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You can replace one type of canopy switch with another -- a toggle with a rotary switch, for example.
The little switches on a lamp or fixture -- called canopy switches -- can fail, but they are easy to replace. Disclaimer: The information is all provided as-is, with no guarantees on availability or accuracy of the results. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting fan speed and light levels without ever having to leave your seat. To replace a canopy switch on a lamp, you may have to remove a metal or cloth cover on the bottom of the lamp base.

We'll certainly do our best to make the service highly-available though, and the results accurate. This Westinghouse Lighting 7787000 Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control replaces a toggle switch and can be used with most ceiling fan brands.
A switch that mounts differently, such as a rectangular rocker switch, requires modifying the fixture. Instead of having to go to a store location and browse through a number of boxes and store inventory, here you get a much more visual concept of what you need. This wall control allows you to change the speed of your fan, adjust the lighting and turn your fan on and off from a single remote location.

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