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Panasonic 25 liter NN-SM332M straight micro wave oven has 800 watt cooking power, grill option, painted gray interior, silver door color, turntable size 288mm, cooking function, micro power. Jackson & Church HVAC Global Self-contained Indirect Fired Systems are designed, constructed and evaluated to meet or exceed industry standards as a cETLus Listed package. The Indirect Fired Systems incorporates standard fuel burning equipment that utilizes a forced draft combustion system.
An induced draft fan facilitates a negative pressure condition within the combustion chamber. The Series SDF utilizes the duct furnace system and includes a packaged centrifugal blower assembly. For large open space applications such as warehousing and manufacturing, the vertically configured Series SDF-AF incorporates a large volume axial fan assembly for continuous air turnover for ductless operation and can be configured for outdoor installation.

The 12 gauge carbon steel heat exchanger incorporates a stainless steel combustion chamber to ensure non-impingement of fuel burner flame pattern. The indirect fired product is an ANSI classified Category IV appliance, as potential of flue gases to condense exists, particularly in large air volume systems and when high turn down fuel burning equipment is employed. This assures combustion stability and aids in preventing escape of flue gases to tempered occupied spaces in the event of heat exchanger integrity failure.
It is designed for ducted operation in a horizontal or vertical cabinet for indoor and outdoor installation. The energy-efficient axial fans provide air turnover rates of 1 to 4 times each hour mixing the air thoroughly, preventing air stratification, for uniform temperature and humidity from floor to ceiling. The systems are particularly suited for commercial applications requiring durable construction and long life cycle service.

The unit heat exchanger and centrifugal fan section are encased within an integral cabinet and shipped for final assembly in the field.
Other available compliance standards include UL, FM Global, GAP and construction suitable for use in NEMA classified indoor or outdoor non-hazardous locations. Fuel Burning Equipment configurations are available for high elevation operation and low emission performance applications. The flexible design permits optional chilled water and direct expansion coil cooling mediums to 100 tons capacity.

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