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So, you’ve set up a shiny new Facebook Page for your business or brand… now what?
After you add your main content go down and setup any of the modules (applications) you would like added to your page. After you have setup your content, uploaded photos and added all the desired modules you would like on your page, click the the next step button to be taken to the template selection screen.
On the template selection screen you will be presented with multiple template styles and colors to choose from. After you choose your desired template, you will be shown a preview of your page like seen below. If you chose a paid plan you will be taken to a secure payment form to submit your payment information. Optionally, you may also choose to share your FaceItPage on social networks, go back and make changes, or view the web page version of your design.
Simply click on the module name which will open a screen to the right that allows you to setup that module. After you make payment or if you chose a free plan, you will be taken to a confirmation page. This option will allow you to create a mini website that you can add applications, photos and content to and install on your existing Facebook page. Your main content block can be information about yourself, your products, services or company. You can add as many modules as you would like such as a fan gate, photo gallery, promo, email form, branded contact block, map, listings and over 20 other Facebook page applications. You are able to set the font style, size and color by using the tools in the top bar of the main content block and you can even add your own html by clicking the source button from the main content top bar. The more modules you add, the better, because they will enhance your page and really make it stand out. Facebook offers its own store options that are widely dubbed “f-commerce,” which retailers use by uploading catalogs to the platform and creating Facebook buying apps or shopping carts.

This is the most direct method of making money from your Facebook fan page, but as of 2012, the uptake on f-commerce remained low, partly because the apps were particularly slow compared with buying online on the retailer’s own website. Companies with an online store or e-commerce presence can also use the social networking platform to drive qualified consumer traffic to their websites. The best opportunity for generating revenue is to have one of your fan page posts go viral, which means users share it exponentially with their Facebook friends. Post links to content such as video clips, photographs or controversial issues; publish details of a contest your fans can enter to win a prize, or invite followers to take part in an online discussion about a topic of mutual interest. Target followers with a call to action that takes them to your website’s landing page or online store to buy an item advertised on your fan page. If you have a successful fan page with a large number of followers, you can monetize it by allowing companies offering related products and services to post on your page. You can charge each company an advertising fee, or claim a percentage of the sales if you can find a way to monitor that. Facebook does not have an infrastructure to support this type of venture, so you will have to manage it in its entirety. Anyone who clicks on your links generates income for you, although it doesn’t come directly from Facebook but from the affiliate site. Alternatively, you can create a YouTube account, upload video clips and add Google AdSense to the page, then promote the link to the video page on your Facebook fan page.
Once again, this is not making money directly from Facebook because it goes through your AdSense account. If you are familiar with Facebook and have a personal account, managing your fan page will be fairly easy. Facebook has automated internal systems that may shut down your account if it thinks you are engaging in sketchy behavior and having more than one admin makes you look more legit.
If your personal account were to go down for some reason, you can still access your fan page through your co-admin’s account.
But make sure you give this access to someone you really trust because they WILL be able to post and publish and delete things from your page (they will NOT be able to remove you as admin however).

To make another user an admin, first have them fan the page (they can unfan it later if they want to while still maintaining admin privileges).
Naming Your Page URLWhen you set up your page initially you had to choose a name – hopefully you chose well because you can’t change it! This is bulky to share and not intuitive for people looking for you (though you will still show up in searches).
You will either be able to set your url (be careful, you CANNOT change it!) or you will receive a notice “________is not eligible for a username at this time. Create and Post EventsDo you have a big sale day or event coming up that you want people to attend? Creating an Event on Facebook gives you a great way to advertise it and let your fans rsvp, comment, and share it with their friends! Spam and HatersFacebook has controls in place to allow you complete control over anything posted to your site.
This tab allows you to change the default landing page as well as giving you control over what Fans can or cannot do. On the Captico Page our fans can post to our wall, post photos, post videos, and share links. These things all appear to come from the individual fan and can be moderated by us at any time.6. Click the “Photos” tab in your top navigation to create photo albums and upload pictures of your products, offices, staff, events- anything at all!
The “Reviews” tab is a place for your fans to post reviews about your company, its products, and services!

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