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Lets take a look at a list I have compiled of potentially the best selling ongoing Marvel Comics series of 1973.
Amazing Spider-man was a true success story for Marvel and was once again the #1 best selling title for the publisher for almost a decade in a row at this point. Fantastic Four came in a strong #2 and these were the same top 2 comics for the company every year for the last 10 in a row. Thor was still ranking high at #5 in 1973 but its sales were the lowest it had been since the character debuted in 1962.
In a year of sales lows, Incredible Hulk, for the first time also fell below 200,000 copies a month. The Avengers, Captain America, Daredevil all sold decently but like always were considered 2nd tier heroes for Marvel. It’s even possible that the new Crazy Magazine featuring satire and jokes was outselling X-Men at this time. Out of the 62 ongoing series on our chart, Marvel only published actual sales figures for 10 of them.
The biggest key valuable books so far from 1973 include Iron Man #55 with 1st appearance of Thanos and the mega-famous storyline of Amazing Spider-man featuring the deaths of Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin. Sales annual data information originally collected by John Jackson Miller in his book “Comics Buyers Guide: Standard Catalog Of Comic Books”.

Terry Hoknes (author) of Hoknes Comics loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time. This entry was posted in Comic Market & Stats, Features and tagged Amazing Spider-Man #121, Amazing Spider-Man #122, bronze age comics, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man #55, Marvel Team-Up, most valuable 1973 comics, Most Valuable Comics, top comics of 1973.
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A Little BitAbout UsCurto's Appliance store of Westchester County NY is celebrating our 7th decade providing stellar service and low prices on major kitchen appliance package deals. Beginning this June, all Marvel titles priced at $3.99 will include codes for free digital copies! Unfortunately no Iron Man sales figures have ever been published prior to 1980 and so that is the number we are using for comparison.

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