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NOTE: This product will NOT work in US or Canada, It can be used ONLY in overseas countries with 220~240 volts electric outlets. October 18, 2012 by Gil Schauer 2 Comments Ceiling fans with lights can be found in a wide variety of brands, styles, sizes, types, designs, and colors to match any decor and can be easily integrated into virtually any room in the house.
There are basically three types of ceiling fans with lights: fans with downlights, fans with uplights, and fans that combine both styles. As their name suggests, ceiling fans with downlights have lighting fixtures mounted below the fan motor to provide direct light to the room. Uplight ceiling fans have the light mounted on top of the ceiling fan motor, casting indirect light upward toward the ceiling, outward to the sides of the room, or downward through the fan blades.
Ceiling fans with lights also come with both uplights and downlights to provide the most flexibility, allowing you to use both lighting options at the same time or to choose between the two depending on the amount of light needed and the mood you want to create in the room.
Other decorative styles such as Victorian, modern, or multi-themed kid’s ceiling fans with lights can be added to perfectly fit the functional needs and design elements of any room.

Both the Bel Air in my living room and the Stealth in my bedroom brighten the entire room when they’re on. From the living room to the dining room to the bedrooms, ceiling fans with lights complement the appearance and function of every room and can even be used to create a desired mood for any occasion. Each type of fan can be installed as a replacement for ceiling mounted lights to provide an energy saving, cost-effective home lighting and cooling option. Although typically purchased together as part of the complete ceiling fan unit, downlights are also available as light kits you can add to an existing ceiling fan.
These types of ceiling fans with lights are ideal for creating ambiance while also being functional in providing ambient light in an elegant, understated fashion. Regardless of the type of ceiling fan you select, most are fully customizable and are available in numerous styles and designs. There are also numerous fans that are Energy Star certified which consume less energy, save you money on electricity bills, and help protect the environment—all while giving your room a truly unique and custom look.

Ceiling fans with lights have the unique benefit of incorporating both of these essential functions into one decorative device that keeps rooms cool while providing the perfect type and amount of light.
This popular type of ceiling fan with lights offers a broad range of customizable lighting configurations, including multiple decorative light fixtures in a variety of colors and styles.
For example, if you have a room with an ocean theme you can purchase a tropical ceiling fan outfitted with blades shaped like palm leaves to complement the decor and provide just the right amount of lighting and air flow. Ceiling fans with uplights are especially preferred in bedrooms or in any other areas of the home where indirect lighting is desired.

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