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This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Items shipping internationally may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Editorial ReviewUsing the same energy as a 100-watt bulb, the Prestige 900 evaporative air cooler from Convair cools fresh air drawn in from the outdoors and distributes it for your comfort. Okay, your wife says you can have one room to smoke cigars, but the smoke better get exhausted, because she doesn't want the "fragrance" to permeate the rest of the castle. Editorial ReviewThe Soleus Air FSH-40G 16-inch stand fan is about as deluxe as you can get, short of having a personal servant to fan you with ostrich feathers. Editorial ReviewA good fan can make the difference between a sleepless and a restful night. Editorial ReviewInvented by Holmes in 1985, window fans are ideal for use in the bedroom because of theirquiet operation; they're also much less expensive to run than air conditioners. Received my Holmes Hawf-2000 Ice Cool Window Fan.This fan came at a time when the temp was in the high 90s. Editorial ReviewQuiet and built of durable plastic, this device circulates air throughout a room at home, at the office, or in a college dorm.
Almost noisless these twins fans produce the enough air circulation to mantain the room temperature confortable pushing outside environment directly in your kitchen or room. We bought 3 on these units to keep our home cool on the few days the mercury climbs above 85 here on the south shore of Long Island. Had the fan for about 3 months, constantly taking it from room to room, banging it around and even dropping it once or twice (on the floor,not out the window!) and this thing still runs as quietly as a purring kitten. Editorial ReviewWith a remote control for convenient adjustment, this double window fan draws in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhausts stale, hot air from inside.
Editorial ReviewHot time, summer in the city--there's nothing like a powerful fan to keep you cool and collecteddespite the heat. Editorial ReviewQuiet, stylish, and built of durable plastic, this big device circulates air throughout the largest rooms at home or at the office. Editorial ReviewCute, compact, and weighing only three pounds, this swivel fan heatergoes just about anywhere.
Though not a large heater it heats up a room as good or better than the space heater I use more than twice as big. Editorial ReviewVornado's small (12-inch diameter), quiet fan is designed to provide big output.
Cooling fans and misters are our business, and nobody does it better than your friends at Advanced Misting Systems. You’ll be pleased at how easy our website makes the purchasing process, and how prompt our shipping services are to guarantee that your purchase will show up in a timely fashion. Our products are a must-have for residences and businesses alike during the warm summer months. The rising temperature is a common reason behind the increasing demands of industrial fans and blowers. These types of blower fans are also getting more and more popular nowadays because of the convenience they bring especially to individuals who are always on the go.
This kind of fan is also ideal to those who do outdoor or location shoot for their TV ads or simple photo shoot because it won’t allow their artists to lose their makeup and became lesser appealing before the shoot starts. Lower costs of a home's maintenance is also another indispensable benefit a person may get from this movable ac device.
Homeowners do not also have to spend thousands of dollars just to buy this device because it is way cheaper than the conventional fan or any cooling system that you can find on industrial buildings. The need for this transportable cooling system may not apply to all consumers but, if you are looking for a more convenient way to handle the heat of summer especially on outdoor activities, this product is a must try. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Simple to use, the cooler must be operated next to a partly open door or window and features a 4-gallon reservoir.
So while you might have to stand right in front of a fan in order to feel much cooling, this unit surrounds the entire room (and everyone in it) in comfort.
Soleus Air FSH-40G 16-Inch Back Lit Stand Fan, with Remote Controlby Soleus International Inc. Not only does it have the typical three speeds, it also has three oscillation wind styles: back and forth, up and down, and a figure 8 pattern. Soleus Air's FTY-25 10-inch table fan has three speeds and a five-finned blade--five fins move more air than the traditional four--to help make a hot, stuffy room feel much cooler. And unlike air conditioners,this fan features Ice Cool styling to let in lots of natural light.
Up until my upgrade to this wonderful little window fan, I'd been using a standard 20" fan that had to be kind of jammed in the window.I didn't realize just how nice this Holmes fan would be.
Use it alone or with an air conditioner to cool in the summer and to circulate heat evenly throughout a room in winter. However, similar to an airconditioner, this twin window fan features Accutemp digital temperature control.

Although if is necessary can work as a air extractor improving house fresh air circulation.
It can also do both simultaneously, because each of the two fans can be set independently to draw in or exhaust out, allowing the unit to exchange inside and outside air. The instructions state "Do NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit.
The Blizzard oscillating fan from Holmes features three speed settings and a hard-workingBlizzaire motor to ensure you have the temperature control to keep your wits about you. I had originally wanted a Vornado but those were a bit expensive so I decided to give this one a try.
Take it to work, the vacation cabin, or from room toroom, and swivel it manually to direct heat where it's needed most. The one touch button operation takes a little time to get used to,but all in all I consider this to be an Excellent Little Heater.
The 42-inch pedestal it sits on makes it possible to hide the unit behind furniture while still directing air circulation efficiently.
I own a couple of different models but this is the first time I'm not happy with the product.
We are committed to the idea of providing cooling systems to address the very unique and specific needs of all our customers, and the best way to do so is providing an inventory that is unrivaled in terms of its scope.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You can count on a lot of air-conditioning systems offered in the market or ask an expert to take a closer look on the ventilation needs before making a move. If your job requires you to move from one area to another or basically do a lot of field work, taking one of these systems along will help you do outdoor activities or find a temporary shelter without feeling the heat penetrate on your skin. This will not require you to install any complicated device and system because all you need to do is plug or turn it on and it will work continuously without any interruption or delay. You do not have to repair or check it regularly because this portable device does not involve any complicated installation or configuration on its internal body and it is built up in the most basic manner. Although its functions and features are only limited, people may also be assured that it performs at its best quality especially if you are with a good and trusted brand. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. A pump circulates water through a cooling pad, and a fan draws air through the wet pad to cool it before distribution. So you call an air exchange specialist who gives you a dollar estimate that you think could buy you a Palm Springs condo. A combination of aerodynamic elements combines to produce this remarkable effect: an inlet air accelerator to increase air velocity and projection, deep-pitched blades to take big bites of air, a propeller guide to improve efficiency, and a special airTensity grill to focus air in a tight beam that can travel up to 75 feet. In addition, it has a timer that can be set for up to two hours; that way the fan shuts off by the time the evening is cooling down. In addition to three speed settings, thewindow fan also allows you to choose from three modes--air intake, air exhaust, or air exchange--givingyou precise control over the climate of the room. It's very small, made of clear plastic that really looks great in the sunlight, it's easy to clean, and it seems to move at least as much air as the thing I was using before - but a whole lot more quietly - AND a whole heap better lookin'!How often does someone feel the need to critique a window fan, for goodness sakes?This fan, however, is definately worth the time to recommend.
Its 72-watt motor combines with a deep-pitch propeller and a cunning grille design to move air in a tight beam. Exclusive to Holmesfans, the Accutemp digital thermostat measures the air temperature of the room and automatically runs thefan to maintain the temperature you’ve programmed, switching itself on and off as needed.
Operable either manually or automatically--with its thermostat turning the fans off and on to maintain a selected temperature--the unit has three speeds, electronic controls, and an LCD screen showing the selected temperature and the room temperature.
Simpleone-touch operation toggles through thermostat-controlled settings for 60, 65,70, 75, and 80 degrees F, and for low (1,000 watts) and high (1,500 watts)output.
As the manufacturer points out, this fan isn't just for cooling: proper air circulation can save money on winter heating bills as well as summer cooling bills by beating air stratification. Althoughthere's only a few parts to assemble, putting it together took a lot of effort because of poor design. Anything with a motor will make some noise -- it is very quiet on low speed, and as you increase the speed to super it gets a little louder. Even a cursory look at our website reveals a variety of options to keep you cool when the weather warms up. In the meantime, take a look around and familiarize yourself with cooling fans from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. A filter traps dust and pollen before they enter your home, and the Air Sweep feature lets you rotate the grille to direct the flow of air.
The most powerful in Vornado’s Essential line, the 710W outperforms other high-output models by as much as 30%. Oh, and all that can be set and adjusted by remote control, without ever getting up from bed or from the comfy chair. The fan head is anchored on top and bottom like a globe, allowing it 180 degrees of rotation, and the fan grill can oscillate to push air into a wider area.
Air intake brings cool air in from outside, while airexhaust blows stale, warm air out of the room. I also like the fact that I can select the temperature that turns this fan on or off.I purchased two other Holmes fans that I like equally well as far as operation and installation is concerned, but the Ice Cool styling that allows natural light to filter into the room is a real plus. I am very happy I did and should have bought this ions ago.Variable speeds, good looking, and the best of all QUIET!

You can alsouse the Accutemp LCD screen to read the current room temperature anytime you want. Withthree height settings (16, 26, and 40 inches), you’re sure to keep cool no matter where you need a coolingblast. For moving air up or down a stairwell or circulating air from floor to ceiling, the head pivots from an angle slightly below horizontal to straight up. The air force is powerful and you can aim it to an exact spot due to the vortex airflow it creates.
The heater maintains the desired temperature by cycling on and off orruns continually when set on manual mode. Two simple dials control temperature and fan speed, and a front-mounted gauge helps you monitor water levels. This little powerhouse, on full blast, will exhaust 2181 cubic feet of air a minute, with enough force, that you don't have to worry about cold air intrusion. Yet all this air-circulating power comes in a sleek, compact package that’s small and stylish enough for home or office, yet tough enough for garage or shop. Air exchange does both simultaneously: one fan brings inoutside air as the other fan exhausts air from the room. It should definitely be used in conjunction with another cooling device if you are attempting to cool a large space.
In addition to threespeed settings, the window fan also allows you to choose from three modes--air intake, air exhaust, or airexchange--giving you precise control over the climate of the room.
A built-in 7-inch extender and two 3-inch extenders permit custom fitting for windows from 24 to 37 inches wide.
The fan head features a swirling grill design that is fully adjustable so you have complete control overthe tilt angle, and it can oscillate from any position.
With the adjustable dial models, you can actually have it on low which keeps air flow moving but it is absolutely silent! Secondly, when the fan is tilted at certain angles you can hear the blades slightly rubbing against the inside of the fan.
Best for hot, dry climates, the cooler covers up to 150 square feet and uses 4.5 to 10 gallons of water per hour.
A room full of cigars and a lively poker game may take two 9550s, but by morning the smoke is gone.
The fan has two high-performance, six-blade fansand can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, fitting double hung, slider, or casement windows from24 to 36 inches. I plan on buying 2 large ones in the spring for our thrift shop and get rid of the old noise makers who are all talk, and no action!
Air intake brings cool air in fromoutside, while air exhaust blows stale, warm air out of the room.
The fan’s wide base includes a weighted removableinsert for stability when using the taller height settings, although you should always use caution with anystanding fan around toddlers or enthusiastic tail-wagging dogs.
It's low speed is great for sleeping- in fact we rarely use the higher speeds, even during the day. Turn the fan around for half an hour and all traces of cigar aroma are vanished as the 9550 pulls in fresh air. Air exchange does both simultaneously:one fan brings in outside air as the other fan exhausts air from the room. In summary, we're very happy with this purchase, so happy that we just ordered a second for our son's room. Edited to add: These fans aren't designed to be cleaned!
We like them so much that we have since bought - and equally love - the Vornado humidifier. It fits in your window, so it does not take up floor or counter space, AND you don't need to worry about pets or children knocking it over. I tried professional model ozone generating air purifiers that cost hundreds of dollars and my cigar den remained odorous, but one 9550 did an incredible job.
The fan can be mounted eitherhorizontally or vertically, and fits double hung, slider, or casement windows from 24 to 36 inches. Overall, the unit is 13 inches high, arrives fully assembled, and carries a five-year warranty against defects.
That's really the only thing I don't like about them--> they are incredibly difficult to clean.
Portable on its large casters, the unit measures 40 by 24 by 10 inches and requires basic assembly. I bought two, thinking that one might not do the job, but the second one is now my emergency and poker night back-up. There is a more expensive model with a remote, but I didn't think the extra [money] was worth it.
The 115-volt Soleus Air FSH-40G table fan measures 18 by 18 by 53 inches, with a 16-inch fan head.
Always unplug fan before cleaning; use a soft cloth, dry or only slightly moistened, and towel or allow to air dry afterward. Soleus Air offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use conditions.

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