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Union City is the ultimate goal of many survivors, including the protagonist Jack, as it is the site of the last round of evacuations before the mainland is sealed off. Hence the name, the game primarily takes place within the city itself, with the player taking on the role of one of its inhabitants. The areas visited in the game are mostly abandoned and are infested with zombies, though a few survivors can be found holed up inside several buildings. Roughly about a month after the events of TLS:UC, the military and HERC withdrew from the city, and an aerial bombing campaign was carried out. Many buildings and roads across the city have been destroyed by the bombing campaign, and a series of automated defenses surrounding the city, set up by HERC, prevents either zombies or survivors from leaving. Zombies are nearly omnipresent throughout the Dead Zone, but there is still a sizable number of survivors present (including a Russian trader named Ivan), most or all of whom are immune to the zombie virus. Union City is very likely based on New York City or on a real city with the same name in New Jersey. It is very likely that it is the capital of the state and is located near Jonestown and Fort Tran (according to the map in TLS2).
I fully intend to go to the adopt-a-wiki page and make my claim, and not just because i knew the previous Admin.
So let's make a note to remove the offending images once we get proper Admins on this wiki. It unlocks when the Leader reaches Level 10, and primarily consists of Small Warehouses and Warehouses. Toriel's head resembles that of a white-furred Nubian goat, with droopy ears and short horns.
Toriel is a kind and motherly boss monster who genuinely cares for the protagonist and their well-being.
Toriel was considered to be the brains of the throne when she was queen,[1] even stating a desire to be a teacher.
At the beginning of the game, Toriel saves the protagonist from Flowey, healing any damage done by the murderous flower.
She gives the protagonist the cell phone to keep in contact with one another, as she needs to run some errands further into the ruins. At the end of the Ruins, Toriel tells the protagonist to prove themself strong enough to survive and fights them in a test of strength. Sans tells the protagonist during their rendezvous, that he and Toriel have been friends for a while, bonding over their love of jokes and puns.
Toriel reappears just as Asgore and the protagonist prepare to fight, interrupting it with her fire magic, much like she does with Flowey at the start of the game.
If Frisk decides to stay with Toriel, she remarks that they would have never left the Underground if they made that choice earlier, but that it was fortunate for them to take so long to change their mind.
Frisk may tell her that they "have places to go." Toriel understands and is not upset to hear this. In the credits sequence, Toriel is shown welcoming the Monster Kid to a school, having opened a school and becoming a teacher.
Toriel genuinely cares for humans who fall into the Ruins, and the protagonist is no exception.
If the protagonist kills her during on the Neutral Route, she will use the last of her strength to give them a warning about what lies ahead. If the protagonist calls Toriel "Mother" it will surprise her, and states that if it makes them happy, then she heartily approves of it. Calling Toriel on her phone in the Ruins and flirting with her makes her assume the protagonist is joking, if they do it again she says she's unsure whether their interest in her is endearing or pathetic. Toriel does not seem to know Flowey very well but she doesn't have a high opinion of him after catching him attempting to kill the protagonist and knocking him away with a fireball.
Although the two never meet in person until the end of the True Pacifist Route and the Family and Exiled Queen endings, where they both have become good friends. At one point, Toriel requested him that if a human were ever to come through the door, he'd keep them safe. In the True Pacifist Ending, she says "Who the hell is Sans?" before correcting herself with "Who the HECK is Sans?". If the dummy's battle is ended by boring it, Toriel will stare in confusion before moving on as if the fight never happened.
If Toriel is spared, she heads to the flower bed at the beginning of the game, saying "Do not worry about me. When Toriel asks for protagonist's preference, butterscotch or cinnamon, if the protagonist chooses one, and restart the game, Toriel will remember that preference and ask the protagonist if that is it beforehand.

Even if Toriel is spared in Hard Mode, the Annoying Dog will still comment on how she should be dying despite the fact that the player didn't actually kill her. Toriel's name is a play on the word "tu-torial", as she teaches the protagonist about how the game works.
When attempting to name the fallen human "Toriel", the response becomes "I think you should think of your own name, my child" and prevents the name from being used. Zombies have overrun most of the city, with the few remaining evacuation points heavily guarded by the military and HERC. This left most of the city in ruins, and all survivors within the newly declared Dead Zone were left to their own means. Basically a sharing of information between the two wikis (due to both existing in the Akamatsuverse). Blacktrack and Pokelus, you guys need to respond here if you two want admin powers for this site.
It also goes without saying that the wikipedia articles on this site will need to be altered. I've seen how substandard this wiki is, and I really want to make it the best place on the web for Negima!
You can count me in in every case, aswell as i can and want to agree with you of making this place the nr 1 source for Negima Info ^^.
At the time I had posted that message Black and Pokelus were the majority editors in the recent changes list and so I was unaware of your claim. But whom of us do you think should get the Adminship and which should get Bureaucrat rights? Besides, the copied pages has since evolved past being simple carbon copies and the source material has since been deleted and replaced with hard redirects to the List of Negima! I get tired easily with commitee descisions as most frequently nothing comes of it and its more effective to just do it yourself.
The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.
While ultimately a benign figure, she has a harder side to her personality, as seen in her attempt to keep the protagonist in the ruins, and her cold treatment of Asgore. By the time the protagonist reaches her house, she states that she has already prepared a curriculum for their education. After the protagonist pesters her about leaving the Ruins, Toriel abruptly leaves and is followed by the protagonist.
She can be killed or spared; if spared, Toriel lets the protagonist go but tells them not to come back. Neither of them know each other's name or face, as they communicate through the door that blocks off the Ruins. She explains the motive of her arrival was the realization that the protagonist would have to take a life to leave, and that she was trying to prevent such thing from the beginning.
She tells them that they are free to go through the Underground to talk to more of their friends. As the others leave Frisk to begin their lives on the surface, Toriel asks Frisk what they will do now. She understands Frisk has no place to go and is more than happy to care for them, for as long as they need. Before she leaves Frisk on their own, she tells them that she will "see [them] around." At the end of the credits, Toriel, Frisk and co. Although the protagonist is responsible for her death, she will show no contempt and maintains her motherly attitude before she dies. If they flirt with her after calling her "Mother," she will become uncomfortable, and calls the protagonist an "interesting" child. They were once extremely close, winning first place in the '98 Nose Nuzzle competition and being openly affectionate to the point where Gerson described them as "insufferable".
She is also frustrated by his meek unwillingness of following his plan and his hope for no human to ever come into the Underground. They started their friendship by telling jokes to each other through the door leading to the Ruins. It's a running gag based off of a trope which is summed up in webcomic that I will link here. In addition, quite a few buildings escaped being bombed, allowing these groups to sustain themselves by scavenging for supplies. Any links that refer to characters that don't originate from the wiki (eg Tsuruko Aoyama, Hina Blade, Haitani, Nitta) will be linked to the relevent wiki as a way to fairly direct traffic.

The goal is that we; the only three who have shown extended interest in establishing this wikia, share the goals and responsibility that the original owners neglected and abandoned. Futher some pages need to be redone (Code and Format wise) and some still need to be worked out, mostly Plot-wise. I am the administrator of the Love Hina wikia, Cass Cain Mainframe, DC Universe Online Wiki and the Dead or Alive Wikia. I've been attempting to get this site in line on and off for years now and I hate being roadblocked. The coloured manga varients are tricky because (like on the front page) Akamatsu has released some coloured versions, and due to the ecchi-ness of the first anime series some official images (namely swimsuit images) are mildly adult. This way we can easier write areas such as story plot and galleries without create overly huge articles. Many of her recipes use snails as a primary ingredient, and her favorite food is snail pie. In the game's credits, she is shown standing outside a school, and in certain Neutral endings, she starts her own. The deaths of their two children pushed Asgore to declare war on humanity, and as a result, she divorced him, abdicated her throne, and retreated to the Ruins. She encourages the protagonist to deal with monster encounters by talking to them, as opposed to acting violently. She calls the protagonist frequently as the protagonist goes through the ruins, and is about to call them again when she finds the protagonist at the entrance to her home. As she goes deeper towards the exit, she explains that she plans to destroy it to prevent them from leaving, as all other humans who left had died. As the protagonist's friends come, she introduces herself to them and recognizes Sans's voice immediately. When Flowey tries to kill the protagonist, Toriel is the first monster to intervene, using her fire magic to block Flowey's bullets. Toriel tries to keep the protagonist in the Ruins, as the other humans who left her care were killed by Asgore.
However, if the protagonist kills her when she's showing mercy, she will mockingly tell them how evil they are.
They continue to bond after the final boss fight in the pacifist run, texting Frisk multiple times as they walk through the Underground.
12:38, March 13, 2012 (UTC), 13 days after, loool, i did not saw this page, where had i been? She wears a long blue robe that displays the Delta Rune on her chest and is occasionally seen with her reading glasses on. Between then and the time the protagonist entered the Underground, she had seen multiple humans be murdered and their SOULs reaped by Asgore.
She tells the protagonist that while they may have to stay Underground with all their friends, they will live a happy life regardless.
Her SOUL, along with every other monsters', is eventually absorbed by Flowey, allowing him to become Asriel. At the end of the credits, there is a scene where Toriel brings a slice of pie to Frisk's room. If the protagonist spares her, she lets them leave the Ruins, but not before giving them a parting hug.
In the Genocide Route, she asks them if they really hate her that much, and claim that the ones she was protecting by keeping them in the Ruins were the monsters and not the protagonist.
Asgore is seen trimming a hedge near her school in the end credits, implying they have reconciled to at least some degree. I have edited information for the Dead Fantasy wikia, Legend of Zelda Wikia, Dot Hack Wikia and The Grudge Wikia. I have previous experience with this work, I know what needs to be done and I have an investment in the upkeep of this wikia as it is linked to one of mine.
Also, forgive me if I misinterpret the tone of your message as it is hard to see that from plain text, but your last comment in this thread of discussion sounds almost like you're trying to intimidate me. Nothing personal but I also seem to have a better grasp on English journalism and publication then you Jetscream, otherwise you would know that putting lower case first letters on page titles is a no-no.

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