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Now that the new Timeline layout is mandatory for all page owners, we’re all beginning to find our way around the new layout.
For many, especially those who just started seeing traction with the old layout, Timeline presents brand-new challenges (and opportunities!) for staying top-of-mind. One way to make up for the loss of engagement with a default landing tab is to drive visitors to your custom apps instead. To get the most out of this real estate, you need to create a custom app strategy for your page. Before you start creating custom apps for your page, you want to be clear on your overall app strategy. Social Media Examiner uses custom apps to provide valuable content, collect leads and introduce their new Networking Clubs. When you add video to your custom apps, you're able to connect with your Facebook fans at a deeper level. The more value you can create on your Facebook page, the greater your overall fan engagement.
With the help of the tool Lujure, I added one of my most popular blog posts to a custom app inside of Facebook.
The cool thing about pulling in my blog post is that all of the share buttons work—meaning I can get even more exposure via clicks inside Facebook. Christie LaPiana uses her Facebook page as an e-commerce portal, selling her products directly from her custom app. This e-commerce site is inside Christie's Facebook page, creating a new opportunity for her to sell her products.
One of the biggest challenges you will face once you create your custom app is driving traffic to it. By adding thumbnails and action phrases to your custom apps, you can dramatically increase fan engagement. Calls to action that provide a clear incentive—valuable knowledge, industry tips and entertainment value—are likely to get more clicks. As you can see, there are a lot of different custom app strategies you can try out for your own Facebook page. Easy Social Shop was founded to provide shop owners and online sellers a simple way to reach more people and leverage their social presence on Facebook. Facebook’s ever-expanding network of users allows businesses to reach out to a variety of different demographics. Use of fan pages allows businesses to familiarize users with their brand and keep a loyal community. Once a user has access to a company’s fan page, the company can send out notifications that will appear on the user’s news feed. The combination of social media and online shopping allows consumers easy access to the brands and products they love. Easy Social Shop offers merchants the possibility to open a shop just by importing their items from their eBay shops, Etsy shops, Magento shops, or Shopify shops (and more to come).
6. Merchants are able to extend special promotions and deals to customers through their Facebook fan pages. Online shopping has become increasingly more popular due to the availability of promotional codes. Easy Social Shop allows promote Facebook store products easily in one click on the timeline. Easy Social Shop has service called Fan gate that allows you to increase your likes and interaction, how ? A fan gate  allows your page to display different contents to those who are not fans and to those who are fans. You need dynamic and interesting posts on your Timeline that will entice your fans to further your business’s market status. There’s a reason why more and more companies are making use of Facebook, don’t be left out on all the potential success. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page set up yet, check out this Facebook business page setup guide. The most important thing first: You have to understand that timing and consistency are very important aspects in Social Media.
Get creative and try appealing to the artistic palates of your fans by posting fun and interesting pictures that can help your products.
The best way to engage with your fans is to directly converse with them through social media posts. As much as possible, try to show your gratitude by replying to fan posts and comments on your timeline.
Studies have shown that people will respond more to images, graphics and videos as opposed to text-heavy posts. Hi, i am Jet, a systems developer, dedicated technology writer & researcher, social media enthusiast and blogger.
If you already have a Facebook business or fan page, you can set up a Facebook store with ShopTab to sell your products to your fans.
If you already have a Facebook business or fan page, then you can create an entire Facebook store with ShopTab.
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Either as a consumer that loves different brands or a B2B marketer who’s looking to connect with prospects, Facebook Fan pages offer an easy way to engage with others that have similar interests. The Page Finder – This site is a user-generated index of Facebook Fan pages with about 1 million entries so far. Directory of Facebook Pages – Facebook also provides a directory of People, Apps, Groups and of course, Pages.
There are several other crowdsourced directories of Facebook Fan pages but I’ve chosen not to list them because of quantity and quality issues. For the most part, these tools will help you surface a variety of Business, Product and Brand Fan pages, but I think there’s a REAL opportunity here for something much better to come along.

If I’ve missed a quality and substantial Facebook Fan Page Directory, please mention it in the comments below. Ecommerce boom has been pretty significant in this decade, especially in developing countries like India. The growing demand for an online presence has lead to a number of ecommerce website builders and themes come up for establishing an online website to sell stuff. Here, we shall discuss how to create Facebook store online and sell products for your business through Facebook page itself. For businesses, the number of likes on Facebook fan page matters a lot and is a measure of their popularity on the most widely used social networking platform.
If you already have an ecommerce store online and want to start a Facebook store, then, you can do it by creating an app for the social networking store and then syncing all your products with that store along with upload of price information, photos and product descriptions. Once you are well-versed with the online Shopify store and have loaded all products along with payment information and descriptions, you can create a Facebook page dedicated to your ecommerce business.
It is important to note that you can get the Shopify store created directly without you requiring to have an ecommerce website. Now, whenever any product is updated on your website, it is automatically reflected on the same product available on the Facebook e-store (created using Shopify app) i.e. For the various pricing plans offered by Shopify, you can visit the official Shopify website at: Shopify Pricing Plans. The adaptability of the Facebook Shopify store is amazing as it can seamlessly accommodate all changes or new features that you add to your online ecommerce store using different apps provided by Shopify. Apart from Shopify, Bigcommerce is another good Facebook store builder tool that is available to us.
101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. I am a freelance content writer, blogger, social media marketer, e-commerce consultant and entrepreneur with more than 8 years of IT work experience behind me! Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? Instead of having apps on the left-hand side of your page, they’re now featured directly below the cover photo. As you can see from the image below, they use their custom apps to provide valuable content, collect leads and introduce their new Networking Clubs. Video within custom apps is a smart strategy to connect with your fans on a more personal level.
As you can see from the example below, Christie LaPiana has pulled her website directly into her Facebook page. It’s a drag-and-drop operation, making it very easy to use, even when you are a bit technically challenged!
Here’s a free tool that will help you create your custom app thumbnails without ever having to hire a designer. The key to success is to create apps that will get your fans engaged and move them to take action.
When a Facebook user “likes” a fan page, everyone within their network is notified, which will often generate interest amongst other users. They can use these notifications to alert users of new products, to send out surveys and to even get direct feedback from consumers. Facebook shops enable users to research products, make purchases and connect with other users all on one page. With the easy access to users that Facebook fan pages provide, merchants are able to provide these specials to users which will undoubtedly increase their sales.
Not only do Facebook shops give merchants access to a broad range of potential customers, they also provide users with a fun and exciting shopping experience that is sure to keep them coming back.
Here we have gathered some examples and techniques from some of the top-tier Fan pages & Facebook marketers.
You have to make sure your business page is continually sprouting out new posts and links during ideal peak times every day to make sure that your business is part of the regular social media traffic. Maybe a little photo editing to add some artistic effects on your food items, or a model showcasing a dress that you’re selling. It’s a great way to interact and engage with them while letting them know that they are important to you and that you value their participation.
Whether it be a quick “thank you”, or an answer to a question that they’ve posed, it’s always best to acknowledge your followers the best way that you can. Avoid pure-text statuses and posts and try going for pictures, videos, graphs, and polls to share on your timeline.
Follow these tips and techniques for your Facebook Business Page and you’re sure to see a spike in your posts’ likes, comments and shares. You'll have to accept the Facebook permissions from your personal account since you're the admin of your Facebook page, but don't worry, ShopTab doesn't post on your behalf.
Add relevant information like pricing, descriptions, inventory levels, product variables (color, size, etc.), and images.
ShopTab gives you the ability to promote individual products on your wall or promote your entire store so your fans know it's there. Just use the links and buttons under the "Promote Store" tab in you ShopTab admin for mobile-friendly promotions. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. Now, if your major customers are going to come from Facebook, then, it makes sense to have a Facebook online store to sell items directly to the Facebook users.
In simple words, check out tools or apps to build Facebook store on your Facebook page and start selling online.
Most Facebook users are already aware about the importance of having a Facebook page to promote anything amongst a large audience.

So, even though a business can track increase in its online sales from its ecommerce website after starting a Facebook page, there is no guarantee that almost everyone who likes the page will take out time to visit the ecommerce store. However, there are several ecommerce builder apps or software that empower you to achieve this purpose without getting involved in writing any code. Then, you just have to get your Shopify Facebook store app which would ensure all product information and image thumbnails is pulled directly from your website to the Facebook platform. The starter plan begins at $14 per month with unlimited bandwidth, 25 products, chat as well as email support and 1 GB file storage capacity.
There is no need to direct clients to your own website anymore… they just click to purchase while they keep chatting and commenting away (or playing Farmville!) Check out this sample to see a snipet of what we can do for you! By selling products through this social network, businesses are guaranteed to reach out to demographics of people they normally would not have been able to. As a result, businesses are able to build brand awareness throughout multiple networks at a time. Facebook commerce allows merchants to interact with consumers in ways they never could before, allowing them to gain more insight on how their products are being received on the market. They can also share their purchases and products of interest with friends, making their online shopping experience more fun. Customers can promote as well by telling their friends what they just bought or what they would have liked to buy.
Even if you share quality posts, if they’re not seen by your fan base on a consistent basis, it won’t have that much of a positive effect on your Facebook Business Page.
Not only will you have something interesting for your Facebook Business Page to share, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get more people to watch your business’s video.
It also allows an opportunity for you to interact with your fans and for your fans to interact with each other. Share these achievements with your fanbase and give them an opportunity to celebrate with you. Sharing interesting and relevant news from your industry tells your fans and followers that your company is up-to-date with regards to industry trends and current events.
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It enables you to invite countless people to visit your page using your network of friends on Facebook. So, in order to increase the chances of such visitors check out the products on the Facebook business page itself, businesses can setup Facebook ecommerce store on the page itself i.e. In simple words, top ecommerce store builder apps can help you build online Facebook store to sell products without you required to have any technical knowledge.
You can use Shopify tool to build your own ecommerce store online within few minutes itself. Easy and secured payment options (credit card, paypal, etc.) is offered to customers willing to purchase your products from their smartphones or tablets.
If you do not wish to start selling all products from Facebook, you can select (and import) products of your choice to be sold on the Shopify Facebook online shop. In short, you can change the look and feel of the store, especially the way products are organized for display. As of now, I prefer Shopify over Bigcommerce because of the number of users that have successfully used Shopify and shared some amazing experiences. Facebook shops provide customers with a new and exciting online shopping experience that will be sure to keep them coming back.
Check out this example from the Sony Mobile Facebook Page teaching their fans how to make use of two of their products at the same time.
Pose an interesting question or a debatable topic, and then just sit back and watch the magic of human interaction take place. It shows that your business is passionate about its industry and that can help establish connections of trust between you and your market.
This gives your fans the notion that your company is always keeping itself busy by continually trying to innovate ways to reach out to their audience.
A third option is cash-on-delivery where your customers pay you when they pick up the item (great for brick-and-mortar store locations).
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You need to be logged in to Facebook to use the search engine within the directory and get Fan pages in the search results.
In fact, Facebook ads have been offered to help ecommerce websites or businesses target their specific audience on this social networking platform. And everyone knows that Facebook has billions of active users which would contain a major chunk of the target audience for your business.
Please feel free to share your opinion about these two online store building software or any other effective ecommerce tool that you may have used!
It is common for every business to have a Facebook fan page for their business promotion and to increase their online product sales. And viral marketing (to target audience with specific interests) is pretty easy through this social networking giant. This would clearly allow every page visitor to quickly check the products available online for that business and even make a purchase directly from that embedded store. You are bound to like the features of Shopify tool and how it makes it easy to start selling products online for any business. Check out this example from Rexona Men where they’re advertising a video about their “#DoMore” campaign.

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