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Previously, on Survivor: At the Survivor auction, Malcolm purchased a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol, but whenever he tried to look for it, Andrea followed him so he could not search.
Back at camp, Reynold privately said he felt confident he could win the next five immunity challenges and make it to the end of the game, despite being next on the favoritesa€™ hit list.
At the immunity challenge, the Survivors needed to balance on an uneven triangular platform in the water with their bare feet perched upon narrow foot-holds. Once the Survivors stood on their perches, host Jeff Probst brought out food to tempt them to forfeit the challenge. Later Andrea confessed to Cochran and Sherri that she saw Brenda as a threat, since Brenda chose to stay on her platform during the challenge rather than surrender the win. At Tribal Council, the favoritesa€™ alliance split their votes and voted Reynold out of the game. Back at camp, Andrea told Cochran that she wanted to vote out Brenda and Dawn at the next two Tribal Councils, for she felt they proved too big of threats to risk taking to the end. At the next immunity challenge, the Survivors needed to push a buoy through a series of obstacles to a post, which held a key.
At Tribal Council, Cochrana€™s allies split their votes in case Andrea played her idol, but Andrea did not do so. Andreaa€™s last words: a€?Unfortunately, I was confident with this plan that I set up that I wasna€™t even thinking about playing the idol. Next time, on Survivor: Brenda plans to vote out Cochran, and starvation begins to affect Erik. Rebecca Susmarski is a recent journalism grad of Loyola University Chicago who loves all things entertainment. Guys, if you're reading this it's either because (1) you're a Survivor fan and you've retained at least a little interest in this franchise over the past 25 seasons, or (2) you like to see babes and hunks in swimwear.
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Season 26 of the hit reality show Survivor premieres Wednesday, February 13, 2013 on Global TV and CBS in Canada. If you missed the Survivor Caramoan 2013 finale on Sunday night, you are likely wondering who made off with the million bucks and eternal bragging rights. In the final days of Survivor Season 26, the cast had been whittled down to its final four members: Dawn, Eddie, Sherri and Cochran.
Other highlights of the Survivor Season 26 finale included recently-eliminated Brenda demanding Dawn take out her false teeth to prove a point (which Dawn did) and later, during the live results portion of the night, Dawn apologizing to Brenda and Brenda accepting. Comedian Amy Schumer is called plus size by Glamour magazineAmy Schumer, a talented comedian is not making jokes about the latest references to her weight. The Bikal Tribe (Favorites) and the Gota Tribe (Fans) are set to compete in "Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans Vs.

Cochran bought an advantage for the next immunity challenge that ultimately helped him win.
Cochran privately said he planned to take control of the game and beat the other favorites without any remorse.
At regular intervals they stepped up one perch, making it more difficult to balance on the platform. She shared the information with her entire alliance (to prevent Eddie and Reynold from finding the idol) and the favorites looked for it together.
Cochran privately said that he appreciated Andreaa€™s wanting to make a big move, but he did not agree with it because he trusted Dawn. Once they obtained their key, they unlocked a chest containing ladder rungs and used the rungs to complete a ladder puzzle.
Privately she said she felt confident that Brenda would be eliminated and that her own game had peaked. I shoulda€™ve learned my lesson the first time that when the daya€™s really calm, people are napping and you feel comfortable, youa€™re probably gonna get blindsided, and it happened again.
Favorites aims to cater directly to those fans by bringing back TEN former cast members ("favorites" is not necessarily the correct word when it comes to some of them) and pitting them against ten ACTUAL fans.
The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. While Dawn and Cochran had been put through the show's paces on previous seasons (in their case, the same season, if we're not mistaken), Sherri and Eddie were merely fans before Season 26 began.
The self-admitted socially awkward Harvard law grad came from behind, surprising everyone with his victory Sunday night.
Brenda took part in the finale via satellite from her Miami home due to her current inability to travel. Favorites." The 26th season of the reality series pits 10 ultimate "Survivor" fans (The Gota Tribe) against 10 of their "Survivor" favorites from past seasons (The Bikal Tribe).
Favorites" when the twenty-sixth installment of the reality series premieres with a special two-hour edition, Wednesday, February 13 at 8 p.m. Before Tribal Council, the Three Amigos tried to convince Sherri and Erik to betray the favorites by lying and saying Malcolm had found the hidden immunity idol.
The next morning, the tribe received a surprise tree mail announcing that there would be another immunity challenge that afternoon and another Tribal Council that eveninga€”much to the tribea€™s dismay. The last person standing on their platform won immunity and a reward in the form of information about the game. Reynold made it to the final three but eventually fell off his platform, leaving Andrea and Brenda to battle for the win. I put my trust in a lot of people and that wasna€™t reciprocated, and I had no more rabbits I could pull out of my hat.

He told Brenda and Dawn what Andrea was planning, and Brenda vowed to vote out Andrea next.
The first person to complete their puzzle and climb to the top of their ladder won immunity. Meanwhile, Cochran, Brenda and Dawn planned to blindside Andrea, and Erik tried to decide who he would vote with.
Few shows really strike the balance of eye candy PLUS brain candy the way Survivor does, and the recently concluded Survivor: Philippines proved that this series can still bust out a terrific season when it wants to! The notable returnees include wacky Phillip, religious Brandon, neurotic Cochrane, and crafty Brenda, plus dreamy Malcolm whose first season only just concluded a few weeks ago. Plus, the most recent episodes from season 26 of Survivor will be available to watch online from the Global TV website.
Would either of them be able to overtake their more experienced counterparts for the million dollar win? Especially after winning both of the final two challenges, and considering his rather lackluster competition at the end, perhaps Cochran's win shouldn't have come as a shock. At the end of the finale, Brenda stood up to show fans the reason why she couldn't be there in person: her enormous, gorgeous baby bump! After both women agreed to lift up one foot to hurry along the challenge, Brenda fell into the water and Andrea won immunity and the reward. In fact, despite a distinct lack of headline-grabbing buzz ever since, oh, 2002, Survivor still earns extremely healthy ratings and most of that is due to its very loyal fans. Because the tribe of fresh meat is comprised of fans and viewers, hopefully this cast won't include nearly as many "bartenders" (models), "students" (models), "pharmaceutical reps" (models), and "models" (aspiring models) who typically only join the show after a CBS casting director approaches them on the street and then flame out quickly. John Cochran, who goes by his last name, came across as a genuinely likable, smart and strategic player, and the Survivor jury did not hesitate in making sure he was rewarded for impressing them and America. At nine months pregnant, Brenda was in no condition to travel to Los Angeles for the live results. What that means is, between the returning players and fans, we've got 20 people who have been utterly steeped in the game and will presumably know their way around a blind-siding scheme.
Ten of them are huge fans of Survivor while the other ten are returning contestants having already competed in a previous season.
Among the slated favorites set to return for Survivor: Caramoan are Cochran and Brandon (from the South Pacific season), and Philip (from the Redemption Island season).

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