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Modern minimalist design, total unobtrusiveness and powerful suction are main features of these ceiling kitchen hoods by Gutmann. Campo comes in 860, 960, 1,160 mm widths with one blower and in 1,650 and 1,850 mm with two blowers whereas Estrella models are 20 mm wider.
You can select from 4 glass colors, choose steel or aluminum frame in any color from RAL chart. Appliancist is an online magazine about the latest Home Appliances & Home Appliance Trends. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community.
I'm switching out my standard plastic builder grade switch plates with some decorative ones I found at Lowes. You'll need to loosen the mounting screws holding the devices to the boxes and let the devices float up until they come flush with the face of the covers. If you want to try to make them work, loosen the devices enough that they are no longer tight against the wall.
I'm uploading some pictures showing one of our switches and the backside of the plate (shown alongside the standard plastic switchplate). If I can't get these to work, any suggestions for where I could find something similar that will fit a standard switch and outlet?

I'd forgotten that we used to buy #6 washers once in awhile, and collect the snap-off plaster ears from devices that didn't need them, to use as spacers to raise device yokes. They fold up and snap to each other in any thickness you need and just slip over the screw shank. I started to ask you this earlier: Can you kill the power and pull one of the switches out of the wall - you can leave the wiring attached - and see if you can fit the plate onto the switch and have the two wind up flush?
I found some other, similar plates online, from another manufacturer, so I'm going to give those a try. Most times store displays don't make it clear that a particular mfg designs their plates and devices as an item and are meant to be used together.
You selected a nice looking plate but looking at it you can see it has much more thickness, back surface to front surface, than the standard plate. Estrella II above and Campo II below are available in 5 sizes with subtle opal glass, halogen light and versatile perimetric extraction system that draws air in on all four sides of the hoods. Price for Estrella is approximately a‚¬ 4,100 while Campo ceiling range hood sells for around a‚¬ 3,700. Took out a few switches and outlets and pressed them up against the face of the plate, and still they aren't flush. The flush mounted ceiling hoods are operated by remote controls and all the ducting is hidden above the ceiling.

It will be very tedious to get the right amount of setoff on each screw so that the device comes flush to the front and the device and its cover will not wiggle or slide. However, this issue doesn't exist with the outlet switch covers, and those aren't quite as badly recessed. We have tried using the little plastic electrical tab shims under the mounting screws, but all that does is raise the overall switch out of the box some more.
I did think about trying to file it, but quite frankly if it's going to be that much work, I will probably just return them and look for something else, because I was planning to change out all the visible plates in my house. I have a hard time believing that people living in homes much higher priced than my own would be satisfied with ordinary plastic or metal switch plates.
I have checked the reviews on Lowe's website, but there are very few and none of them refer to the issue I'm having.

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