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When the natural fans trees stop giving you cool breeze, you always have the alternative of electric fans at your disposal.
Looking back at the evolutionary history of these mechanically operated fans, we come to know that "Punkhas" (handheld fans) were introduced in 500 BC India. These home appliances not only soothe you in the scorching heat of summer but also give you comfort by producing warm air in winter. After the discovery of electricity, electric fans were also developed and made available to the common public, but they were relatively expensive.

Among different types of fans, there include Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Bracket Fans, Table Fans, Exhaust Fans, TCP (Table Cum Pedestal) Fans, Louvre Fans, Floor Fans, and so on. Later on, as the industry advanced, mass-production of steel fans with different designs was witnessed in the third decade of twentieth century. As a consequence, the fan prices were brought considerably down and more homeowners were able to afford them. Today, the electric fans prices in Pakistan are within the reach of all and sundry and these home appliances can be found in almost every household both in cities and villages.

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