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Perfect world for perfect RGP game.YOu can play this role playing game without any payment, its all free.
You found yourself in a 2D world as a stickman, now you must get a job, get educated and work your way up. The game boasts all the parts to a quality RPG, but while Lost Trails allows for deep customization, the game-play feels flat. What should be present, in a good RPG, is a strategy element to the customization, rewarded by a tactical application of that strategy in battle.
You are looking for  Maestones which will gives super abilities to you.There is also evil creatures around maestia. Now its your turn to fast punches and high kicks.Choose one of super heroes of marvel and fight for your life. Begin your quest after selecting your character?s class from the five options.Be a warrior or wizard, archer or cleric. However, these games are usually text-based and devoid of the classic RPG elements found in console games.
The main activity in Lost Trails is to travel the world, enter various dungeons and defeat whatever boss lurks in the highest tower. Your have no control within the battle, but if you win, you will receive experience, gold, and the occasional item. That kind or friend interaction within game would be fun and meaningful, and perhaps even reflect a MMOG-style play. Some games get away without doing this, a recent example being Final Fantasy XIII, in which players can opt to have minimal, more or less automated, battles in favor of watching the story unfold. Monster Madness Online runs cross platform so all players share the same game universe no matter what system or device they choose. Read More Share this story with your friends Monster Madness Online comments: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

This legandary rpg game will bring you new worlds.Maestia is free to start, but premium membership gives unlimited access to servers and special items. Tetris Online Games is attempting to fill that void with a Facebook app entitled Lost Trails. Set in a fantasy world, you are able to customize an avatar and tailor it to one of many classic fantasy RPG roles such as the fighter, ranger, wizard, and priest.
When you try to reach the boss of a dungeon, you move up a tier in that dungeon with each battle you win. As with other RPGs, these items boost stats such as damage or defense, and specific items can only be used by specific classes, but in Lost Trails you can only wear four pieces of equipment at a time. Friends do not have to play to be part of your party — the game can choose a class for them at random. As it stands, the only social mechanic with a reward is “visiting” a friend and earning some extra Action Points.
Similar to talent trees in games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo (though significantly watered down), you can allot points to earn special abilities and bonuses to their characters. Unfortunately, in Lost Trails, the attacks are bland, the pacing is slow and though you can skip straight to the results, it just isn’t gratifying. Lost Trails doesn’t offer either meaningful customization or beautiful visuals, so players are essentially playing just to add more numbers in a UI system. It’s distributed by Steam too so users can add it to their libraries and enjoy Steam supported features like trading, workshop and user generated content.Suburbia City is where Monster Madness Online action takes place. This role playing game will take your hours to go higher level, warrior or wizard you must fight for keep alive.
Unfortunately, if your friends do play Lost Trails, your game doesn’t reflect the character your friend has created in his or her game. Furthermore, you can also change the battle formations of your party, placing weaker defense characters, such as casters, in the back.

You eventually feel like you fight enemies merely to put more points into a mundane interface.
It all started with an unexpected Martian invasion, the aliens used Monster Tokens to abduct any adult over the age of 18. This is just the beginning, the final goal is to exterminate all human population and take control over planet Earth. Aliens didn’t consider the teenagers and that’s the moment when the plan became flawed, they thought that kids would be scared and easy to subdue once the adults are gone but this was a big mistake. Monster Madness Online heroes are 4 high school kids, an unusual team as Zack Fowler is the group’s nerd, Andy Gomez is the skater boy, Jennifer Sweeny is part of Go Wildcats Cheerleading Club and Carrie Rosenberg is a Goth. With the help of Garry Tools, they fight the invaders, breach their defenses and assault even the alien ships. Monster Madness Online is one of the free browser games that allow characters to equip gear, craft weapons, use consumable items to boost combat abilities and fight more than 70 types of alien monsters (including stronger mobs known as bosses), complete missions and explore Suburbia City. Survival mode requires players to go out on Suburbia City streets and resist as long as they can against the alien monsters. Monster Madness Online is a free MMO with 4 PvP scenarios: capture the flag, team deathmatch, king of the hill and monsters hunter. Monster Madness Online has action based combat with shooter mechanics, fun gameplay and really nice graphics.

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