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Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post and providing us with everything we needed to complete our backyard makeover. I shared some sneak peeks of our Home Depot Patio Style Challenge last week and today I'm revealing our new backyard here AND on Home Depot's blog!
In my sneak peeks post, I had mentioned that we'd be doing a little more for our Patio Style Challenge and today is the day I get to share a big secret I've been keeping from you! I still can't believe that they chose me for their ultimate Patio Style Challenge but I'm so grateful and can't thank The Home Depot enough!
I'm still shocked that everything is done because we've lived with dirt since the day we moved in almost 3 years ago (check out some before photos here). I tried to keep my cool and not have a fan girl moment in front of him but it was really, really hard, especially when he complemented our house! It was so awesome to hang out with him for a few days making mental notes of how he, a real interior designer, works. All of the videos (yes, plural) will be released soon and I can't wait to see them when they go live! For those of you that don't know, the regular version of The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge involves making over your patio area with a patio set from The Home Depot and a few DIY projects from your brain (or Pinterest). I wanted to make our covered back patio feel less like a patio and more like a private outdoor room.
One side of our patio was open to our side yard and even though I love open concept everything (have you seen our house?), I wanted to add a slatted screen that would give us some privacy and block the view of our neighbor's house while still letting light and air in.
I plan to hang a piece of art from the slatted screen soon, I just haven't found the right piece yet! I made a curtain rod out of pipe supplies so it would match the curtain rods we have all throughout our house and help make the space feel like it's an extension of the indoors.
I used a drop cloth for curtains because extra long curtains are super expensive haha I cut the drop cloth in half and clipped each piece up with curtain clip rings so I could take the pieces down and wash them as needed. I didn't want the curtains to sway in the wind all day so I made a simple tie back for them out of rope and twine!
I was worried that the ceiling fan was just going to move hot air around but it actually does a great job of cooling the space down and providing a breeze when Mother Nature doesn't! The string lights provide a romantic ambience at night and help illuminate our yard a little so we can see what our dogs are doing.
After all of the DIY projects were done, I started styling our space – my favorite part! I also added a sectional to our space – something that's been on my wish list for a while!
I placed a trio of snake plants behind the sectional to add some height and greenery to the space. I tucked the lounge area into the corner of our yard so we could add an L bench against our house and our fence wall to get the most seating out of the space. We lined the bench with a ton of throw pillows since our house and fence wall isn't very comfortable to lean against. Underneath the bench is a 6 x 6 grid of 24" x 24" pavers (two rows of the grid are underneath the L bench) that my contractors laid out for me. I wanted to add some extra contrast to the space so we added a border of Mexican beach pebbles around the whole paver grid. The border is held in place with landscape edging to keep the lines nice and crisp and to keep the Mexican beach pebbles from scattering around our yard when our dogs are running around. It runs on propane so our contractor buried the line to the propane tank in the marble chip grout line. After I saw how they cut the top for the tank, I started wishing that I had included storage in our bench's design!
We surrounded the fire pit with a set of chairs that are so comfortable I may or may not have almost fallen asleep in them!

I wanted our deck to be proportionate to our yard and to provide space for dining and dancing! The addition of the deck steps is something I hadn't thought of (I thought we'd just step up to the deck from the ground) but I love how they turned out and how much easier and safer it is to access the deck. I really wanted to add a pergola above our deck to give our backyard some much needed height but we weren't allowed to due to our HOA's rules. The fabric on the umbrella is the same fabric we chose for the cushions on our sectional and chair. Like everything else in our space, we wanted our dining area to feel like it was an extension of the indoors. I was sick of staring at all of the dirt in our yard and I really wanted to replace it with anything that wasn't brown. I know I mentioned worrying about the pea gravel getting stuck in our dogs paws but there's not much for them to do in the side yard so they don't really bother with it. I really wanted to add a paver walkway to our side yard so it would tie in with our fire pit lounge area but I was told by our landscapers that it wasn't a good idea.
We trenched out the area to give the rain some place to go and then we made a wavy pathway out of Mexican beach pebbles. Although this wasn't my original plan, I like the way it turned out and am really hoping it will prevent our yard from flooding like it used to!
Our side yard flows into our front courtyard so we ran the dry river bed through the space and landscaped around it.
I wanted to add a variety of plants so I mixed succulents in with some daisies and kangaroo paws. We don't spend a lot of time sitting out on our front patio (it's not very private) but we still wanted it to be inviting for our guests and for the UPS guy when he drops off our packages. In keeping with our theme of bringing the indoors outdoors, we hung a vertical succulent garden from our light fixture to resemble a piece of art.
A few of the succulents have fallen out but everything is still alive so I consider that a success!
Lithonia Lighting Crenelle 1-Lamp Flush Mount Ceiling White Fluorescent Fixture 10512 M4 Internet # 202570519 Shop for Lighting & Fans at The Home Depot.
Lithonia Lighting 2-Light High Output Multi-Volt T5 Fluorescent Wraparound LB 2 54T5HO MVOLT MVPS Internet # 203124228 Shop for Lighting & Fans at The Home Depot. Not only did they trust me to design every component of our yard, they also let me pick out everything that went in it as well! I got to meet Brian Patrick Flynn, the owner of Flynnside Out and a design idol of mine, when he and his photographer, Sarah Dorio, flew out to photograph our space! A cabana-like area kept coming to mind but unfortunately, we don't have a pool or live near a body of water so this is my version of a desert cabana! I love how the varying tones of brown in the sectional complement the dark wood tone of our slatted screen and the medium wood tone of our patio's beams.
I also added a chair to the corner of our patio and a coffee table to the center to round out the living room look. They got the entire paver grid done in a day – something that would have easily taken me and my fiance a month!
I love the contemporary look of it and how the circular shape helps break up the boxiness of the bench and paver patio. I love how the square pattern on the back and sides of the chairs mimics the grid pattern of the pavers.
Our rockstar contractors (I seriously can't praise them enough!) did such an amazing job building it and I'm so happy they did because I wouldn't even know how to begin!
I measured out the space in our dirt and decided on the final dimensions of 10' wide by 18' long.
We hung a trio of succulent planters on our fence wall to act like art and to give us something beautiful to look at when we're dining al fresco!

I was worried that ground cover, like pea gravel, was going to get stuck in our dogs paws and be uncomfortable under their feet. Well, unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to grow grass in the desert and even if you're successful at keeping it alive, your water bill is probably sky high! They have walked on the pea gravel and nothing got stuck in their paws but we could tell they were uncomfortable so we try and keep them away from it as much as possible. Sand would need to be added to the ground in order to make the area level for the pavers to be put down.
We filled the sides of the pathway in with pea gravel and lined the space with solar lights. We've spent more time outside in the past month than we have in the past 3 years we've lived in our home! If The Home Depot hadn't partnered with me, our backyard would still be the worst looking one in the neighborhood. As part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. Day before the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards during the first half at Verizon Center. Compare ratings and study reviews on Clothing shops to find best deals plus discount offers At: . Compare rankings and read reviews on Clothing stores to find best deals and discount provides At: . Flush-Mount Ceiling White LED Wraparound Light LBL 4 Internet # 203839057 Shop for Lighting & Fans at The Home Depot.
LED Volumetric Wraparound Surface Mount Ceiling Light STL4 48L D50 LP835 NX Internet # 203449642 Shop for Lighting & Fans at The Home Depot.
I gave our contractors a rough mock up of the deck and they made it come to life almost overnight! Each piece felt heavy and well made and the springy mesh seats we something I could see ourselves sitting in. I wanted to find something that would stay as cool as possible and would be comfortable underfoot and AstroTurf was the perfect solution! After several heavy rainstorms, the sand would start to be washed away which would make the pavers move and come unlevel.
The Flush-Mount Ceiling White LED Wraparound Light from Lithonia Lighting provides bright, uniform general purpose illumination. I didn't want to have to be constantly fixing the pathway so we nixed our plans and added the dry river bed instead! My post complies with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Whether you are looking for , Can help you save money along with online discounts and vouchers on affordable selections - find a that is best for you. Whether you are looking for , Can help you save money with online discount rates and coupons on inexpensive selections - find a that is right for you. It is cheaper to operate than incandescent and fluorescent lights, and with a 50,000 hour average LED life, you won t have to worry about changing bulbs. For the second consecutive week, there is a bit of controversy at the top, but with the level of performance showcased by the guy at the top of the list, it would tough to choose anyone else.

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