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One of the best things about Facebook Pages is the ability to have a customized landing tab. The following are examples of Facebook landing tabs from celebrities, brands, and other fan pages that make the top Facebook pages based on number of fans. There are a number of things you might want a Facebook visitor to do on your Facebook landing page.
Here are examples of beautifully designed landing pages organized by the primary conversion goal for the page. Rihanna’s fan page does the same, promising fans of the page exclusive content and fan missions. This is the perfect way to combine conversion points of gaining new fans, getting them to share your page with their friends using the Post to Wall button, and directing them to purchase your products! Talk about social proof in those status updates with the number of likes and comments, although the dates of the updates suggest they only interact on their wall sporadically. Impulse buys are popular in grocery stores and retail stores alike, so why not on Facebook too?
Once you’ve customized your gift card, you can have it sent to them via Facebook or Email. So maybe if you don’t buy, you might share one of your favorite tunes with your friends and they’ll stop by to make a purchase!
Walmart also takes the initiative to turn their landing tab for the holidays to show their charitable ways for nonprofits. If you’re ready to tackle a Facebook landing page tab yourself, probably one of the most easy to follow tutorials is the one on SocialMouths on how to build a Facebook landing page with iFrames.
Next, you can look into finding a Facebook developer consultant near you to design your customized Facebook solution. While you are perusing different welcome designs on other Facebook pages, check to see if there is a credit to the person or company who developed it. If you just want to create something nice for your Facebook fan page, but are not ready to dive into developers or coding it yourself, the following sites have easy to customize applications which you can install (in most cases) immediately to your Facebook page for a flat or monthly fee.
Pagemodo – Pagemodo offers a variety of applications including contact forms, Twitter feed integration, videos, a like gate (hidden content until someone likes your page), and more.
Involver – Involver offers over 20 apps for basic, professional, and enterprise level pages.
There are a lot more easy-install application makers out there – these are just the ones I have used before with my own pages or for clients. Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and professional blogger who helps develop blog content and lead magnets for businesses. Those are great examples of big brands doing FB Tabs, What i would love to see is some examples of smaller brands doing FB Landing Page Tabs.

Fast-food chain KFC has apologised for a message to their Thai Facebook followers that urged people to rush home during yesterday's Indian Ocean tsunami scare and buy a bucket of chicken. KFC Thailand Fan Page team respectfully accepts the mistake it made and is sorry for using a message that was not appropriate with the natural disaster situation.
The earthquakes in Indonesia revived memories of the 2004 Asian tsunami that claimed 230,000 lives, including more than 8,000 people in Thailand. This piece of your fan page will be what new visitors to the fan page see, and it can help you increase conversions from your fan page in the form of additional likes. Here, Red Bull uses a combination of drawing attention to the Like button with the promise of unveiling hidden video content. Once you like the page, you are greeted with a successfully completed mission, video premiere exclusive, and the ability to buy her latest album on iTunes.
They also keep some Facebook functionality in by letting you share songs from their top playlists to your Facebook profile. Their green Play Now button leads you directly to their app where you can play poker on Facebook itself.
If you want just a simple graphic that leads people to click your Like button to become a fan, that is one thing. You can use the lookup application to find consultants by location (as shown above), browser through a list of vendors, or check out API Developers. I found this simple contact form (pictured above) on another fan page, went to the developer’s website, and customized my own form within half an hour. Pricing ranges from free for one custom tab on one fan page to $33.25 per month for unlimited tabs on an unlimited number of fan pages.
Pricing ranges from 9 free apps for one page to $2,749 per month for enterprise level solutions.
The apps can be used for free, or you can purchase a premium version for more customization options. I am going to launch my own facebook fan page and these suggestions will definitely help me a lot in that. Can you create these Facebook landing pages using Photoshop or GIMP and add them to an iFrame? We just did a landing page for our agency and it was hard to find inspiration of smaller brands doing it right!
We did our Facebook Landing Page using the FBML app on our page and just linking it to the image we wanted to use. For those who would love to get huge like boost on Facebook Page, this is an exciting piece of news to you.
To cater for those who need likes for Facebook Page, we are preparing to add a few services to our existing ones.

In order to help you compare prices offered in the market, we have made a comparison table below. Some buyers may not know but after years of experience in social media marketing, we know that there are risks and bad impact if you are buying incredibly low quality from amateurs who do not follow Facebook rules. We offer 100% guaranteed and fast Facebook likes at very cheap prices, and also giving away extra likes for free.
So not only did they make a sale, but they’ll get some advertising on your friend’s personal profile too!
Coca-Cola highlights their Like button while showing how they help the environment and who wouldn’t fall for cute polar bear cubs? If you want hidden content to be revealed or an eCommerce platform on Facebook itself, that is another. You may find easy to work with applications that you can install on your own or a reference to a great developer who can customize something for you. In addition, they also offer designs for your website and a full range of online marketing services. Now I have to just decide whether to design it myself or find a company that can do it without charging me a small fortune. It’s a brilliant example of how useful and important a customize FB page it for any business. As for now that we only provide likes for non-Facebook websites, forums and blogs, but soon we will launch our new service in providing thumb ups for your Fan Pages or business Page. The price that we offer is extremely low because our motto is to cater our services at affordable prices so that everyone has a chance to get it. The following are some resources you can use to get the kind of Facebook landing tab you need for your brand.
Facebook likes for posts and photos are popular demands since there are contests around which require contestants to share messages or pictures to friends and communities to get votes and win fabulous prizes. Illegal activities are prohibited and all users are obligated to follow Facebook terms of service. At this stage, things are in motion and preparation will take a while and we may launch these services the quickest next month or end of this year. Also, after all these are implemented, we may also evaluate the responses and perhaps launch other new Facebook-related services such as providing subscriber and followers.

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