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Lowe’s in-house ceiling fan brand, Harbor Breeze is well acclaimed for its unparalleled customer service and its retention policy. Being products, that are more than often severely used up, the parts are tend to wear on with time and usage. The remote control is one of the most vulnerable objects when it comes to getting lost, broken, misplaced or getting repaired.
Pull chains add to the comfort as well the regale and posh look of the ceiling fans and the complementing decor of the space. Probably the most contemporary types of Lowe’s fans tend to be Belhaven, the actual Tempo, and also the Bedford. What Customers Are Looking For:harbor breeze ceiling fansharbor breeze ceiling fan partsharbor breeze remoteharbor breeze parts replacementharbor breeze troubleshootingharbor breeze ceiling fan remote control replacementharbor breeze ceiling fan globestroubleshooting harbor breeze ceiling fansharbor breeze outdoor ceiling fanharbor breeze ceiling fans replacement globePosts related to Trouble? This entry was posted in Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, harbor breeze light kit, harbor breeze remote control and tagged harbor breeze light kit parts, harbor breeze remote replacement, harbor breeze replacement parts, harbor breeze troubleshooting on July 25, 2012 by martin. I waited weeks for my local fan retailer to try to get 42″ blades and matching irons. I was able to get just the part I needed by calling the customer service number on the top of this page. I installed a replacement Harbor Breeze remote in my Harbor breeze ceiling fan, it works just fine except the battery in the remote goes dead in approx 4 weeks. You can try looking at the top of the fan motor for a model number or open the housing where the connections are there maybe a model number there as well. I need the light cover for the ceiling fan with the mulit colored blades for a child’s room. I need to replace the glass piece that covers the light bulbs on a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that’s all white, has five blades, and was bought at home depot.
Fan will only work on low speed.The module that distributes the voltage to the motor is disformed. I need the piece inside the light kit assmebly that holds the pull chain for the fan, the light pull chain is fine. You can get replacement blade brackets, and other common replacement parts, at any Lowes store.
All my other fans are Hunter brand and all are 20-25 years old and have never had any problems. Furniture, Shop Hunter 44 In Dreamland White Kids Ceiling Fan With Light With Ceiling Fans With Lights And Remote Control And Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights: Great Inspiration for your Children Ceiling FansThe astonishing of Shop Hunter 44 In Dreamland White Kids Ceiling Fan With Light With Ceiling Fans With Lights And Remote Control And Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights picture above, is a part of Great Inspiration for your Children Ceiling Fans writing, which is grouped within Furniture. These kids ceiling fans with lihgts are not only provided in beautiful and excellent designs, but it also can create the fresh and cool sensation in your kid’s room. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control.
However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. Being the best in business can only come, when the customer base is happy and expanding, and these guys sure know, how to get some work done. The downrod can also be replaced, the parts come up in 72’’, 48’’, 36’’, 24’’, 18’’ and 12’’, and in brushed nickel, polished pewter, white, brushed nickel, bronze and new bronze finishes. Knightsbridge and also the Soleil also provide probably the most contemporary systems associated with Harbor Breeze. I have to call MSG but they have a recording today that they are closed till monday due to severe weather. From the start I too have had problems with the remote and after a power outage for the first time after my 7 month old fan was put up the unit was fried! 16, 2016Satisfaction RatingFrom doing research, I knew the switch was broken and I needed to fix it or replace it.
You would be needed to provide for the authenticity of the purchase, in case of warranted replacement, or a suitable payment method, as in new parts for your products. You, the customer can either choose to replace as the same categorically ranged light bulbs or opt for a different design or wattage to suit yourself. Harbor Breeze 3′ Beaded Chrome Pull Chain, of 36 inches, coming as a beaded chain with chrome finish. Harbor Breeze provides replacements for  52″ Outdoor White Ceiling Fan Blade as well as the 52’’ Indoor fan blades.
Harbor breeze fans are also proposed an ideal choice for people those who wish to “green” their own homes’ power advantages since the fans possess Power celebrity qualifications. First I go to the manufacturer’s web site, then it tells me they have the parts in a damn store.
Called company, as I bought this knowing the last 2 fans I have put up worked ok from other companies. I called Hunter, gave them the model number and was told they no longer stock parts for that model. The Harbor Breeze Touch Screen Ceiling Fan Remote with 40′ Range, is one of the sought after product parts, as speaking in terms of remote controls. The lighting dome is also of considerable importance, the dome can either be broken or found unsuited to the decor of the living space, that deems it to be replaceable. There also are available in the shelves, Brass and Gunmetal finish pull chains, that are for the major part decorative and does an excellent job in its likes. They come in oak and white finish, and with the Harbor Breeze promise for quality, unmatched. I too have been through the ringer before with Lowes and decided to just go with a competitor and buy another name brand unit to replace this one.
Let’s get the one of these amazing children ceiling fans!We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the result of this ceiling fan. Furthermore the switch was located within the motor and could not be fixed period, that no universal switch would work, and my only option was to buy a new fan. It is equipped with a full range light dimmer, and operates at up to a distance of 40 feet but has a down side that it will not work on hugger style ceiling fans. The Harbor Breeze Opal Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Shade is a top rated part, as in speaking with light domes and the like. 2 pack pull chains are a evergreen craze, so are the white and brass porcelain pull chain type. The fan arms are also replaceable and come in oak and white finishes, summing up antiquity in them when desired by the customer as in.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans possess great power, and effectiveness and regulates the airflow better than the most, thanks to their top quality engines.
Why wouldn’t harbor breeze offer their own replacement parts on their own websites to eliminate the headaches on the customer end. No one has the time or money to have to keep dealing with poor grade products and poor customer service.
They gave me their "friends and family discount" and said I would need to order from their site. So it would only be a fair recommendation to take expert advice, before you pick on one of the latest gizmos to suit your old appliances. I did more research after seeing Hunter fans were very poor quality compared to mine purchased 20 years ago.
The end shape of the pull chains muster attention, that they come in antiquated anchor shaped, or the modern twisted dolphin shapes, baseball, football, soccer shaped pull chains as well. A few trustworthy medical as well as technologies security government bodies also have licensed these types of fans because of its security issues, the facts ascertaining the notion are well propounded. My question is how can I prove to him it did and How can I get the part or a new light kit it should still be under warranty. Turns out fixing the fan was a 10 minute job after locating the right universal switch from a local fan store.
Which means that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be found from online retailers and many of these price about $50. 18, 2016Satisfaction RatingSeems Hunter's engineers have miscalculated the maximum, possible reset current draw through their current limiter. Harbor Breeze fans are available along with a number of add-ons that may effortlessly enhance or even incorporate in to the operating from the fans. Seems "status quo" (as in the number of lost customers has not exceeded our costs to redesign) still reigns at Hunter.Helpful?YesNojay of Virginia Beach, VA on Jan. 17, 2016Satisfaction RatingI've owned Hunter Fan models 21068 and 25744 with remote control models 27185 and 27157 for well over a decade. Initially from visual inspection it appeared that the bulbs got very hot, the globe busted, and the fan blade was burned. The past three-four years, the remote controls for lighting fixtures steadily deteriorated by uncommanded dimming, uncommanded activations, not responding to the remote commands, and disabling the pull chain controls (requiring pulling circuit breakers to shut off power to the appliance). Upon further inspection the bulb sockets are warped, and the fan speed selection controls, and reverse speed is damaged and no longer functional.
Over the years, I've contacted Hunter a couple of times with nil success in resolving the problem.
It appears that the motor of the fan got too hot or the light kit assembly.I contacted Hunter Fan Company on March 3, 2016 explaining what had happened and was issued an incident number.
Spent several dollars on a Hunter replacement remote control only to discover the newer remote technology wouldn't work with my models. So I'm going to remove the malfunctioning remote control hardware and try to go back to the manual chain pull mode.
I was told it is under review and I would be notified when they were finished analyzing the incident.
On March 21st, I called multiple times being placed on hold for approximately an hour - only to be disconnected with no return call.
28, 2015Satisfaction RatingOver the past five years, I have installed over 15 ceiling fans, and I have had more problems with the Hunter brand. 13, 2015Satisfaction RatingBought 7 Hunter ceiling fans from Menards a year ago and had an electrician install them. Three had to be returned initially after installing them because the light kits didn't work. Menards says to call Hunter but they aren't open on the weekends or available to the working population to solve the problems on the weekends. The part is lost in the mail system because of their form letter and they say it's my fault for sending it to the wrong place.
We have a couple of non-working Casablanca Hunter fans that haven't worked right since they were installed. Please send us in a copy of the receipt and we would be more then happy to get this sent out to you under the warranty." I sent them the receipt and mailing address. Do yourself a favor and don't end up like me with defective non-working MADE IN CHINA fans that we paid a lot of money and paid even more for installation. When I was trying to find information on what could be wrong with the lights, I came across this post on Consumer Affairs and braced myself for having issues with Hunter. I called and they agreed to send me a new switch but after waiting 4 days we got it and it does not work either.
27, 2015Satisfaction RatingMy husband and I purchased all new ceilings fans when we purchased our house in December 2012.
But, all power to the rest of the room remains.) We had an electrician come out, he couldn't figure it out. 21, 2015Satisfaction RatingWe bought four Hunter ceiling fans in 2013 from Menards on a new construction project for our home and about two years later, we went into our son's room and smelled something.
That night I kept looking around and found the smell was from the ceiling fan and upon taking it apart saw where the wattage limiter was melted and had charred the top of the cover of the fan also.
After reading that this was not a uncommon problem I just bypassed the limiter and it is working today. I am going to wait a little bit longer to make sure that fixes the problem and then take it out on the other three Hunter fans before we have any more problems.Seems crazy unsafe and a hazard. I didn't contact Hunter because I didn't want to go through what everybody else is talking about and it was out of warranty but they need to do something about. 14, 2015Satisfaction RatingI've had a terrible experience with Hunter that's now in its second month.
They attempted to troubleshoot, though I've dealt with enough fans I knew the motor inside the housing was blown.
I took the fan down and replaced the wiring harness, and of course the light still works but the fan is still out of commission.I called Hunter and they now explain step 2, to send me a second wiring harness.
The supervisor said ok, ship us the old motor back so that we know it's no longer in use, I asked about postage and she said that's on my dime. I know they hope I just go away, but I promise I won't because this is just not good business management. I would like a tech to come out if they don't believe me, or a new fan not refurbished sent to me. 12, 2015Satisfaction RatingI purchased a high-end ceiling fan with wireless remove for fan-speed and light switch.

We have been awaken in the middle of winter to find the fan blowing down on us while turned on high.
I cannot count the number of times we have come home to find our fan's light on or the fan running on high.
I contacted customer support and they shipped a new controller out but it did the same thing as the old one. In order to do so required the fan blades to be removed and a hub to be taken off and wires to be unattached and new ones reattached.
If you are wise, you will NEVER purchase a Hunter Fan.Helpful?YesNokelly of Newark, OH on Nov.
11, 2015Satisfaction RatingI am extremely disappointed that Lowe's would sell fans from a company that clearly doesn't care about its customers.
I contacted customer service due to a faulty current limiter (which is a BIG problem with their fans, just Google it). I was looking to purchase a replacement part and was met with a very unprofessional and unhelpful service representative. I don't understand why a company with such a big issue with faulty current limiters wouldn't have a replacement part. Ironically I had the same issue with a Harbor Breeze fan (which I believe is the very same company) and they were very professional and courteous, and helped me with the issue. Installer attempted to assemble the fan (which took over one hour for an experienced installer).
I had to drive to the retailer and get the retailer to exchange the defective part with another part from a new Hunter Fan box on the shelf. No matter, they were not willing to compensate me in any way for the trouble with their defective product. They told me I should have waited 'til their offices were open and had them ship out a replacement part.
Any other company would have offered a discount on a future purchase of another fan, or compensated monetarily for my trouble with the fan. 12, 2015Satisfaction RatingI have a Hunter model 52063 ceiling fan that recently failed - motor went bad (won't spin up and is blowing wiring harness module capacitor). After the last contact outlining the motor failure CLEARLY we were sent a MOTOR HOUSING - no motor just the exterior trim (this after we CLEARLY requested a new motor and wiring harness). When we called back after each level of failure the techs were unable to reference the contacts even though the numbers as given by Hunter staff were given to them.
My wife dealt with this process up until the fifth contact at which time I got directly involved. When I called in on the fifth contact I requested a new motor and a wiring harness with a capacitor. I was told by the initial tech "ASHLEY" that they did not send out motors as a replacement part. I demanded to speak with her supervisor at that point and after a five minute delay I was told she "was in a meeting" (this was at 4:00pm on Saturday). I was made to give PO # of the most recent contact despite referencing the last consumer contact number as given by Hunter on the fourth contact.
The floor supervisor then said "oh I see this is the fifth time you've contacted us" (all of a sudden they could track our contacts after the lower level techs could not).
I voiced my displeasure and frustration and demanded either a replacement motor and a new wiring harness with capacitor or a refund. The supervisor then stated - "you will have to disassemble the fan and mail it back to us." I stated, "This is totally unacceptable.
I have a fan that has failed under a limited lifetime warranty and you will not send out replacement parts to honor your warranty?" She then stated "you'll have to disassemble the fan and give us the stickers on the inside of the fan.
I will send you email and a mailing to get this but you will also have to provide proof of purchase." Why does Hunter make the warranty so consumer unfriendly. 11, 2015Satisfaction RatingI bought an expensive Hunter ceiling fan from Home Depot in July of 2013. When the fan stopped working in June of 2015, I spent months trying to get an answer from Hunter regarding the "Lifetime Guarantee".
Per Hunter, "It doesn't sound like it could be a motor problem so therefore, it's not under guarantee".
So now - in my kitchen - the most used room of my house - I am stuck with 3 DIM, energy sucking, heat outputting incandescent bulbs.
Great planning Hunter.Even when I asked if it could be bypassed, they said "We would never tell you how to modify our product to void a warranty." I told them, I could care less about the warranty!!
3, 2015Satisfaction RatingI just spent 2 HOURS on the phone trying to get service for my Hunter Ceiling Fan! After being transferred to 5 different phone numbers, having to repeat my story to many employees and been bounced back and forth between departments in Canada AND USA, I still did not get the service I am expecting to get when I buy Hunter products in Canada.
I have bought many ceiling fans from that company over the last 10 years and I still have 4 in my current house. Two weeks ago, I bought a new one (Model 53165) for my living room and I simply wanted to change the light kit because the one that comes with the Allendale model (40W) is not bright enough and does not suit my needs. After spending these two frustrating hours on the phone, I still couldn't get the right person in the right department to place my order. Robert ** From the Technical Support in Indiana, finally told me that we, Canadian people who buy ceiling fans in CANADA, CANNOT order parts through Hunter, because they are not allowed to ship stuff in Canada. Robert ** Said that the only way to order parts is to find a dealer who can place the order for us but we will have to pay the duties and the money exchange for US money!!! I have called 4 different places near my house where they sell ceiling fans and none of them were able to help me getting that part. I had an electrician out to troubleshoot and the problem is in the switch housing assembly. I contacted Hunter Customer Service and was informed the fan has been discontinued and no more replacement parts are being manufactured and no light switch housing assembly was available.They offered me and friends and family 45% discount to buy a replacement fan, but of course I need to purchase 2, as the 2 original fans are in the same room within 12 feet of each other.
Another slap in the face came when they sent the 45% discount code to my email and it had an expiration date that required me to use it within 48 hours! I called and they immediately sent me another module without question and said that this usually happens on this model #20714.
Home Depot sells the replacement switches for these fans -- why do you think they have them in stock?

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