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If you like to be in control of your PC's cooling system, you need the six channel ZM-MFC1 from Zalman. But be aware that every fan has a start-up voltage, required for the fan to start spinning. Whether you want to control your fans with old-fashioned knobs or digital touch panels is totally a matter of personal preference. I felt that a mention to case modding should have been made, opening holes in the case, adding filters and cutting out grills.
It permits variable speed control of up to four fans plus 3-way toggle switches for up to two further fans. As a result, you have the option of employing the difference between them (yielding 7 V) to drive a fan using three different voltages.

The start-up voltage is slightly higher than the minimum voltage for the lowest possible fan speed. I always enjoyed turning an old but totally sturdy steel case into a proper ventilating case. I always found that slight negative pressure is good so that the case can breathe out of the gpu grill for the extra air it needs, if only to create a current between dissipated hot air from the gfx cards and the rest of the case air flow. The LEDs on each channel indicate fan operation and speed through change in colour and intensity. As mentioned, fans that don't support the four-pin PWM connector can be speed-controlled by means of their supply voltage.
The higher the wattage, the more voltage drops at the resistor, at which point attaining 7 V for the fan is hit and miss.

You can use tweezers to squeeze the barbs and then gently slide the pin out by tugging on its cable. A powerful fan can even cause the resistor to burn out, so be careful not to exceed a fan power of 1.5 W or so. Thus, you have to experiment in order to figure out if your fans really start up at the voltage you want to use. Do not cut cables and reconnect them with duct tape; that's not professional and might even cause a short inside your gaming rig.

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