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I ran across this ad for CasaBlanca's Intelli-Touch, "the world's first computerized ceiling fan," in a 1985 issue of Home magazine that I found in my mom's house. My mother has subscribed to house decorating magazines for as long as I can remember, and Home is only one of many (other examples: Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living).
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Above: Hunter has a number of traditional ceiling fans, but I think their styling with those pfoufy attachment-to-the-blade designs are a big much. Gotta say, for all the fears about kids losing their fingers in em, I have yet to meet anyone who has been hurt by a fan. He may have been a little disappointed that we chose the air conditioning, because he kept trying for the color tv.
In helping to renovate my daughter’s 1962 MCM, I find several good looking fans at both Home Depot and Lowes. As an afterthought, the real, classic midcentury fan might not be a ceiling fan, but a Westinghouse Mobilaire! My 1960’s split level MCM home came with these types of ceiling fans in all 3 of the bedrooms. I have wood tongue & groove ceilings, so the fan is mounted to one of the beams, and the electrical cord is run against the beams, down the wall, to an inlet. 1 piece in whole polyfoam protection A=B Standard 5-ply export carton, Carton marks can be printed as customers request. Individual packing, bubble polybag + polyfoam + standard export carton, product photo, installation drawing, accessories list, an extended boom and wall control device.

Housing Estates, hotels, bars, coffee shops, villas, dining rooms and conference rooms, etc. This color of the lamp body, size and the material of the fan leaves can be customized by orders. It has the cleanest lines I’ve seen on a ceiling fan and a simple light fixture as well.
Residential central air conditioning was thought (at the time) to be modern and sufficient enough to eliminate the need for fans. Some ideas to update my ceiling fans with!” But by the end of the post, I realized that what I have is exactly what I should have. I think if you want to be authenticlly retro, you need to find an old GE or Westinghouse table fan. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.
Lamp holder is E27, which can be changed to E14 or other specifications as per customers’ request. Then put them in the polyfoam, which is excavated to suit the shapes of the accessories to prevent bump or rub.
Head workshop is located in #143, North Chang’an road, Henglan Town, Zhongshan city, Guang Dong, China, including other 3 branches in Gu Zhen and Heng Lan towns. Wholesale price: We are the direct factories with mass production, our prices are very competitive and you can get more benefits from us. Experience: There are 17 years of OEM and ODM experiences of our factory, any specification, color and material of lightings can be customized by request. Bygone eras like the 1940s and 50s featured timeless styles that we still can’t get enough of today.
Sometimes I want to read finer print or just zoom in at some of the details, but they get lost in the current "good for screen" size.

My 57 ranch does not even have ceiling lights in the bedrooms and living room – switched outlets for lamps.
Very minimal, energy star, made in the USA, silent yet powerful, beautiful solid wood blades and dimmable LED light option. If you feel inspired by the innovative designs of yesteryear, introduce the classy touch of a Retro ceiling fan from Quorum to your home. I was extremely hesitant that a ceiling fan would take away from the home’s retro vibe, but this one has been perfect.
Manufactured in steel, MDF wood blades and opal glass diffuser, this original fan with tulip retro design and the base is driven by chain and remote support.
We suggest using incandescent bulbs between 40W-100W and other suitable bases with energy saving bulbs, but which is not confined to LED and energy saving bulbs. Contemporary Indoor fans come in all sorts of styles, but the timelessness of a Retro piece is one that you can count on for artistic value today and heirloom qualities tomorrow.Special! I like feeling the breeze going by in the summer, but it’s a bit much in the home office to keep papers down.
He finally got wise to us and just went out and bought the color tv one day when I was in college.
Our packing will include installation drawing, accessories list and 1 pair of installation gloves. We mainly produce the decorative lightings in Iron, resin, glass, crystal, ceramic, brass, metal, wood and other materials. Free shipping on all Quorum ceiling fan orders over $50 via UPS ground within the continental US!

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