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It was a typical home improvement store setup: the 52-inch fans were on the left and priced from $70-$200, and the 44-inch fans were on the right and ranged from $40-$120. As time passed and I was approaching 20 minutes in the fan section, I noticed a white sticker on each box.
But as I drove away, I had the sinking feeling that I overspent by $20, and as a father of five, twenty bucks is a lot of Costco hot dogs! I knew it would only take a few extra minutes to assemble the parts (as fan assembly is never the hard part of an install – it’s usually mounting the fan just right, hiding the wires in the canopy, dropping screws on the floor and looking for 10 minutes, and holding the heavy fan motor while connecting the wires).
Their 1st study showed that although more consumers were attracted to a tasting booth when the display included 24 flavors of jam rather than 6, consumers were subsequently much more likely to purchase jam if they had encountered the display of only 6 jams.
In their 2nd study, students in an introductory college level course were more likely to write an essay for extra credit when they were provided a list of only 6, rather than 30, potential essay topics. Their 3rd study demonstrated that people reported enjoying the process of choosing a chocolate more from a display of 30 than from a display of 6. I think this data has ramifications for product designers, salespeople, customer service managers, and entrepreneurs.
In the senior in-home care industry, too many choices causes similar frustration for my clients and potential clients. Instead of making the choice in the short amount of time they have (maybe 2 days) with other stressful issues on their minds, many patients go home without help. As a specific example, a patient’s daughter called us and was impressed by our company, but because we were one of her first calls, they felt the need to go through the list and call each company.

Consumer product companies like tropicana have created 10 different types of orange juice with the same simple-carton look. Please Note: This site is in NO way affiliated with any of the companies whose email offers are posted. These ceiling fans were priced $20 higher because a few parts came pre-assembled and the fan would take less time to install in theory.
For a change of pace, I decided to head over to a neighboring big-box improvement store to see what they had. You need ample choices, but too many and it’s easy to waste time and question what you really need. In addition, students wrote higher quality essays if their essay topic had been picked from a smaller rather than a larger choice set.
However, despite their greater initial enjoyment in the extensive-display condition, participants proved more dissatisfied and regretful of the choices they made and were subsequently considerably less likely to choose chocolates rather than money as compensation for their participation. One of the things you'll want to check with the fan is - is your ceiling fan UL wet listed or not. The brands were Hampton Bay, Hunter, a Hunter sub-brand called Harbor Breeze, Monte Carlo, and allen + roth.
In reality, there’s no way to hang a ceiling fan in five minutes (not counting the time to take down your current light fixture), but it would take less time no doubt. If you have some wall sconces that match the decor of your fan, it will add a level of elegance to the room.

I asked the associate and he said Hunter was the best and ran the quietest (a concern for me as some of my house fans run loud and sometimes make obnoxiously sporadic noises… I can never pinpoint the problem). I returned the other and took home the new fan and installed it in about an hour (it’s the Cedar Hill model from Harbor Breeze).
This works well for outdoor porches as well as indoor shoe rooms which lead to the porch or etc. Let me explain the paralyzing decision-making process I went through to give my daughter’s room a breeze (note to Dyson: Make a ceiling fan!).
I quickly became overwhelmed with my options for buying a fan just looking at pricing, colors, and brands, but these choices were only the beginning. Of course I want a fan with good airflow that doesn’t cause my circuit breaker to overload! I didn’t want to come home with a great-looking fan (my daughter told me she wanted an antique bronze finish) that didn’t adequately cool her room.

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