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Charmy Bee in Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Charmy in Sonic 1) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by E-122-Psi, starring Charmy Bee as the playable character instead of Sonic the Hedgehog.
It supports saving and loading anywhere, controller support, adjustable controls and screenshot taking. The game is modified to use Charmy's sprites (edited from Knuckles Chaotix) in place of Sonic's, along with several modifications to the player's stats and abilities.
Now, one thing I want to mention before anyone start lipping on my reviews, for this month, I plan on sort of doing a Sonic review marathon. Make two circles for their heads, and then add the facial guidelines for the faces like so. Here you will draw in the forehead shapes, and then right after that draw out the outlining of their eyes like so.
Now it's time to draw out the lower parts of their faces which is the chin, jaw, and noses. Draw in the triangular shapes inside of each ear for added detailing, and then add some definition on the back of Shadow's hair like so. Finally, draw out the shoulders, and arms to finish off the viewing of their upper bodies, and then erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up both popular Sonic the Hedgehog characters. In this version of the game, instead of new or fully edited zones, all the original zones are kept intact with minor editing to the acts. The main reason is because I want to reserve my other non-sonic reviews ideas for next month and so on, if I become staff. Everyone knows that Sonic and Shadow compete against one another, and for some reason the two hedgehogs are always trying to be better than what they are. You will do this by sketching out their hedgehog hairstyles, and then draw in the last of the two ears.
Instead this hack extends the game beyond its original capabilities, including a zone map with warp rings to each act (much like in Sonic Advance 3), saving via SRAM slots (like in Sonic the Hedgehog 3), obtainable upgrades such as the Spin Dash and Super PeelOut (like in the Megaman X series) as well as a new type of ring, emerald and special stage to add to the mix. While work has not been shown on the hack for a while publicly, a lot of work goes on in private. Instead of jumping, he uses a air dash which is triggered by pressing A, B, or C and any direction.
This is mostly Cinossu either restarting the entire thing from scratch (currently on the 5th restart since conception), or constantly adding and refining new features and ideas.
It can be used multiple times concurrently and thus the player can fly over the stage if they wish.
I can almost bet that you guys will fall in love with this submission because every time a tutorial on Sonic or another character from the game series gets submitted, people go nuts and begin going into a drawing frenzy. The latest restart is most likely the last one, however, as the disassembly is now so modular that the various chunks can be restarted rather than the entire hack. As mentioned above, ideas are often refined, updated and changed for this hack, so it is a good idea to keep checking this page about further details from the latest versions (both information and pictures).
Well, I guess that is all I really have to say regarding this description on Sonic and Shadow.
Let's go ahead and get started right on to the review!Intro:Alright, to basically explain what this sonic 1 hack is, it simply replaces Sonic the hedgehog with Charmy the Bee, as the main playable character in this game.
It's going to be way more fun when you stop reading this description, and start getting busy with teaching yourself "how to draw Sonic and Shadow", step by step. If there is other game character you would like to see drawn as a duo, let me know and I will be sure to full your request. And then you select the act you want to play by jumping on the button and then jump in to the big ring to start the act!

You will also notice that after you finish an act, it will change from day time to sunset, then to night time, then to morning time and it looks beautiful! So, basically, this game caught my attention to play it for a while, then of course, review it. Well, the first thing I should probably point out is that this game gives you a completely different gameplay experience in Sonic hacks. This is definitely a lot different for gameplay compared to other Sonic games and hacks I have seen. This hack only has all acts of green hill zone but if the game gets completed then this for sure would be an awesome game!
You can not run, however, you CAN air dash in literally ANY direction you want and you can keep air dashing as much as you want. Also, Charmy will never tire out, which is insane! Now, to basically explain how this actually works out while you are on the ground, while Charmy is standing on the ground, he can run left or right like normal, but he can't roll when you press down. Now, to control that air dash, you must hold the directional buttons to whatever direction you want to go to. Don't tell me you had enough patience to read all of this! Thanks for reading this and please enjoy this game! So, if you want to air dash up, you hold up, if you want to air dash up-right, you hold up + right and so on. Also, if you want your dash to move farther, you can hold the jump button after you pressed it. You can also keep repetitively tapping the jump button to keep on dashing for as long as you want at any direction.
So, even if you want, you can actually keep dashing up right and just fly through some of the zones, which is cheap but a little fun at first. Well, sure it may sound very easy, ok, it is easy at times, like dashing into a motobug is easy, but it is also hard at times, especially for bosses.
Eggman to finally complete the game, you must dash right toward Eggman everytime he appears and dodge all hazardous things.
I mean, it is somewhat fun and cool to be able to dash over everything as much as you want and all, but, it just clearly starts to get boring after a short while when you are bored to continuously dashing and tapping the jump button. Of course, only the Sonic sprites were replaced with the Charmy sprites (From knuckles chaotix but slightly modified) and the title screen has also been modified. So now, let us start off with describing the modified stuff.Alright, so for the modified title screen, it simply replaces Sonic the Hedgehog with Charmy the Bee. So, basically, the animation of Charmy in the title screen seems alright and it seems like decent quality for a Sega genesis.
Now, as for the way Charmy looks like, he does actually seem like more of himself, well, mostly. Charmy doesn't look so heroic in the title screen, which makes sense since Charmy never looked very heroic before. It is of decent quality with good animations and Charmy looks like his real self in that title screen. So, from what you can see, Charmy is obviously very small which is why Charmy's sprites are small, and you can barely see his face.
Now, to basically talk about the appearance of the zones, it is indeed original, but to talk about the original, it looks beautiful.

The colors are clear and bright, it is very eye catching, something retro gamers would want to see, and of nice quality. Thats about it for the graphics portion in my review!Sound: 9So, you guys can pretty much guess that this was left unchanged from the original Sonic the Hedgehog 1.
Though, if you do want me to describe the original sounds, I would say that it is very catchy, something gamers would want to hear, very fitting, and very good quality for a Sega genesis. Like, if you were to look at the zones, their background music perfectly fits how the zone looks like, doesn't it? Also, aren't some of their background musics, catchy and something you would listen to while playing this game?
You just want to hear those ring sounds everytime you collect some rings, ain't that right? Just continuously keep dashing on the air all the time, isn't that just starting to get a little boring to you? I mean, literally just flying over the whole zone through the air is boring while actually running and jumping through the zones is more fun. Yea, to basically sum it up, due to it's gameplay being mostly nothing but air-dashing, it just gets boring after a while, therefore, not being very addictive. Really, if you actually want me to say the story of this Sonic game, it would simply be, "Dr. The way this game has Charmy's move of air-dashing perfectly in this Sonic 1 hack is definitely something you can give credit for. I mean, sure it is all boring and non-addicting and what not, but still, very unique gameplay compared to other Sonic hacks I have seen. You can't jump, just only infinitely air-dash throughout the zones, I don't remember seeing any other Sonic hack with that much of a change in gameplay.
It does seem very dedicated to Charmy if it really changes up the gameplay to exactly at how Charmy would go. The game was deep enough to give you the exact experience of how Charmy goes throughout the zones, which may be somewhat boring after a while, but still, the game was deep enough to reach that point. It mostly depends on what zone you are in, however, remember that you can not jump, only air-dash through the zones. Like, for green hill zone, you can simply do the cheap way through the zone and just simply air-dash all the way up and just fly your way through the whole zone without putting in much effort and of course, in my opinion, that is definitely no fun. Well, I don't think flying over that zone and skipping it is actually possible, but just imagine having to be forced to literally dash your way through underwater and what not. It can be a little hard to control Charmy's air-dash techniques in some cases and you can simply end up into dashing into some type of hazard or trap that can lead to lots of loss in rings or possibly your demise. Can get boring after a while but can be fun to try it for a short while the first time you play this game.

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