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Pues el dia 1 de septiembre comenzo en Corea la Closed Beta de Ragnarok II, un popular mmorpg que cuenta una vez mas con un estilo anime.
Debido al poco exito que tuvo Ragnarok 2 en su primera version, The gate of the World, se ha desarrollado un juego completamente nuevo al que han llamado Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. Yo no he podido probarlo porque no tengo la suerte de contar con un cuenta coreana, pero ahi van unas screens. El juego se puede jugar en su fase beta en Corea, no obstante, unos fans de america han sacado un parche con su traduccion en ingles. Debido al poco exito que tuvo Ragnarok 2 en su primera version, The gate of the World, se ha desarrollado un juego completamente nuevo al que han llamado Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. Que yo sepa la Version BETA es CLOSED koreana, y solo los koreanos pueden jugarla mediante activacion. Jope, pues si, yo crei que habia solucionado algo, voy a borrar la guia ya qu en este caso no nos sirve. Para jugar pide Activacion de cuenta mediante telefono movil koreano, o comprando una cuenta en muchas webs por unos 10euros las vi. De ahi que ponga que YO no puedo entrar porque en su moemnto no me hice una y no voy a pagar ni a quebrarme la cabeza ni a incumplir nosecuantas leyes por probar un juego, para eso ya me cuentan que tal en esta maravillosa comunidad y si merece la pena esperare, que otra cosa no, pero dias hay como longaniza.
Following the opening of Ragnarok 2’s Odin Server to Philippine players last month, we are thrilled to be continuing the global expansion of Warpportal’s Ragnarok Online 2 by welcoming all players from Southeast Asia regions! Current Asiasoft SEA Ragnarok 2 players will have the opportunity to transfer their characters over to Warpportal's Odin Sever. You'll first need to acquire your Asiasoft Token, which was sent to your email address from AsiaSoft on September 11, 2014.

If you do not have a WarpPortal account yet, choose a Game Account ID you want to use here on the WarpPortal. Print or save the image of your Welcome page in case you have a problem with the registration. Please know that game accounts are going to remain unable to Access the WarpPortal Odin server until the transfer is completed in October and everything has been merged over. As far as what you can bring with you, Your character, quests, Khara quests, levels, guilds.Certain restrictions on zeny will be applied to preserve the current economy in game. No, we will allow 1 SEA RO2 account to added to any WarpPortal account, even if you already have an RO2 account. Please note that battles over accounts will be adjudicated by our WarpPortal team, we will not be binding multiple accounts to one player as that is not in the spirit of this merger. When you are Signing up for the merging here on the WarpPortal, we will check account names to make sure it is valid before you are able to register it. With the Khara Quest System, you can find yourself straying far off the questing path with its objectives. Some of these quests will even give you powerful titles to equip to your character to aid in your adventure! Some of these quests can only be challenged by spending Khara points (achieved through Khara quests) on them. Discover bonus missions by completing missions in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal sequence and be surprised when you happen to unlock a Hidden Mission! To start the [Spring Festival] Quests, look for NPC Clinkz in front of the Prontera Fountain.

If you get a Bunny (Lv 10), then you will be able to complete the "[Spring Festival] Easter Bunny" Khara quest which gives a Easter Bunny Khara Title (2% Additional Damage, 2% Additional AGI, +30 Penetration, 1% Damage Reduction). La historia esta vez, se centra un tiempo despues de lo ocurrido en Ragnarok Online, despues del despertar de Freya.
El juego es una continuacion del RO tras su ultima quest y no esta mal por lo que he visto hasta ahora, el otro RO2 fue una cagada y duro muy poco. We are expanding our International community, and are excited that SEA players will become a part of it! The date of this merger will be within 7 days of the AsiaSoft servers stopping service so we can get the latest character data.
If you already have a Warpportal account, redeeming your token will transfer your SEA characters to a brand new Ragnarok 2 Game account. So every account is paired with a unique token, that token is how we here at the WarpPortal will know this game account belongs now to this WarpPortal player. The world is full of challenges and the only way to discover them is to continue exploring! Aun asi hablar sobre este tema es solo marear una perdiz que nada tiene que ver con el hilo. As you explore the world naturally, Khara Quests will begin unlocking for you to challenge!

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