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Set in post-apocalyptic Siberia, this sci-fi MMORPG has one of the most in-depth crafting systems available in the genre. Choose between a warrior, archer or wizard, complete quests and battle a variety of creatures leading to powerful bosses. Players start a colony, covering their station with buildings, making spaceships, and forming alliances as well as conquering other players to gather the relics that are required to win the round.
Based on the Build-A-Bearville Workshop, this game is aimed at years six to fourteen: chat safely with the safe chat system, play games, go on quests, explore and earn Bear Bills?. Waddle around as a penguin, meet friends, buy clothes and furniture for your igloo, and play games. Renowned for its friendly community of gamers: a cutesy 2d MMO that allows you to capture pets, train them, and have them level with you as you take part in massive battles. With all kinds of imaginative places to explore, fun secrets and stories to discover, and puzzles, arcade games, and more to play, Dizzywood is an exciting virtual world for kids. A side-scrolling browser-based virtual world for tweens using the safest chat features available.
Like Farmville on Steroids, with better graphics and more community features than other games like it. While taking a break from gardening in your little section of the galaxy (in your customizable home called a Pod) trade items with other players, play mini games against them and explore the cartoon-ish game worlds. Console-quality action MMO you can start playing through your web browser within two minutes of first visiting the site.
Take the rover moon buggy for a spin on the surface of the moon in this multiplayer 3D Avatar Chat World.
Despite P101’s focus on an audience of children (10+ rating), players of all ages can find something of value here.
A virtual world for kids where you can hang out with friends, ride skateboards, customize your house, meet aliens in outer space, and a lot more. An engaging and entertaining virtual world for kids using different themes for each island you may venture to.
Set in post-apocalyptic times, 2029 Online is a skill-based epic sci-fi MMORPG rich in landscapes and player experiences. An English-language online social community where users create and dress cartoon-y kawaii-style avatars, play games and interact with others in colorful chat environments. Cartoon style RPG where you work for the Archangel Michael, going on missions to help defend a city in the Garden of Eden.
Taking place in a medieval, fantasy universe this MMORPG is one of the few browser-based games that allow you to control animated units in real time. Adventurers: Step into a fantasy realm made up of varied shard worlds floating in the magic Deadspell Storm. Take on the role of a commander in charge of a military occupation, working to survive and establish yourself as a powerful force.
Specialized for the individual adventurer, and featuring spacious lands and dungeons and a diversity of landscapes. 3D browser-based dungeon building and raiding game developed using the Unity game engine (with a very neat dungeon design interface I might add). In this unusual role playing game, your character increases in level using supernatural powers and fantastic skills in fantasy tennis battles. 2-d RPG in a simplistic game world where any block of land can be purchased and changed by players. This time Ancient Persia proposes its mysteries for you, be ready for thrilling and absorbing adventure. Various levels, a lot of bonuses, excellent graphics and melodious music catch you into this game for a long.

The purpose of this new flash arcade seems easy - to clear the board from the colorful balls. Children choose their avatar from 8 different animals and begin their adventures in the world of Jamaa. Train and play with your Soulmate found in the Soulmate forum for special bonuses, abilities and more.
Players will enjoy the easy-going tutorial that does a great job of introducing the basics; the interface looks & feels good, plus the music is nice. You can chat with people from around the world, do a little smash up derby and dance with your friends in this new 3D persistent world. The game’s world is quite unique, combining the elements of social games and those of RPGs. Users take up residence and explore, travel, chat and go on quests, interacting with game characters and other users. It’s developed by R2Games and has many of the same features games as the myriads of similar games do.
Players choose from four classes and let the game take them to level 50 when things slow down and it becomes a grindfest. The slowly-paced gameplay consists mostly of wandering, fighting monsters and, the icing of the cake, participating in airship battles.
Kids can explore virtual lands, play games with friends, undertake quests, raise a pet, keep a home, and much more. Aloriah is a browser-based strategy game that brings some innovative new ideas to the genre. Solve puzzles, jump through obstacles, fight enemies, and collect secret treasures in thousands of user-created levels. Featuring quests, guilds and a PvP arena, Aurora Blade also has an incredible collection of weapons and items and a variety of skills and professions.
It is your choice to download the program or use the browser-based interface but I recommend playing through facebook due to the great job they did with integration.
Its graphics resemble old school goodies like Street Fighter, and DFO does involve intense combat like the former. Build houses, shops, fences, decorations, plant seeds, battle monsters, tame animals and start up a farm. Collect three or more figures of the same color into horizontal or vertical line and they will disappear.
Select your favorite driver and Select your game mode of difficulty and Select your controls to gear up for the race. The game is centered on exploring the vast game world, playing the game’s numerous mini-games and buying newer, kitschier merchandise for their animal avatar. Players are able to grow plants, take care of their gardens, gather herbs, construct buildings around their estate, and even tame pet dragons (what would a mage be without a dragon?!).
MKO is a cookie-cutter adventure through and through, but to its credit it can at least be made bearable by the community. The fights are turn-based, but ship shootouts happen in real time, offering intense thrills but encouraging faster decision-making, not necessarily more thinking. This vibrant game offers many perks, but the cash shop gives a real edge to paying players, and keep in mind that P101 is free only during the opening chapters.
Compete against other players for fun in the Battle Mode, attempt challenging raids in Adventure Mode or uncover the epic story in Scenario Mode. Brawl Busters features cartoony, vividly colored graphics and four game modes, including classic team deathmatch, free for all, and zombie survival. Features a unique combat system where you must keep your cursor on your target in order to attack.

You’ll especially like setting up campfires where you and fellow players can engage in lively conversations under the night sky. Players earn achievements for their friends to see as they progress through the game, and interact with people from both their own and other villages. It’s fun up to the point where one realizes exactly why games like these have auto-play.
Not only can you choose from four races and thoroughly customize your character’s appearance -- there are also 12 classes which unlock at level 10, plus a sub-class later on. Players can choose from four job advancements when they hit level 18, and players can also become class-champions at level 48. Excellent graphics, melodious music, different bonuses are main features of this bright matching game.
The game’s graphics are nice and cartoony, but there can be performance issues in the city.
The world is beautiful and vast; however, questing is boring, especially alone, so being a social player helps.
However, there are quite many paid features in this game: pets, character resets, and creating new characters costs Nexon gold. The graphics appear mediocre at best, but the game is entertaining for young ones who are familiar with the popular series. What the game world lacks in story it makes up in social features and exploring -- the game world is quite sizable for a Flash game, and sports group combat for enhanced fun. DFO has plenty of quests so there isn’t too much grinding, and there are numerous PvP instances in this game.
While playing the bonuses become available, they help you to win in this interesting matching puzzle game. A Mystical Land is admittedly directed towards casual gamers, but the game world is engrossing and vivid enough to offer something for the more serious players, too.
Servers are plentiful and always populated, making it convenient to escape for a 20 minute session of Brawl Busters during a break.
There are lots of player versus environment quests and plenty of player-versus-player combat if you are interested in turning it on.
IN this Car Racing Game you can try it yourself and see if you can handle all the responsibilities that come with being a driver. The game is fun, works on older computers, and, altogether, the only complaint is the store bonuses which do favor players who pay up — but not too much. Fiesta, although by no means a gem in some aspects, has its social features well worked out. When you reach level ten you choose from one of four classes: Warrior, Archer, Magician, or Rogue. You’ll particularly enjoy the awesome, GM-supervised game events and the friendly community.
Each of the zones have different, pleasing fantasy-themed environments for your cartoon-shaded character.
In this Car Racing Game you can raise your driving speed and be the first to cross the finish line. If you like casual games which provide a fresh experience each time you log on, look no further. In this Car Racing Game you can Shoot other cars while running away from the police and getting to the finish line.

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