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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. The ventilation fan has the following wires Neutral, ground, black (L), Fan, Light, common, Night Light (we don't want to hook up the night light). On your new fan there should one common neutral (white) and 3 hot wires for exhaust, main light and night light. On edit: Based on your last pic - you are supposed to power the fan combo at the unit and then run a dedicated switch line down.
That yellow wire is connected to the black inside the fan therefore it must be capped off. Based on these two pieces of information, splice the black switch wire to the red wire in the unit. The labels on the wires in the unit and the colors in the wiring diagram don't appear to agree.
I went ahead and made some alterations to the Hampton bay receiver wiring diagram, if you can confirm for me that this is how the fan is wired then we can rule out faulty wiring as the cause of your problem.
If this still doesn't work it is time to get a multimeter and test the voltage between the incoming white and black (or red) wires. A ceiling fan remote control can offer you many more features than you would otherwise have with just a standard pull chain. Process of Ceiling Fan Wiring Before we start wiring ceiling fan we need to be sure the circuit is “cuted”. Since you moved your fan to another room, did that room formerly have a light powered by a wall switch?

In that case you will have to determine what wire is switched and what wire (if any) is always powered. If your fan does not have pull chains on it then there is a possibility that your fan also had a fancier remote that came with it that was replaced.
It is common to have a remote to stop working after several years while the fan continues to work perfectly. Check the top of the motor housing for this reverse switch and write me back here and let me know if we are going to have to move on to plan B. The black and white wires on the LEFT side of the receiver will connect to the black and white from the electrical box. I am trying to install a ceiling fan with light and remote.A like the transmiter below (image) post 341.A  I have three wires, 1 bk, 1 wht, 1 blue on one side and on the other 1 white and 1 blk, how do I connect them to the two wires from the cieling 1 whit and 1 blk and the three wires from the fan base 1 wht and 1 blk? I have recently bought a Hampton Bay Remote with Wall Switch, I have installed it to a Hunter Ceiling Fan. The diagram shows a un-switched 2-conductor cable providing power to the fan and a 3 conductor cable running to switch box for the switch. I removed the motor plastic brake, inserted the battery to the transmitter, set the same dip switch (0000) to both the transmitter and receiver and press the button on remote (and the wall outlet). When you push a button on the remote, there should be a small red LED that lights up to tell you that the remote has power and is sending a signal. The power still works on it and when I push the buttons everything registers on the remote however the fan is not responding. The fans in my bedroom and living room both have remotes but the reverse switch is on top of the motor housing on one of them and just above the light kit on the other.

It is a possibility that if someone else lived in your house before you, they could have replaced the old remote with a reverse switch with one without. Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control. However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician. It will be white to white, the red wire in your box to the main light, black wire in your box to the fan and just cap off the extra night light wire.
Nothing happened.The red input from the outlet works since there was a light before I removed it and replaced it with the fan. To wire according to the diagram you woulf have to either run a new 2 conductor cable to the fan in addition to the three conductor cable there or replace the existing switch cable with a 4-conductor cable. Seeing as the fan is so new you always have the opportunity to bring it back to The Home Depot for a refund or exchange. A Tried disconnect of A blue fan wire to house black just leaving black to black and white to white still no fan power.
You will need to change the switch that is typically behind the battery in the remote to a different setting on one of the fan remotes and then change the switch to the same setting on the transmitter in the canopy of the ceiling fan. I have no multi-tester but I could get one and I can almost certain it is not a user-error.A Any idea?

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