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Many years ago, when I got to the point in my work life when I found myself sitting in meetings with a General Manager, I began to notice that once the General Manager had indicated his opinion of a problem, almost everyone on the team reflexively, and I am sure unconsciously, shifted their opinions to be in the same orbit as the General Manager.
Once we had that done, I asked, “Well, what do you all think we should do?” My job now was to moderate the team discussion with special attention to drawing out the more reticent members. Of course, being a smart guy with no shortage of ego I always had a complete plan in my mind about how we should address the issue at hand.
In my role as meeting moderator, I would sum up the decision we had come to and lead the discussion of how to implement it.

By the way, this process works equally well in those one on one meetings in the hallway or over the phone. 2015 honda cr-v first-drive: small suv, big evolution, The cr-v is a big deal for honda, and the compact suv’s redesign for 2015 reflects that.
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The scope of the discussion seemingly as on auto pilot shrank to encompass just the General Manager’s scope of thinking. When we got together to discuss a problem I very carefully gave a description of the problem, then asked others to expand or correct on the description of the problem.

Sometimes, I would open the discussion by asking one of the quieter people their opinion to preempt the noisier folks from setting the starting point. Let your people think for themselves, interact vigorously, but don’t close down the discussion before it even gets going by opening your mouth. There are lots of resources, especially in the world of lean enterprise and six sigma, about how to work effectively with a team. And, even though this particular General Manager was really interested in having a wide ranging debate, even encouraged contrary opinions, as soon as he stated his opinion of the problem, which was frequently near the beginning of the meeting, the normal reflexes of organizational life kicked into gear.

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