's forgotten large parts of his past, even he doesn't know certain mysteries of himself. Else than being a God of Battle, he is well known for being handsome and a "flower-bloomer" just like his mother. Although he may not have seemed like it, long ago Susanoo was fond of mischief, often upsetting Amaterasu.

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