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We ask that you be kind to one another, that reading and reviewing is much appreciated and that you feel free to post your works of literature to the many pages of this enchanted realm. To Join simply click the button and leave us a message stating that you have read our little introduction and the rules set out before you and that you accept them whole heartedly. Girls’ obsession with Barbie dolls is not hidden from anyone and, in the same way, kids are excited for Barbie games.
Memory games, eyesight games, math blaster, cup stacking, sponge bob games and letter activities are some other games which are popular among kids. We are not a fan girl guild and so any such behaviour will be discouraged, nor are we a roll playing guild but we do look to the writers and readers to work with each other.
Though creative criticism is encourage we would like to see everyone treated kindly and fairly please no harassment, belittling, or unwarranted behavior toward other members of the guild. These games provide kids virtual situation in which they cook different types of dishes and make drinks.
They like to select the best dress for their Barbie, choose a hairstyle for her, select her shoes, jewelry and purse and give her a complete makeover.

These virtual environments provide kids a sense of empowerment, let them think and make them confident about their choices. We are looking for writers and readers, magic and muggle alike to bring to this guild all the wonders that are found in the world of Harry Potter and the wonderful imaginations of all those who have felt that spark of creativity. Collaboration efforts are encouraged as well a BETA work and we are an open venue for those who are just starting out as writers. We understand that there are always mistakes, even the greatest writers, but know that chat scrip is not tolerated.
Now, we see kids sitting in front of their computers screens continuously for several hours. Preparing curries, pizzas, cakes, pastries, deserts, ice creams, drinks and there is much more that kids can cook.
Some girls like to dress up their Barbie for cocktail party while others enjoy preparing her for middle age costume ball.
Car race, motorbike race, monster truck race, car parking race, turbo racing and renegade racing are some of the variations that are available online.

They can make choices and behave like adults and this is the main reason why kids love online games. From domestic kitchens to restaurants and open air, these games provide is a wide variety of environments where kids can cook. Kids love to find out new things and discover new challenges that these online games provide them.
Cooking games of girls also provide a large assortment of spices and sauces which are used in cooking. Cooking games for girls, Barbie games, painting games, puzzles, typing games and there are much more than that.

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