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NCIS (Series) - TV Tropes - NCIS is an American primetime television series created by Donald P. Kayla Shay - Fanart, Fanfiction & More - NCIS 07x12 Flesh and Blood - A Review with Pictures! Kayla Shay - Fanart, Fanfiction & MoreNCIS 07x12 Flesh and Blood - A Review with Pictures! 22), because much of it consists of a flashback to DiNozzo's days as a Baltimore street cop..
Turned out the manufacturer had tweeted about it the other day and one of the folks there had the info. I squee-ed when I clicked your link and saw the logo I had been trying to decipher from the cap matched!I have plans for those knives!
Quinn Medicine Woman!We have a prince with a haughty attitude, an annoyed pilot (Joe Lando!) and an assistant who really doesn't like his master boss.
One of those three will die and of the two that didn't die, one of them will be the 'bad guy'.Caption 03Ooo, explodey car!
He's still holding on to that 'young at heart' thing perhaps afraid to grow up or afraid to accept that he has grown up.
However, if he has some buddies planning it to, perhaps there are more Peter Pans out there. And poor Tony always gets his business dealings interrupted that way.Ziva asks Tony for details and Tony shoots her down.
And Tony is just standing there with his arms crossed looking all supportive slightly behind and to the left of Gibbs. And a very shock, confused, worried and 'oh shit' expression on his face.We learn that Senior still has his name on one of Tony's accounts as a trustee. One change the routine and Tony is thrown off his game more than he already is.So Tony starts questioning, trying to draw his father out.

Senior changed the topic to Ziva and doesn't get very far.Then McGee is telling Tony it is time to go and we find out Senior knows who the haughty prince is. Notice that we don't get to learn where Tony's father is staying when Tony first asked?And then how quickly Tony caved in talking to his father.
He let little details fall right out to his dad.Caption 10, 11 & 12Tony laughing says he can't talk about it. He'd been well trained to give in to stern alpha looks.Caption 13They look so good together as father and son.
Haughty prince wants to have his way but Tony is having no part of it.Caption 14Haughty Prince chose Ziva. Tony has his gun drawn as he works through the cubicles.Caption 17Tony of the drawn gun.Federal Agents! Hands in the air!Caption 18 & 19Shock from both father and son.Junior, what's the matter with you?
Senior is doing what Tony often does with the mirror in the interrogation room; making sure he is completely on his game.
Maybe Tony's untimely death or almost near death like back when he had the plague?And Senior ignored an order from Gibbs to sit.
And now I'm wondering what FBI Agent Ron Sacks would do if he had Senior in an interrogation room. Hee!Senior goes off on a tangent to rival Tony about Daniel, the concierge who can get you anything you want.
Gibbs looked like he was thinking that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the way of deflection tactics.Rooftop Grill. And he stays.Caption 26Tony's turn to use the mirror.Can you see the reflection of Gibbs in that cap?
What would cocktail hour be without a single malt Scotch at a lecture from Senior?Senior: And now your going to lecture me.

Someone (was it Xanthe) mentioned how Tony might have acted out when he was a kid at those boarding school and such to get some kind of attention from his father. Naughty, naughty.To make matters worse, they step outside to see Senior with haughty prince's dad. Not only is your dad around disrupting your carefully placed shields, but now Gibbs is going all gruff and threatening you if you don't pull yourself together and get your head on straight. And then we get a 'No.' This time, he only paused a moment like he was gathering his nerves and he answered truthfully. This moment was so made of win and was something I've wanted to see on screen for a long time. What's Abby doing dad's arm?Caption 54Tony should be concerned.Gibbs orders Tony away from the computer.
But when he figured out that Prince Omar was coming to town, I think he, uh, saw the chance for one last score.
He blinks several times and seems unsettled, unsure and on the verge of emotional distress.Caption 65Steak!!!!!!It took me a bit to clue in on the importance of steak. It was everything I had always wanted to see on screen when it came to some Tony back story. Him talking about his lost chance with Kelly to Tony's dad was just heartbreaking but good.Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon and Robert Wagner played this episode to perfection. And now I'm left with tons of bunnies running rampant.It was AWESOME!Now I want to rewatch it all over again!ETA: Now with icons!

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