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If you are installing more than one remote-controlled ceiling fan, set the DIP switches on both the receiver and the control of one fan to an identical alternate The location of a ceiling fan and how the fan is attached to the building structure are essential for reliable Dip Switches not set. Emerson Eco Ceiling Fan – Over 300% More There is no specific sequence except that the dip switches in Both the remote transmitter and the receiver need to Common ceiling fan problem questions and answers along with easy ceiling fan troubleshooting procedures to get your ceiling fan working again. The answer to this question is located on my Ceiling Fan Questions and you will need to set the dip switches that control the frequency to match the dip Problem with Minka Aire Ceiling Fan.
Ceiling fans can help with energy costs by cooling the air in the warm months and by helping to circulate heated air Adjust the dip switches on the remote A resource for definative answers regarding questions about ceiling fans you will need to set the dip switches that control the frequency to match the dip The dip switches are located inside the battery compartment. If the blades appear to be in line properly, there could be a weight issue among the blades.
If you have not been successful with balancing using a quarter, or other small weights like two dimes, nickels, etc. If you have recently broken a light globe, then you’ll need to replace said light globe.
Someone got really angry and smashed a door closed, which caused the ceiling fan or globe to fall down from the ceiling.
Hunter ceiling fans are known for their quality of construction, and reliability in the industry today.
A beautiful ceiling fan featuring a brushed cocoa finish, antiqued cherry hand carved blades, and a whisperwind motor for quiet operation. Q> I need help finding a replacement remote for the Hunter Claymore, which is fan model 28787. Q> I need to find a replacement part for my Hunter Claymore, such as a new light kit or glass globe. The user’s manual is useful for installation, cleaning and maintenance, troubleshooting, and alternate forms of installation.
Useful for determining what comes with the fan, and what part numbers correspond to which part. Information on the energy settings on the ceiling fan, how to conforms to industry standards, energy usage at peak levels, and more.
The 2012 brochure has not only part numbers and more information on mostly every ceiling fan available in 2012, it also lists all replacement Hunter parts produced in that year.
Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Controls – How do I determine which replacement remote I need?
This is a question that gets asked often – what remote control do I purchase to replace my existing Hunter remote control?
If you have already tried all of these steps, you can skip down the page further to Step 4 – Replacing the Remote. You should always first check the batteries on the remote to determine if the batteries are dead. As you can see, the dip switches need to be set the same way on the receiver as they are set on the transmitter. Hunter Brochure and Parts Guide – Scroll down to page 81 to see the remotes that are available from Hunter.
Once you have the part number you need, finding the replacement part is a heck of a lot easier. Author:  Terry Peterman      This post and detailed video describe how to install a ceiling fan with remote control. We begin by unpacking the contents of the box, and referring to the instruction manual to ensure that all the parts are present.  As always, pay particular attention to the standard safety instructions, which are mainly centered around turning off the appropriate circuit breaker (and verifying the absence of power in the outlet box by using a reliable voltage tester or an electrical meter) before you begin the installation of the ceiling fan unit.
It is also very important that the outlet box that you will be mounting the fan to is securely fastened to the structure with adequate backing and mounting methods capable of supporting the weight of the ceiling fan.  The outlet box I am using here is in a newly constructed home, and the ceiling boxes are mounted appropriately, and are intended to be used to support a ceiling fan. As per the instructions with the ceiling fan, before tucking everything in place and closing the canopy, check that the dip switches in the remote receiver, and in the back of the remote control unit match each other.  You can change the code if you have two or more of the fans in the home, and you don’t want the signals from each of the transmitters to interfere with each other. Determine which of the two switches you want to be the master switch.  The other switch will not be used and can be properly de-commissioned with the use of a switch filler device. Connect the green wire to the bare ground wire, the white wire from the receiver to the white supply wire, and the black power supply wire to the black power supply wire for the receiver unit.

The wires from the ceiling fan unit then get connected to the controlled wires out of the receiver, white to white, black to black, and blue to blue. Now we are ready to restore the power to the circuit, turn on the wall switch, and test the function of the fan. And remember – If you aren’t comfortable and confident in safely completing a project like this on your own, click here to find a trusted, licensed electrician in your local area.
This entry was posted in How-To-Videos, Wiring Projects and tagged ceiling fan, ceiling fan installation, fan, Hampton Bay, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan, how to install a ceiling fan, how to install a ceiling fan with remote, how to install remote controlled ceiling fan, remote control, remote controlled ceiling fan. Hi, I just recently moved to a rented house which has a Hampton Bay Remote controlled fremand the remote is all beat up and works only every now and then.
If your replacement part is in the motor housing, and it is a Hampton Bay fan, I'd recommend to contact their Customer Service line. As long as you follow the steps in the link above, Hampton Bay's Customer Service team should be able to zero in on getting you the proper part for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans nowadays that have a remote control with them, regardless of brand, typically have their receiver unit (where the remote control receives its signal) above the fan motor in the housing where the fan is connected to the ceiling, be it flush mount or one with a downrod. You can replace the receiver as well as the transmitter at the same time, which will allow for easier troubleshooting.
Reset both dip switches, the one for the remote control and the one set to the fan, to the same set of Find the dip switches (4 small white knobs) on the remote and the receiver.
Unfortunately, this is a rental, we didn't install the fan Problem with Electric Fans.
My daughter flipped the switches on the remote and now that doesn't turn on Use only to control one paddle-blade ceiling fan and incandescent light Select different combinations of dip switches to prevent mis-operation due to other remote Is the Reiker Room Conditioner a fan or heater? You may need to wait a few minutes after the power is off before you try to touch the bulbs.
If you’re not sure what wattage is supposed to be used, check the last bulb to determine how many watts it was measured at. Here we have listed the different installation instructions on how to install your Hunter ceiling fan. Your user guide would have more information on how to do this, but this video is right from Hunter itself … you might even find it more helpful then your user’s manual!
This should help alleviate concerns related to finding replacement parts, or a replacement remote. If you cannot find the original manual that came with your ceiling fan, you may find this link useful. If you need a replacement part but don’t know the part number, this is a good place to check and take a look. If you want to determine how much energy the fan will use, this guide would be useful for that purpose.
On page 82 starts the section on Hunter replacement remotes, so if that is what you are looking for this may be useful for you. This is actually a very common question as the remotes tend to get lost or broken quite often. You cannot set the frequency that the remote and the fan operate on via any programming – instead, the dipswitches accomplish this. This can apply to ceiling fans as well as many other facets in the electronics industry – there are other appliances out there that also use dip switches. From there you can find the right one that works with your particular fan, and the part number that you need for your remote. A In most cases where the fan comes from the factory with a built in wireless controller, there is a good chance that the aftermarket remotes that are sold at Home Depot and others will not work. SoI went to Home Depot and they recommended I buy the Hampton Bay hand held wireless remote sky 191 691 (the same one on your post).
A Can a replacment for that specific unit be purchased without using a universal replacment kit? A few models do have their receivers locating inside the light kit under the motor housing, and to find out you'll need to turn your power off and take off the canopy first to see just exactly where the receiver is.

At The Home Depot, A our ceiling fan remote controls are universal and can work in just about any ceiling fan out there. On the remote, the dip switches are usually located inside the battery compartment, north Remote Control Ceiling Fans 1 – Step Complete with Wiring Diagrams, Connections and Pictures. Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote and fan is programmed to function on a particular frequency. If you do snap a bracket, you can sometimes purchase a replacement bracket set from the hardware store.  You can also find replacement Hunter fan brackets here. If your blades are becoming unbalanced regularly, check your installation and ensure it is correct. Before you go about purchasing a new remote (and we can help you to determine which remote you need further on down this page), we recommend some of the following troubleshooting steps. This is especially prevalent in situations where you have noticed degradation of the signal over time.
This PDF is a brochure but it also has part numbers for replacement parts, If you scroll down to page 81, this is the section where you can see all the Hunter replacement remotes available.
You can also try Googling the part number if we don’t have it, or check with your local Home Depot as well. I bought it and when tried to install it I found that the fan had no receiver in the canopy, so I checked thehousing and it seems to be that it has a built in receiver, which I presumed worked fine as the remote was the one going n and off even with freshbatteries. The three reasons are either a bent blade bracket, a weight discrepancy with the fan, or warped blades. A blade balancing kit is very useful if you feel that you may be repairing ceiling fans often. If any are under or over the measurement from the others, then your blades might be bent slightly up or down at the blade holder. Please do not hesitate to post something, as long as you are asking a question and not saying anything bad. Eventually, the batteries will just die and then you will not have any control via the remote any further.
Here you can match up the part you need to your fan, and then from there you can determine which remote will work with your fan. I configured the new remote switch pins to the same on-off positions on the 4-blockswitch pin set of the old remote, but it did not work.A A I guessed it would but it did not. For instance, if you are a repairman or handyman and you often visit homes where it would be beneficial to have a blade balancing kit with you.
The problem is resolved.Keep the weights somewhere safe in case another blade becomes unbalanced someday. We find that a visual walkthrough of installing your ceiling fan is so much more useful then text on a screen. We will answer all standard, straight-forward asked questions in a timely manner and add them to this page. Always check the batteries as a first step anytime you are having problems with your remote.
You can verify this by checking, do any blades look narrower, wider or different that the others. Seeing someone else doing the work will make things much easier for you if you need some help with installation.
A Your only option is to get the factory replacement or better yet, replace the entire fan. As such, it’s pretty easy and convenient to purchase one and use it for pretty much any time you need it. This will lead to better air efficiency and the fan will have a longer life span due to it.

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