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I know this fan oscillates side to side if you set it to do so, but can you also manually "tilt" it up and down at all in order to change the height of the air plume? I bought 2 of these and waited several days to arrive as they were shipped via third party item not sold by HD but an affiliate so don't be in a hurry. It gives a good strong breeze to a room that can get pretty warm at times due to location on 2 outside walls.
I got this fan as a replacement for the same kind of fan that had finally bit the dust after several years. This fan is quiet, simple to use, and can easily be placed on a desk, countertop, or floor.
I have the same fan at work and I liked the space saving design but most of all liked the fact that it was very quiet.
I'm a huge fan of the Lasko heater product line having owned two heaters previous to this purchase.
The Lasko 1500-Watt Portable Electric Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control features 2 heat settings. When I was searching for a green color heater, this is one of the heaters that came out on my screen.
I purchased one of these fans for the master bathroom, and then purchased this one for another bathroom. Electrically Reversible Window Fan 2155ADESCRIPTION: Shop for Heating, Venting & Cooling at The Home Depot. SPEED: Speed is controlled by either the PULL CORDor the ROTARY KNOB located on the FAN BODY. Oscillating Wall-Mount Fan 0 answers Would this fan be easy to attach to a New York City apartment dwelling where the walls are made of plaster not drywall? As a bonus when the door to the closet is open, it sends a nice breeze across the master bath all the way to the bedroom.

Ceramic Tower Portable Heater - Gray 0 answers How do I get an instruction booklet for Kali model 5568?
I've never been disappointed in the products-this heater is ready to plug in from the box, is extremely quiet, and gives good heat for the space i have.
You can use it in large rooms, but it does take like a half of day for it to make the large room nice and toasty. The heater has an adjustable, programmable thermostat that helps maintain an ideal comfort level. 1,500-Watt Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control 4 answers What is the actual color of this heater? 1,500-Watt Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control 3 answers Does this heater have a safety shut off if it gets knocked over? This little fan is loud (i have a 42" Lasko and this little fan is way louder than my big one). A wall-mount design keeps the fan conveniently out of the way, while the fan's 3-way pull cord makes high-up installations practical. My bad, but is fine since I just use it to move air and not blow the side of the house out!! I also don't like the push button speed switch that toggles it between each of the 3 speeds. I especially like that Lasko has a 3 year warranty on this-(my two previous heaters are at least 5 years old and are still working fine). The blue light on the top can be bothersome if you like a dark room where the heater will be located. It is not color green at all!Why was the picture depicts green color but the description says silver? The streamlined design of the fan is tall and slender to create an elegant, stylish look, and with a 4 in.

Its pivoting top module enables air movement in two stationary directions and its oscillation feature provides even greater coverage to keep you refreshed.
If it is plugged into an outlet with a switch, every time you turn off the switch you have go back and turn the fan back on and reset the speed. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.
It displays the temperature and you can control the heat more quickly as the tower feature brings the heat to a level of the chair or couch and the remote control is a fantastic feature.
The Storm Guard feature makes it possible to close the window behind the fan during inclement weather and for security when you're away. A 3-speed whisper-quiet operation gives you precise airflow levels without excessive noise disrupting your daily life. I guess 1 working unit out of 2 is the new online expectation these days, and with the turn around on shipping and trying to get it replaced I decided it was easier to just live with the bad unit.
No batteries come with the remote, but I think that's a pretty standard policy on most things now. The fan's quiet operation is perfect for use in the office, and its oscillation is sure to help keep air circulating.
Its unique look will make your co-workers envious and its amazing performance will keep you cool.
I am keeping it because I do like the size and color and how it can oscillate but it sounds better on the 2nd speed and I would really prefer the highest speed. Home Depot was excellent with the one I returned and the selection and delivery of the product went great but this will be the last Lasko fan I buy.

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