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Trying to open up the case to get to the motor, to try and replace a fuse or something that's making the fan not work. A propeller blade fan comprising two or more blades is directly driven through an electric motor.
The place in which the fan motor is mounted might be totally enclosed type or ventilated type. The table fan motor is mainly of a single phase capacitor start and run or seldom shaded pole type motor.
Several fan motors make use of phosphor bronze sleeve bearings mounted in the bell housings and make use of felt wick to supply oil to a small hole drilled by the bearing wall. The oscillating mechanism contains a worm gear or a motor shaft which engages a gear on a short jack along with the gear on the vertical shaft. A 3 core, flexible sheathed conductor of length about 2 m is employed that has an earthing conductor together with other two conductors.
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The body is fitted or mounted to the heavy base stand, made up of die cast iron or aluminum.
The mounting might be rigid (change of direction is through turning the complete fan body) or semi-rigid (the direction of draught can be changed without changing the direction of the base). A disc that attached to the lower end of the vertical shaft rotates at a extremely slow speed and by way of a strong crank lever attached to the disk at one end and the motor at the another end, the fan is caused to oscillate. This standard is used in several oscillating units built into the gear mechanism along with a compression stud device. The stator, made up of laminated silicon steel, uses two windings termed as starting and running windings located 90 degree electrical apart. The front guard is generally detachable and rear one will be lastingly fixed to the body of the fan. The diameter of the guard wire is generally not less than 1.6 mm and not additional than 10 mm. You can join us to ask queries 24x7 with live, experienced and qualified online tutors specialized in Construction of Table Fan. The starting torque relies on sine of angle among starting winding and running winding current.

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