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Description Learn the top facebook marketing techniques for business using the power of fan pages and facebook advertising to find new customers daily. The Top 7 facebook marketing Tools And Why We Use Them By Brian Moran on November 14, 2012 in Fan Pages. Top 8 facebook fan pages And Why They Work So Well  Part 2 By Brian Moran on November 9, 2012 in Fan Pages. You may have seen our previous post about the Top 8 facebook fan pages And Why They Work So Well. Your baby’s sleep shouldn’t be stressful and The Baby Sleep Site strives to provide a strong, non-judgmental, support network to help you and your family sleep better. Join over 300,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE! We need to win this because, having read enough about sleep to get a PHD, my 7month old continues like this every night. Winning this would mean I can stop worrying about damaging my son’s development through lack of sleep, my husband may be less grumpy with us and I can get behind the wheel of a car without fear of falling asleep and killing us all! I am 2 months away from weaning my DD from nursing and would love advice on how to do it for the night feedings, as she is not sleeping thru the night yet. I would like the basic email package because our 10 month old son, who is our second child, was sleeping through the night and something happened and now he is not. I would love an email package as my 19 month old daughter does not go to sleep without being held and wakes numerous times throughout the night. I would like to win this to help my baby Charlie (10 months old) make the transition from co-sleeper to his own crib. Hi, I would love to win the email package as my 5 month old daughter has no idea at all how to fall asleep on her own or self soothe. My sweet little girl had been a great sleeper until 3 months ago…suddenly she is waking through the night and will only go back to sleep if she is next to us.
I fell into a bad routine with the eldest and rocked him to sleep until he was 2yrs (even got repetitive strain injury in both of my wrists). It is not working very well – he goes down with his bunny and bottle but I still have to lie with him until he goes to sleep (his cot is in my room). I have had virtually no sleep in over 4 years – I really need to win this competition!!!!!!!!!! Facebook, currently one of the most popular social media outlets, has become a superior marketing tool in our society. Humor is a great way to connect with your audience and to show a lighter side to your business. Just as humor can be honey to your bees, serious posts, including anything from holiday-themed posts, to trending topics in your market, can be just as valuable to your audience. As long as the content is relevant and beneficial to your audience, re-posting someone else’s content is an excellent way to draw attention to your page. One of the number one goals we should all strive for in marketing is consistently providing the best information at exactly the right time.
Facebook can be a fantastic tool for building an engaged audience as long as you put forth the effort to know your audience and make their time worthwhile. Facebook recently announced that it would implement a new feature that would change the way people used the social media giant. For those of you who are concerned about your privacy, you have the ability to change those settings on your Facebook account. Now that the general public has been addressed, I’ll move on to discussing how Graph Search will impact Facebook marketers. Graph Search helps Facebook users to develop connections based on people’s interests and opinions. As of right now, Graph Search displays 12 results per page, and searches can include over 39 criteria.
A thought occurred to me while writing this – what about contests that involve tagging yourself and commenting? As you’ve read above, I have already alluded to Facebook incorporating a review feature that is searchable in Graph Search.
Some people have been predicting that Graph Search will be the downfall of dating sites and businesses of that nature. From what we have learned so far about Facebook’s Graph Search, we can see some adjustments that need to be made as marketers. Hey Jimmy, since Graph Search is still in beta I don’t think we’ll be seeing any dramatic changes in traffic. The first step to becoming a professional Facebook marketer is having a professional looking Fan Page. If you do not have capability or talent to create artistic masterpieces, then do not attempt to throw some clip art together in Microsoft Paint to create a cover photo.
Some of you may have no idea where to look for designers, so I’ll offer up two sources that have served me well in the past. For smaller businesses that may not have a large budget for graphical design, I recommend a little site called Fiverr. The second site requires a larger budget around $100 to $300 per image, and is called 99 Designs. While your Facebook Fan Page may look great, cover photos alone won’t generate much engagement. Posts come in a variety of formats, and are able to display different types of media from photos to video. Now that the groundwork is set to becoming a professional Facebook Marketer, it is time to adopt the mindset of a professional. As Facebook marketers, we often spend a lot of time split-testing and tweaking our ad campaigns to find the most effective ways of reaching our potential customers. Facebook Studio is a community of Facebook marketers that specialize in showcasing effective Facebook campaigns. This is a fantastic resource for Facebook marketers. We created Facebook Studio to celebrate the agencies and marketers that are showing what creativity can accomplish in a connected world.
If you prefer to keep your personal profile separate from your Facebook marketing business, then that is your prerogative as well.
Whether you choose to be included in this directory or not, you can still use it as a resource to connect to some inspirational marketers, and others who are succeeding at marketing on Facebook.
If you are looking for great examples of Facebook Ad Campaigns, then this is the best resource that I have found to date.
While you are on the gallery page, you will see some Facebook campaigns that were created by Facebook advertising companies for their clients. You can sort through the submitted campaigns by recency, the number of likes, company  name, use of apps, and many other criteria. Once you have narrowed in on your target campaign, you can click on each individual campaign to see the details.

Further campaign details are shown in pictures, or sometimes a video is available that walks you through the entire campaign.
Campaigns that are exceedingly successful, clever, or unique are able to win awards from Facebook Studio.
Does it make full use of Facebook marketing products? Does the campaign take advantage of Facebook’s full potential?
Does it integrate with other media? Is the Facebook idea part of a larger multimedia campaign? If you feel that you have successfully created a Facebook campaign that is worthy of being displayed on the Facebook Studio site, then you will need to follow the appropriate procedures. Hopefully youve done some research already, and put together a nice list of resources for yourself. We are thrilled to reach this milestone and know that we could not have done it without you. Our website has helped countless families through free online articles, step-by-step e-Books, and private and personalized sleep consulting services. With this consultation package, you will receive a Personalized Sleep Plan™ which is like a mini book written just for you and your family. The winner will be notified by email so please be sure to leave a valid email address with your comment. I have been trying to convince my husband that we need to buy atleast some type of your service but we are on a tight budget as we are only living off of his income now so that I can stay at home with our 5 month old daughter.
I suspect you have many more out there in the online world that simply don’t use facebook much or at all.
My 27 month old boy has trouble napping (not daily and often much two late) and is a comitted early riser 5:30.
Because of the sleep deprivation I had with my DS, I can’t remember how I did it with him.
He used to sleep all the way from 6 pm to 6 am, wake briefly for a bottle and go back to sleep till 8.
Again not going back to sleep unless held, rocked, she wakes when you try and put her in cot.
Our first child turns two months tomorrow and we would love to make sure we develop good habits from the start. She will only sleep on the breast or in the stroller if very tired and with a lot of protesting! He had bad wind, then reflux and never slept well despite my best efforts (nearly sent me bonkers!) I’ve slowly worked him out with the help of this website and the free reading as well as several books and personal consults here locally. I now have to lie with him till he fall asleep and he still often wakes up in the middle of the night and comes through to my bed. He also wakes several times a night to the point where my husband actually doesn’t sleep in our room? Some of our best posts ever published have been about somber holidays like Veteran’s Day, September 11th, and the like. The worst thing you can do for your traffic is bash a certain political candidate, make a socially or racially charged statement, or even post about why your favorite sports team is better than the rest. And more often than not, your true purpose has nothing to do with pop culture, an election, or sports. If the content is valuable, your audience doesn’t care where it came from, so don’t be afraid to share it! People would much rather have information served to them on a shiny silver platter than have to go digging around in dark corners to find it. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook. I had tried Facebook as an advertising medium before but gave up because I was getting very poor results. As always I do the best I can to apply it to my Facebook common courtesy’s of my business. I will do my best to apply it to the common courtesy’s that should be practiced on Facebook by everyone.
Limited to beta testers, Graph Search made its debut to the social media world with a spark of controversy. Now I can find pictures a specific friend has liked, or places they’ve recently traveled and checked in to.
In order to cross that bridge, however, we must first delve into what exactly what Graph Search is — how it operates, and how to take advantage of its features. We already know that friends of friends see what someone has liked recently, like a page or a photo. Like Google, it will index certain parts of your profile and Fan Page that have relavent information.
Graph Search brings another some more metrics to the table – tags, comments, and locations.
They currently have an app on Google+ called Local, allowing its users to search for businesses and provide reviews.
In order to dominate search results, we have to take advantage of the About section of our Fan Pages and fill it in appropriately. There are a ton of options, and if rushed a Fan Page is rushed through creation it usually turns out to look unprofessional and shoddy.
This is generally true for Facebook Fan Pages as well, unless an experienced marketer is calling the shots or an effective Fan Page creation tool is being used.
Our business revolves around helping people create Fan Pages, and using Facebook to attract customers and loyal fans. You have to physically post to your Fan Page or use tools like custom tabs to create an engaging Fan Page.
The professional Facebook marketers use all of these types of posts to give everyone an opportunity to connect with their Fan Page.
Facebook Studio was created to help with marketing, and is an irreplaceable resource for Facebook Marketers.
Facebook Studio is a resource where you can get recognized for your work, be inspired by great campaigns from around the world and learn how to strengthen your Facebook strategies. The directory is fully integrated with your Facebook profile, so most of the important information pertaining to employment or other credentials is already known. Maybe now is a good time to get rid of that ridiculous profile photo, and start representing yourself as a knowledgable Facebook marketer. To narrow in on campaigns that suit your Fan Page’s needs, there is a search bar on the right-hand side of the page.
Results are also typically shown, including how many people the campaign reached, increase of fans over the campaign period, and sales revenues.
Also, Facebook Studio showcases non-award winning campaigns as well, so you can still be featured on the site without winning an award.

We are truly grateful and appreciate the community that you all have helped to build with us on Facebook.
A follow-up email will help to fine tune the plan or provide additional support after you have put the recommend strategies to work. Im exhausted and at the end of my tether, im working and not sleeping much and as such run down and getting sick a lot. Since then (two months ago) we’re struggling to get back on track and I would love some one on one help to know where to go and how to get there!
She slept in her bed off and on until she got really sick this summer and ever since has been in our bed.
Posting on Facebook can pique one’s interest, but how do you know what is appropriate in a post and what is not?
People always want great information, but the truth is they don’t always want to find it on their own. The most valuable information can be provided by utilizing specific knowledge of your audience and the topics that are important to them, along with being purposeful in the manner in which the topic is delivered. If you consistently provide premium content and deliver it appropriately, you will become the go-to resource every time the bees need more honey. It seems people didn’t realize just how public and tangible their information had become. Graph Search didn’t change any settings, it just gave people easier access to information they already had access to.
We’re used to being discovered or stumbled upon through the News Feed, and have had some moderate success with it already.
Chances are when Graph Search goes live to the pubic people are going to be making some privacy changes, probably involving pictures and things of a more private nature.
Here are some tips to create a Facebook Fan Page just like the professional Facebook marketers use. I just want to warn you up front that developing a professional Facebook Fan Page takes time, money, and some trial and error. You can also use the cover photo to promote current events or sales your business is currently running.
With 99 designs, you supply the criteria for graphic designers to follow, and are presented with a variety of designs to choose from created by different designers. Both of these tools, when used properly, can generate a loyal fan base and dramatically increase the sales for your business.
Yes, some people have been extremely fortunate to tap into the virality of social media, but do not build your business with that expectation. Some successful strategies may work for some niches, but may have to be slightly altered for others. This seems like a good time to offer our Facebook fans a special giveaway plus a discount on services. Please click HERE to go to our Facebook page for the link to the special discount purchase page. She is sleeping longer at night but she is waking up a few times at night and her naps are not regular. I have an 11 month old son who waking up every two hour in the night since he was 7 month old.
I still have my hands full with my son, so she is kind of just going to have to fit in – in theory !
But never shy away from being funny, especially on Facebook where engagement means more traffic. We know how much our audience cares about these subjects and we approach them very seriously and respectfully, which I think is one of the reasons these posts do so well. If you’ve put in the work to locate the details, your audience will appreciate it and reap the benefits whether you’re the original author or not. Search is a different beast though, and requires a closer look at what is behind your Fan Page. Fill in as many criteria as you can, and don’t try to make your Fan Page something it is not. It’s been reported that 20% of Google searches now show local intent, while 40% of mobile searches are local. Search around through the various graphic designer posts, and you should be able to locate someone who will make a Facebook cover for you. The designer you choose gets a majority of the money you spend, and you can submit requests for alterations that you would like to see until you have a final product. I don’t know how to get rid of the last nursing session because I know that she needs the fluids.
Currently he sleeps with me (mom) and I would really like to get back in bed with my husband soon. So, in order to be most attractive, we first have to figure out who the bees are (your audience), and then discern what is considered honey and what is considered vinegar. Your audience is sure to recognize and appreciate that you have taken the time to learn their interests and are producing sincere, quality content based on that knowledge. Don’t get in shouting matches over irrelevant details on your public Fan Page because you want your opinion heard. Be sure to monitor your reviews and take into consideration how you will handle a negative one. A cover photo that changes dramatically can have a negative impact on your Fan Page if it disassociates itself from your brand. You may not get a masterpiece, but it will most likely be better than what you could have come up with!
That is essentially what the Facebook Studio Directory is, and the best part is that it is completely free.
Something to add to our problem is she is not breastfeeding well and won’t take formula. She pretty much likes to be held a day, I can put her in her cot and she will usually sleep one cycle by putting herself to sleep with a dummy after that I’m in with her 100 times or nursing her till the next feed! When it comes to building an audience, a fan base, clientele, etc., it takes just the right type of marketing to bring in a good crowd.
Because of my financial problems, I have to live with my parents again this year and frankly I can’t afford any of your packages I hope you understand my english. We have a third baby due in September and I really need this one to be sleeping through the night by then!

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