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It was recently twittered to Paula Patton, Thicke’s gorgeous wife, and shows the singer of Blurred Lines with a fan, a New York City arts student, after the MTV awards early Monday.
But the reflection in the mirror seems to show Thicke going deep with the young lady with the badly-dyed hair. If your out of high school smoking weed still, you're a loser and should be cleansed from society. About-Face means a reversal of direction, attitude, or point of view. We equip women & girls with tools to understand & resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem & body image.
Fans created an alternate version of Princess Elsa because they were tired of the Cinderella-esque stereotype.
Yes, many of those qualities carry over to Princess Anna in Frozen, but Princess Elsa, her sister, is unfortunately a nod back to the quintessential dainty blondes such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Her hair is too perfectly coiffed, her eyes are too made-up, and she’s simply too graceful. While I applaud Disney for giving Anna realistic qualities, I really wish the media behemoth would make princesses physically ordinary. Anna and Elsa fit the Disney standard: white, thin, willowy girls whose waists are quite petite and  arms are fragile-looking. For many years now, fans have been making alternate versions of princesses: athletic, plus-sized, and petite to name a few, along with girls with realistically-sized eyes and varied facial features. So maybe a Disney princess wouldn’t look so much like a Disney princess if her eyes were smaller, her waist were wider, her arms were fuller, and her hair were messier, but a new era has to begin sometime, right?
Even though I’m still miffed about the stereotypical princess image, I do commend Disney for crafting a story emphasizing the bond of sisters above that of a young girl and her Prince Charming. Instead of fainting and sinking into the arms of a muscular prince, the royal ladies now get dizzy and sink, well, tumble then sink, into snowdrifts.
We don’t need to sit around waiting for “the one”; we can get up and face life with frying pans, fiddles, or whatever weapons Disney comes up with next. Many young girls (and I speak from experience) idolize the Disney princesses, and if they are given better models, maybe—just maybe—some of our female empowerment struggles of the future can be alleviated.
Fed Up on 12-29-2013I'm sorry, but to isolate this to merely princesses, then that's just sad. Very well written, but you lack insight and the common sense to notice things or realize that if parents were smart they would point out, no honey, you can't grow up to be a CGI character.
Anna, however, is a child rebuked and had to spend her childhood alone and not knowing why. As for the princess part, I believe that girls already get enough from society princesses aren't the main role model anymore. And I love how I've yet to see anyone disregarding the men of Disney, well, Tangled and Frozen, at least. Amabel on 01-06-2014This issue will always follow Disney and will be something they'll struggle with whether they succumb to your argument or not.
A Dude and Pixar Nerd on 01-13-2014I'm searching the net for an image for my 6 year old's birthday cake. Amabel on 02-19-2014We didn't misunderstand at all, we just disagreed, there is a difference. Irritated Animator on 02-21-2014I am relieved to see that there are a couple of people here who are able to point out Brave is in fact not a Disney production. Milena on 04-16-2014On physical aperance i will only say: i really do not want to see disney make overweight princesess and making that something to strive for. As for Elsas hair, for me personally it was solved very easily by her magic, she can make clothes with it, she can fix her hair with it. This is the second part of a little series about why I think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a romantic relationship. There are more tweets than I can probably include in this but these are the ones I had things to say. It’s interesting how he tweets about being forced into something, then a couple of months later about being brave. Except, it has been discussed by others that other people may have access to their twitter accounts. Now I may be completely wrong but whenever I see this tweet or think about it, it strikes me how 'unBritish’ it is somehow.
There has been a lot of analysis about the timings of their relationship (my post here), so I don’t know about all that really, although, in the relationships I have had, there has always been a clear line when something becomes more serious.
Now I am not in anyway saying that Tom from The Wanted 'outed’ Louis because he knows that Louis is gay and in a relationship with Harry.
Obviously friends can go out to dinner together, but considering they have barely been seen together or near each other, going out together is a really interesting factor. Now what is interesting is how they used to tweet each other all the time and gradually as their fame increased the tweets lessened. The one from 2013 is really interesting because he says dude, which is my mind is sarcastic.
So what stands out to me when these tweets are compared with each other is how the 2012 one is so different to the other two.

Baring this in mind I feel that the tweets he made about lyrics indicate that he is in a romantic relationship. Some thoughts about their tweets tis all and all together make me think that they are in a romantic relationship together. Robin’s been at Bleau with his wife and three-year-old son for most of the week, so he must be well aware there are large mirrors in the lobby! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Showers with gas work best, just bring them in under the pretense that they are having a shower and going to a place where all snack food is free and all you can eat. If anything it's that attitude that keeps marijuana illegal and wastes more of our money enforcing it.
On the other hand, Anna’s clumsy demeanor and goofy expressions are both endearing and relatable (she really reminds me of the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence).
This story didn't strictly follow the prince-princess guideline (if you've seen it, if not I won't spoil).
I agree with you that messy hair would be an added burden for the creators, but, in comparison to Anna who at least had messy hair when she woke up, Elsa seemed very Barbie-like. Not everyone can have yummy cheekbones, match made in heaven love, or be the perfect manly man. I think we tend to focus so much on the problems on the women's side that we often forget to consider how the men are portrayed (which should be equally important). If they create plus-sized princesses, they will be accused of being supportive of unhealthy eating or obesity, if they make slim princesses they are told the princesses have unrealistic images. Watching Disney princesses don't make me feel bad about myself at all cuz I know they are not real life.
Although they're both owned by Disney, they were made by 2 divisions with 2 different talent sets. I think you're incredibly smart, and I'm relieved to see there are more young women upset about this movie.
Although the company is teamed up with Pixar, it is unfair to give credit where it is not deserved. Disney has officially stated that her powers and fear of herself are parallels to depression; I and many of my friends found this representation of mental illness really strengthening. There are so many ways to help: Find out how to donate money, stuff, services, time, or expertise. Firstly there are interesting and often cryptic tweets from Harry and Louis, there are tweets to one another, there are lyrical tweets from Harry and there are tweets with or by others.
I have lived in England my whole life, in the South mind you, near London, but people rarely say 'bullshit’.
Like every article written ever about Eleanor the fact that she is Louis’ girlfriend is stated each time. Now this is true of all the boys, except that they others do tweet each other, even now from time to time, but the last tweet between Harry and Louis was a birthday tweet from Louis to Harry in Feb 2013. I believe he plays with the idea that this will happen and enjoys making strange and cryptic tweets.
Whereas admittedly all the boys tweet each other less than they used to, too, Harry and Louis seem to have been affected by this the most. Robin’s ring is on his left hand in front, how does it also get in the back giving him 2 left hands.
She especially likes math and computer science and thinks that more girls should give STEM subjects a try.
Granted this is, again, fault of the animation and the fact you really want to be able to point the Prince charming out in a crowd. It is, as they say "A catch-22." You should also recognize that prior to the release of Brave, there had not been a Caucasian princess since the release of Beauty and the Beast in 1991, so Elsa and Anna are the followers of two predecessors in their decade - not many in recent years like consistently implied. That being said, as an animator it’s becoming pretty tiring to see this hidden agenda mission. I get it, and i like it, but lets allow wariety so different persons can relate to different characters. If she was black she would be Storm, im sorry but as soon as i saw that picture i was thinking its Storm and i couldnt think of her as anything else. She has been pressured to 'be the good girl you always have to be' and to not let on that there is anything different about her. It could be about anything, but at the time they were recording their first album, if not already, moving into the apartments where they were living together. Even in the tweet the fans need to be reminded that Eleanor is in fact Louis’ girlfriend, just to make sure it is clear. She paints the picture of a management company which is not there for the best interests of its clients. It could be homophobic about him being in a 'boyband’ or something along those lines or again it could be referencing the speculation that follows him. I wonder whether the sarcasm here was then replicated for Louis’ birthday tweet for 2013.

I mentioned how I liked the sister-based plot instead of the prince-princcess scheme, and the model comment was made with the caveat that they could join the industry given that their height would be accepted. It's different from the usual Disney love stories, and reveals a bit about the nature of youth with the "oh we're in love" after just a few hours and the blind trust Anna has for him. The amount of research and soul searching, both for the story artists and for the characters themselves, is such a long grueling process that I can tell you that they have little time to think of anything else. But she is very dignified, strong in her posture, probably due to learning how ''not to show'' what she feels.
These is sometimes language used by groups of oppressed people, for example those in the LGBT community use this language. The other things is like the structure, starting with happy birthday, then adjective and girlfriend, then the love part at the end.
They ended their twittering in 2012 when the pressures changed and their career took off worldwide. Pal and dude are similar and it seems like some kind of inside joke and an F you to their management.
I understand you want to pin the plight of the young girl on these things but you can't expect an extra two years to go into production to give them messy hair.
I was trying to emphasize that their bodies fit the traditional, thin Disney mold, though perhaps I wasn't clear enough (thank you for pointing that out).
Both her and Anna's appearance reflect not only their personality, as suggested by the previous reader; but also the setting of the traditional tale. I have had the honor to speak both to some of the creators of FROZEN and from Pixar Studios, and I can assure you that both parties are interested in the story and the story only.
Something that I think you will notice is that if a princess is an heir to the throne, or is a queen-to-be, she will be much less "realistic," as you have put it. But considering that Louis tweeted about 'bravery’ just before this twitter discussion, perhaps there is something he feels he needs to be brave about. However, the boys have so many followers, when they tweet, it is re-tweeted thousands of times within seconds. Furthermore, young girls idolize the princesses in the sense that they admire their beauty and grace.
The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen is set in Finland where women are typically fair-haired and blue-eyed. Anna is open to being clumsy and awkward, because she is just going to be the queen's sister, that other girl off to the side.
4.) I saw this girl on Cake boss, How is she skinny in front view and gaining at least 35 lbs. If the children idolize and try to obtain cartoon-like, unobtainable features, does this mean we try to make all cartoons as thing as possible. And to counter your other statement about Elsa, "her hair is too perfectly coiffed, her eyes are too made-up," her hair is frozen into place, and she didn't exactly get a chance to remove her makeup while she was fleeing Arendelle. Girls consider the princesses beautiful, and that becomes the problem--that the princesses become the standards for beauty.
It is very rare in this day and age for girls to want to emulate Disney princesses and those who do need to be parented correctly. 5.) What is the weird free standing silver thing on the other end of the girl’s thighs? Thus, it's good to see princesses who look like any other girl, so that today's and tomorrow's youth learn to accept less exaggerated, idealized looks as beautiful.
Growing up, I admired Sleeping Beauty, but that didn't impact my body image because she was stunning and I was lean and lanky,rather than graceful. Children need to be mentored by their parents, it's find for little girls to aspire to be princess-like, but it's our job as parents to reinforce the belief that its all about being kind, brave etc. It's irresponsible to blame Disney, the main mode for childhood imagination and "you-can-do-anything-you-can-dream", for the way in which our children see themselves.
Typically, it is in fact women, who impress their own insecurities onto their children not Disney. We are attracted to attractive things and it is only a matter of time before another company feels compelled to churn out pretty things.
My best friend’s daughter went to go see FROZEN some odd weeks back and her first expression was “I Anna?” and not because she was implicating I need to look like her but because she expressed she resembles Anna’s personality, she’s only 2 by the way. I want to bring that emotion, that lesson, and that story into perspective for someone, young or old. To give them a reason to want to escape, for even just a little bit, into these magical worlds where anything is really possible.

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