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As an Engineer and someone with over 40 years of mechanical experience installing and fixing every kind of product both in the the residential and the commercial electrical and mechanical fields, I find the Hunter Five Minute Fan to be a total engineering failure.
A ceiling fan has a stator 38 rigidly mounted to a shaft 33 and a rotor 40 rotatably mounted to the same shaft about the stator. TECHNICAL FIELDThis invention relates generally to electrically powered fans, and particularly to ceiling fans.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONThere are several types of fans that are used within a room to circulate room air. Apartments in Horn Lake MS, Westwind Townhomes, Duplexes, Apartments, Horn Lake, MS 38637, Memphis TN. 6, 2014Satisfaction RatingI have a Hunter Fan Model# 23681-420 that was installed new approximately 5 years ago in our new home. Every single unit should be recalled immediately.Something as simple as making sure that the screw hole and the screw specified to go into that hole should be an easy engineering specification.
The ceiling fan of claim 1 wherein said electric motor rotor is supported upon a thrust bearing submerged in lubricating oil. The ceiling fan of claim 1 wherein said electric motor rotor has a sleeve bearing portion rotatably journaled about a bearing surface of said shaft. These include portable fans that may be set up on the floor or on furniture, wall mounted fans, and ceiling fans.
I checked the Lamp Receptacles with a Multimeter and they only put out 81VAC (no wonder the lights are dim). I found that the switch housing screws that are supposed to be easily screwed in partially to the base of the light fixture housing were totally incompatible. Whether or not they oscillate all three types of fans have a motor driven shaft to which an annular array of fan blades is mounted.There are two principal types of electric motors used to rotate the blades of ceiling fans.
I researched this similar problem on the Internet and noticed that many others are having the same issues. I called Hunter Fans and had to wait 1 hr and 27 minutes before someone answered the phone. 15, 2014Satisfaction RatingI am one of probably several hundred who have had issues with a defective Hunter Fan Switch Housing Assembly (light kit). With two fans, six screws and six screws holes to verify the evidence of a total failure on the part of the Hunter Fan company to actually assemble the product they claim is a five minute fan assembly. They shipped me a replacement (for $33.00) but upon opening the package two things were noticed.
The less popular type ceiling fan motor has the stationery stator surrounding the rotor that drives the fan blades.Ceiling fans are mounted to ceilings with their motor rotors and stators oriented about vertical axes.
When I tried to call customer service to purchase a replacement, the first wait was supposed to be "less than 3 minutes" but I hung up after 20 minutes of elevator music. So oriented, the bearings are subjected to axial loading from the dead weight of the fan system.
I called a second time but decided not to wait when I was advised that my wait would be "less than 109 minutes." One way or another I will get this fan fix but be assured that I will NEVER again buy a Hunter or a Harbor Breeze (same company) product. I called Hunter Fans again the following day and was again put on hold for 1 hr and 13 minutes before anyone answered the phone. Ball bearings are typically employed which are designed for radial rather than axial loading. 12, 2014Satisfaction RatingI have a 5 yr old Hunter Ceiling Fan that the chain has pulled out of the 4 speed control. They told me they shipped me the incorrect Assembly and that the one that I actually needed was no longer available (unit only 5 years old). This serves to considerably limit the bearing life which results in imbalance and audible noise. My understanding was that there was a lifetime warranty on the entire fan, I was wrong it only covers the motor. To alleviate this problem thrust bearings have been used for axial loading which are totally submerged in oil to support the rotor. My husband tried to buy a replacement part at out local hardware and local electrical shop but unfortunately this part does not exist being the fan is considered 4 speed not 3.
In total I spent approximately 4 hours on hold and talking to Hunter Fan representatives only to be told they could not help me and I needed to purchase a complete new Fan and Light. Although this serves to substantially enhance bearing life, and virtually to eliminate bearing-generated noise, such motors have still remained rather noisy. Moreover, the noise level of such has been erratic and inconsistent from one fan to the next.Accordingly, it is seen that a need has long existed for a ceiling fan with good motor longevity and that is consistently quiet. My first day of calling left me frustrated and aggravated with wait times of 29, 56 and 101 minutes to the service department. This was the most disappointing product I have ever purchased and I will never buy another Hunter Fan product. It is to the provision of such that the present invention is primarily directed.SUMMARY OF THE INVENTIONIt has been found that the inconsistency and the excessiveness in the level of audible noise generated by ceiling fan operations arises primarily from inconsistence in the size and shape of the annular air gap between the rotor and stator of the fan motor.
Finally to reach a person - to be told they no longer carry the parts for the fan and that I would have to buy a new one. I urge anyone looking to purchase a Ceiling Fan to look at any manufacturer other than Hunter Fans.
I agreed out of frustration and the fact that the fan in the ceiling is stuck ON, to purchase SAME fan (identical) but different model!! A shaft is mounted generally vertically in the housing with a cylindrical bearing surface located within the housing. An electric motor is mounted within the housing with its stator rigidly mounted to the shaft, it being adapted to be coupled with a source of electric power.

The same day at 12:45 am I rec'd an email informing me it is now on back order and won't ship for 5 weeks!
The motor rotor is rotatably journaled about the shaft bearing surface radially about the stator. The next day I called service again to have my wait time to be 56 minutes and of course hanging up and calling back to sales they answered right away to transfer me to a supervisor.
So constructed, the annular air gap between stator and rotor may be small for dynamoelectric efficiency and yet remain dimensionally consistent between manufactured lots even after packaging, shipment, installation and operation.
This also results in consistently quiet fan operations.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGFIG.
The supervisor Aubrey first told me it couldn't be reversed but after a lot of yelling he was able to do it.
2 is a view, in cross-section, of a ceiling fan that embodies principles of the present invention in its preferred form.FIG. Day 3 - called again to have ridiculously long wait times to finally get another supervisor to tell me the order was cancelled and offered me to purchase another style fan from them!!! 1 a ceiling fan that has been produced and sold by the Hunter Fan Corporation of Memphis, Tenn. After reading all of consumer report reviews on Hunter Fans I would NEVER purchase another fan from them again!!! It is seen to have a housing 10 to the inside wall of which an annular stator 12 is rigidly mounted by screws 13. Unfortunately I still have a fan in my ceiling that is broken and have gotten no satisfaction from Hunter!!!
I have been researching this on the internet and it appears to be a common issue with Hunter.
The top of the housing has a neck 14 with set screw 15 that secures it to an unshown suspension pole or down rod that is mounted to a ceiling of a room. Thank you consumer reports for allowing me to share my experience with other consumers so they can make educated decisions and have purchasing power!! The mounting pole and neck are tubular to accommodate an unshown electric power line that connects the stator with the room and building power through a switch box.
The bottom of the housing has a switch housing 16 that houses additional unshown wiring and a switch for a light unit that depends from the housing.An electric motor rotor 20 is mounted for rotation within the housing which has windings 21 adjacent windings 18 of the stator 12.
An annular air gap 22 exists between the rotor and stator in which a magnetic force field exists when the stator is electrically energized to drive the rotor. The rotor has a flywheel portion 23 to the bottom which an annular array of unshown blade irons is mounted. Fan blades are in turn mounted to the blade irons.The rotor 20 is journaled about a tubular shaft 24 which is press fitted into the housing neck 14. The rotor is supported upon a thrust bearing 25 mounted in an oil sump 26 above the switch housing 16.
To think that this almost started a fire tells me that Hunter is doing something VERY wrong. The outside of the shaft 24 has an unshown groove through which oil from the sump 26 rises under the centrifugal forces generated by the rotor and is returned to the sump via a channel 27. The bottom of the shaft 24 has internal threads in which a tubular post 29 extension of the switch housing 16 is threaded in mounting it to the housing 10. The post 29 accommodates a power line connection to the switch housing 16.With reference next to FIGS.
7, 2014Satisfaction RatingThe fan would work on the ceiling fan light but the light kit would not. 2 and 3, the new ceiling fan 30 has a housing 31 with a tubular neck 32 to which a tubular, cylindrical shaft 33 is press fitted.
Again, a switch housing 35 is mounted to the housing 31 by threading a post extension 36 into the bottom of the shaft 33 that has its oil rise slot shown at 37. Since I don't care to spend $40 a year on a new light kit and well now my unit's light kit is discontinued.
An annular electric motor stator 38 is rigidly mounted to the shaft 33 within the housing 31. There is a wattage limiter that seems undersized in the unit, smaller wires than all the other wires in the unit and is rated for 190 Watts and light is designed for three 60 Watt light bulbs or 180 Watts total. Specifically, the rotor has a bearing sleeve 41 journaled about a lower bearing surface portion of the cylindrical shaft 33. The first was a light bulb going and then the limiter must have 2 fuses inside it that blew because nothing else looks charred in the light kit.
A flywheel portion 34 of the rotor unitarily links the sleeve portion 41 with the windings bearing portion of the rotor that is positioned closely about the stator 38, the two being spaced apart by a small annular air gap. 20, 2014Satisfaction RatingThis air purifier did what it was supposed to until it suddenly started getting noisier and would stop working sporadically after about a year and a half.
A set of blade irons, to which a set of fan blades is mounted, is mounted to the flywheel portion, only one of each which is shown in FIG. The rotor is supported upon a thrust bearing 44 that is submerged in oil within a sump to be lubricated as explained before with reference to the fan shown in FIG.
Guess what, not much you can do about it either by the looks of the people who call Hunter.The other issue with the second light kit was that the high temp plastic light elements were starting to chalk and crumble due to poor injection molding. Porosity must be a quality issue with the elements (light holders) because it is obviously not able to take as much heat with the air bubbles in it. The rotor and stator themselves are of conventional construction.By mounting both the stator 38 and rotor 40 to the same shaft 33 their alignment with respect to each other is precisely established. Moreover, during handling and fan operation their relative alignment is maintained consistently which enables the air gap between them to be small for dynamoelectric efficiency.

I spent 2 hours on the phone resulting in them telling me they'd call me back, except they never did. It has been found that this small air gap is consistent between manufacture lots which results in very quiet fan operations. Hunter will just tell you to buy their $40 light kit if available for yours or just go spend another $120 because they like to sell these awesome lights! Where stresses are placed on the fan housing, such are not translated to the rotor or stator in a manner to cock one relative to the other.
Finally after 2 weeks my wife managed to speak to someone who told us we'd have to pay to ship it back to them. Thus even were the housing to be bent or impacted slightly, whether during manufacture, packaging, handling, mounting or during use, the dimensional and geometric relation between the stator and rotor is maintained.To reiterate, with the stator mounted to the same shaft about which the rotor rotates, they both are assembled with the same reference at the shaft. With this common reference, any error in shaft alignment is equally reflected to stator and rotor alike. This in turn enables the one gap to be very small so that the rotor operated with less electrical losses thereby increases motor efficiency. 3, 2014Satisfaction RatingOur company owns 35 homes in Guam and we've installed 175 Hunter ceiling fans; do the math, that's lots of money. In addition, with this new construction the lubricating oil need not be pumped as high which yields more efficiency in that less oil is required.It thus is seen that this new ceiling fan provides distinct advances in this mature art.
Although the invention has been described and illustrated in its preferred form, it should be understood that many modifications, changes, or additions may be made without departure from the spirit and scope of the invention a as set forth in the following claims. I like the Hunter design, but the product quality and support is poor and I'm changing brands when replacing even if they are twice the price I am better off if they operate longer and have better support. 22, 2014Satisfaction RatingAfter being on hold for over an hour and also being disconnected twice with customer service, I'm not a happy camper.
Really it's only 2 yrs old (not only for broken fan but no longer for the rest of my ceiling fans either). About a year later the pull chain broke at the switch for the speed control, this switch has five wires. I went to Bello's electric and bought a four wire switch, but it only run on high speed and 2 slow speeds that were the same speed. The chain comes out of the switch and makes a 45 degree angle and at the light globe it makes another 45 degree and this puts a lot of stress on the chain at the switch. Being an engineer and years of mechanical experience, you can see how it comes out of the housing and then it is steer towards the light assembly.
You can find a 3-speed fan switch at Lowe's or Home Depot and not have to deal with the incompetent CS and ripoff of Hunters.
13, 2014Satisfaction RatingWe received the remote controlled Grand Lodge ceiling fan as a gift - it's about 1.5 years old. Hunter offered to "sell" us a replacement receiver for $60.00 that we would install in the fan.
At that point she offers a discounted 60-inch fan similar to ours, for $73.00, but it's not a ceiling hugger that we absolutely have to have. Her next offer is for a ceiling hugger, however it's not a 60-inch fan like we have, but a 52-inch that is totally the wrong color - and the discounted price of it is $111.00. There you have it - those were the options extended by Hunter to compensate for a nearly brand new fan that does not work at all. They don't work for the long term, and when they fail, Hunter is really not prepared to stand by their product or their customers.
12, 2014Satisfaction RatingCeiling fan and light worked fine for a while on two identical fans bought at the same time.
Soon (within 6 months) the lights started to strobe on both fans and one light kit quit working completely. 25, 2014Satisfaction RatingWe bought 3 of the Hunter Highbury fans, two were assembled fine by an electrician and installed, the third one had a clicking sound when the fan was turned on.
We also requested one part from Hunter overnight and was assured it would be there, never did arrive.
But as we had to buy two additional fans just to get the third room fan to work, the part turned out to be unneeded. I will say I've bought fans one heck of a lot cheaper and they are over 5 years old and working just fine. For them to even consider my claim, they wanted a copy of the warranty that came with the fan and the original sales receipt.
When the bulb was almost screwed in completely, the light fixture started throwing sparks and then caught fire.
Had the Viente not caught fire, I was planning to purchase three more Hunter fans (diff models) to replace ceiling fans in other rooms. As I was mounting the fans, the tapped screw hole which make the fan low profile, are not drilled in.
Went back to the store and they open several other Hunter fan boxes and not one had the drill hole. If you use a down rod this is not a problem, but if you have low ceiling this is a big problem.

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