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From terra cotta to ceiling beams, these inviting interior details are ideal for Southwestern design. Utilize desert-toned neutrals mixed with touches of bright yellow, burnt orange, vivid red and cooling turquoise.
Palo Santo Designs LLCThe floors are hard trowelled pigmented concrete with a clear water based concrete sealer. Our lights and fans are hand painted in our New Mexico factory and may vary slightly from order to order. Kiva Lighting recommends using the Standard CFL unless required to use the GU24 for energy efficient lighting. Standard CFL (Compact Fluorescent) - Energy Efficient, medium screw base replacement for Standard Incandescent Bulb. Rustic wood beams, cooling stucco and bold combinations of color are common characteristics in these spaces. Wrought iron is a good choice for all kinds of Southwestern accessories and hardware details.
The standard medium base socket will allow a less expensive upgrade path to LED lighting in the future. Wea€™re doing a tile floor, and I was wondering if you know of a source in northern New Mexico or southern Colorado for small decorative Southwestern tiles.
Hand-painted Talavera tiles from Mexico are available in a wide range of patterns and colors from suppliers such as Vargas Tile Company in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico.
The tile is a great choice for backsplashes and other vertical surfaces, says Christine Vargas, manager of Vargas Tile Company.
However, Talavera is not as strong as other tile, so it is not the recommended material for an expanse of flooring.
A better choice for covering the majority of a floor is Saltillo, a Mexican clay tile, or ceramic floor tile, Vargas says. Vargas suggests thinking about the traffic in your home when planning where your Talavera accents will go. Place the Talavera in areas where you arena€™t constantly stepping, she says, such as near baseboards. After your tile is installed, grouted, and cleaned, Vargas says you can restore the tilea€™s shine with an acrylic floor sealer. How often you apply this finish will depend on the wear and tear your floor endures, she says, but you could typically plan to use the sealer every three months. The tile is a resilient surface and can be washed with a good-quality cleaning product, Vargas adds. She notes that concrete is a better base for a tile floor than wood, which shifts and can cause the grout to crack more quickly.

If you are in the Taos area, Vargas suggests coming in to the store, where you can receive help designing your layout. The companya€™s website features the majority of the tile in the store, Vargas says, and you can place orders online. The sitea€™s Create-A-Layout feature allows you to preview your design on-screen before you buy.
It looks fabulous when newly sealed, but the time and frequency involved in doing that doesna€™t seem to be paying off. There are black and white spotsa€”some in moister areas like around the dishwasher but others for no obvious reason. Also, there is some other fading-type discoloration in a large section, accompanied by some chipping. Unlike many flooring choices, however, bricksa€™ porous surface makes them more prone to complications than other materials.
Maintenance woes and damage often arise as a result of products applied to the surface of the bricks.
But when bricks are coated with plastic, the plastic can trap moisture, leading to long-term problems such as discoloration and fading, Ring explains. This is a costly procedure, he warns, although this option saves some money compared to replacing the floors. A treatment like Ring Brick Floor Keeper can be applied once every week or two as a maintenance product. This mineral oil treatment renews the surface without applying a permanent coating, he explains. Ring also suggests Trewax Indian Sand Paste Wax, a brick-red pigment that adds color and sheen to brick floors and hides discoloration. We have just purchased this house, and we love it but feel it could be much brighter and more welcoming. Once you whitewash a ceiling, ita€™s difficult to go back, so consider this decision carefully.
If you own a very traditional house, take into account the value of maintaining that style, suggests architect Wayne Lloyd of Lloyd & Associates Architects in Santa Fe.
An adobe home with plastered walls and classic Southwestern architectural features such as corbels and vigas will likely benefit from its original wood-toned ceilings. This treatment can lend a striking appearance to some homesa€™ interiors, Lloyd says, if ita€™s an appropriate choice for the home. A professional should go to your home to see how all of the elements fit together in order to offer a complete solution for your specific circumstances, Lloyd explains. Considerations will involve the overall age of your house and its historical significance, including factors such as where your home is located.

There must be some kind of gutter system that can be used and still maintain the homea€™s Pueblo look. Traditionally, Southwestern homes used canales instead of guttering to divert water from the roof, according to C. However, they are the weakest point in the roof drainage system, Laird saysa€”most leaks occur at the canale. During heavy rains, sometimes water cana€™t get through canale openings fast enough, which can lead to water buildup and leakage, he warns. Once a year, inspect where the roof meets the parapet to look for places where leaks could occur. To prevent canales from becoming overwhelmed with water, Laird says he often adds an opening in the parapet much wider than the canales for roof water to escape.
Incorporating this opening into an overhang can shade windows and facilitate roof drainage.
Ayresa€™ goal is to help people save water with a product that is attractive and easy to use.
Her company is a member of Build Green New Mexico and is listed in Co-op Americaa€™s National Green Pages. If water shoots out of the canales during hard rains, she suggests directing water to the rain barrel with a chain.
Rain chains are a Japanese style, Ayres says, and you can find elaborate decorative chains for your home. Place your chain from the top of the canale to within six inches from the top of the rain barrel.
Besides utilizing the rainwater and keeping water on your property, the barrels direct water away from your home, avoiding erosion near the housea€”a common problem with canales.
The water collected in rain barrels can be used for landscaping, gardening, washing your car, topping off your pool, or filling fish ponds and water features.
A rain barrel rebate also is available in Santa Fe, as well as other cities in the Southwest and across the country. Santa Fe Adobe, a beige-toned tan shade that blends well with stucco, is the companya€™s bestseller, Ayres says. Ayres explains that it takes two-thirds of a gallon of water to provide a one-square-foot area with an inch of rain.

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