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The baseball cap is a fine invention, however the invention of this solar-powered fan hat is not so acceptable.
I was just doing some random surfing and came across a couple of really intriguing pictures, of what looked like a little cardboard man in all sorts of situations. Check out our gallery of Danbo Cardboard Robot pictures, then look online for literally hundreds more examples of emotive danbotography. Implications - In today's digital day and age, the hallmark of a successful event or campaign is the traction it gains on social media after the fact.
Photography pits have always been synonymous with New York Fashion Week and countless fashion events around the globe. Good Humor has launched a new line of on-demand ice cream trucks that can be summoned by a single Tweet from your Twitter account. The Beijing ePrix by Formula E is not just any electric motor racing event—this year, it will have fans serve as more than just spectators.
In celebration of Instagram being around for five years this October, a global InstaMeet campaign was set up.
Implications - While minimalist decor is often the go-to choice when it comes to contemporary design, modern inspirations often lack personal traits that consumers can relate to. With so many portable sound systems available for tablet and smartphone users, a product has to be extremely distinctive to really stand out. If you’re looking to connect with your fierce inner warrior, then the Ceramic Ninja Mug will surely offer a humorous way to battle your morning woes. Mustard has just started releasing its new line of fun and creative book holders, starting with the Katana bookend.

Anyone fascinated with Samurai warriors or sword fighting will absolutely love the Ninja Bottle Opener, which allows you to easily pop open beers with a Samurai sword replica. With only a few days left until Christmas, people are scrambling to find the perfect gifts. This 45-disc set features every single ROH show of the year 2006, which was a great year for the promotion. You receive a game board, instructions (in English), 2 tokens, 3 dice, 2 action cards and 8 markers, and probably very little fun.
If you are a Jurassic Park fan (as I am) or you just like really swank looking vehicles, you need to check out the glory of what happens when the two are merged together. Patricia Renick mounted this exceptionally original exhibition at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center. Doug Selsam's turbine ideas are not just blowing in the wind; they are transforming the wind into power-generating machines. The Mast Chief Ring is a monumental piece of jewelry that will have any Halo fan going head over heels for the sleek sterling silver band.
That price is minuscule in comparison to the love that is showered upon this game (personally I don’t see it). While the cap might be eco-friendly and maybe cool you off (ineffectively), that isn't a good enough excuse to try and pull off this big fashion no no.
As a result, many marketers and event planners are ingraining social media into the very fabric of the event, rather than making it an afterthought.
Samurai sword bookends and ninja mugs help translate the allure and excitement of traditional fighting into everyday decor, combining distinct cultural references with commonly used items.

Don’t panic: the right stocking stuffer for the wrestling fan in your life – or, given the fact that you’re reading WrestleNewz, for yourself – may be just a few clicks away. It features some of the company’s greatest performers, including Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Colt Cabana, Bryan Danielson, Davey Richards and loads more. At a cost of $250,000 to develop, the 25-rotor turbine 'Sky Serpent' is said to produce three kilowatts (3000 watts) of power. The Halo craze has continued throughout the series with strength and that craze just got a little more shiny. This move suggests that social media is not a passive form of entertainment, but a driver of activity and engagement, even in live contexts.
Here are our out-of-the-ordinary gift suggestions to appease every type of wrestling fan, from the WWE-die hard to the Japanese puroresu enthusiast, and everyone in between. The Sky Serpent is still in the concept stage, but Selsam has already sold over 20 home-built, 2,000-watt dual-rotor turbines. Some of the multi-rotor wind catcher models are moored offshore and held elevated high in the air by a blimp.

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