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You can explore, and interact with other 3Dchat members in our highly customizable virtual world environment.
Eros Island was built over the course of 3 years, and thousands of man hours were put into creating the best possible virtual world for adults to enjoy. By utilizing the VERYfyA® Identity Servicesa€™ secure network as our exclusive verification provider!! Dear Panda, you have two attempts left to enter your password (this is a security measure), so please be careful. And the rock on his back probably reminded him of one of the heavy sacks of flour that he had to cart around on Bitterland all the time.
I think Ducks new name should be freepanda because he is free from being a slave in Bitterland. I think his new name should is libertycub2011 bcause his is free like the americans have the statue of libery to show they r free!!Or his name could be Victory1703 cos hes victorious over evron n bitterland and becos its st pats day today: 17 03 2011!!!!
PANFU RULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi em I think there should be a place on panfu that we can like post messages to our friends so when they go on they can read it and reply.

Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007 Sunglass_cool1007! Hi ya Ella hi ya Max I think it should be its ether Kcud or Sunglass_cool1007 if one of thesse dont get picket Ill be very very very sad mad and smad smad means your sad and mad at the same time Love Elese2 P.S. Now your face is as red as a tomato Ella actually just wanted to show you the new clothes for graffiti artists. Did you know that blue is a “cold colour”, and so we can call this especially cool fashion?
Spanish Panfu is the last one to enter its international fashion competition winners into the catalogue. Lilli thats my cusoons name and she nits socks for christmas like the Lilli in panfu dous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't remember your password, click on the link entitled "Forgotten your password?". If someone has a high score list and keeps putting different names in, does he have to change everything so that it’s the same or can he still win something?
Its should be Sunglass_cool1007 because he has Sunglassis on and its a awsome name for a boy!

If he comes back with any other food this week, we’ll drive him out of Panfu quicker than he can say help, he he. On Thursday Kamaria promised to make a little quiz here for all of you about the last 4 countries we’ve gotten to know through our designer Pandas.
Of course you can meet locala€™s right here in your hometown, but 3Dcupid cares about safety & security first! Or some posh English name because Everon sounds forigen so does Kamraria ( offense to Everon but no offense to Kamaria!) Maybe a mixed name! Kamaria has already come up with new name suggestions for him: eggington125, freepanda2011, frankenpanda1818, kcud and sunglass_cool007.

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