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Please consult the fanimation website (green "Link" below) for specs, as they vary depending on the different options.
Also note the more conventional examples but all with beautiful shaped fan blades - but what are they made of? The Palisade by Fanimation has brought the look and feel of the tropics to interior design for over two decades.

Like many of Fanimation's classics The Palisade has remained a top selling ceiling fan because of its innovative style and superior quality. If you ceiling is higher, you'll need to purchase an additional downrod, which will be offered upon adding this fan to your cart.
What makes the Palisade so unique is that it operates dual fans on a vertical rather than a horizontal rotation and creates a stunning visual aesthetic unlike any other ceiling fan.

The Palisade offers a wide selection of bamboo and palm leaf blades to enhance the exotic look of this fan and a selection of cairo purple and sambel sand finish blades for those who want a more traditional look.

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