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Harbor Breeze Airspan Ceiling Fan Seen on Rate My Space (HRMR-111) Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – Best Prices, Customer Reviews, Complaints and Comments. Universal Wishlist and Gift Registry Service for use as Birthday , Christmas Gift List or Wedding, Baby Registry.
In all cases the neutral (white) wire from the fan assembly should be attached to the neutral (usually white) lead from the house wiring.
How do I wire a dual switch ceiling fan to work with a remote control?I unhooked my old fan and hooked up my new fan, but my remote does not work.

Note that if you encounter a white wire with a marking piece of colored tape attached, this could be used to signifiy it is being used as something other than a neutral. I need help with the wire colors - I have red, white, black and green wires that are coming out of the ceiling. As with any electrical wiring, make sure all wire connections are made securely with the proper size wire nuts, that they are not loose and that no copper strands are showing. Most "house wiring" should be 14 or 12 gauge solid copper wire attached to a 15 or 20 amp 120vAC circuit respectively.

Consult a professional if you encounter something varying from this and are not aware of how to safely handle it.

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