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Welcome to New York Carpets, where we provide you with quality service, low prices, and huge in-stock selection. Family-owned in Southern California since 1981, New York Carpets is one of Orange County's largest flooring retailers. Whether you are looking for new carpet to upgrade your home, unique tile flooring, laminate alternatives or classic hardwood we have your solution. At New York Carpets, we care about providing the best customer service, and are proud to offer efficient and affordable flooring installation. Our associates have over 30 years of experience in flooring retail services, and are ready to find you the best deals possible. The herringbone tiling pattern has always been an interesting way to lay wood flooring as well as tile, but the design world has really fallen in love with this trend for 2015!  Break out of your comfort zone and create an inspiring design!  A.
Give your living room a new life by re-tiling your mantelpiece!  This herringbone pattern makes the fireplace a focal point that pops, while adding a touch of luxe!  We also love the gray palette, which gives the design an overall modern feel. We love the wood floor look for a Connecticut home, but who doesn’t love classic tile in the bathroom?  Which look do you love more? Give your home an instant cabin-vibe with this innovative DIY!  Choose you favorite hardwood flooring, measure out your design and add a special something to your wall!  This would be a cool idea for an art-pop cabin-style wall near a staircase.
There are little things you can do every day or every few days to keep your tile floors at their best. To take care of dirty or stained grout, make a paste out of water and baking soda and rub it on the stain.
For more information on tile flooring and how we can help you keep your floors looking their best, contact us on our website or visit our Orange, CT showroom. The average person spends at least a year and a half of their lifetime in a bathroom, so why not make yours beautiful? White seems to be the main color in the overwhelming majority of bathrooms… until now.
Gone are the days of stepping over the ledge of the tub and feeling claustrophobic between the walls of your shower stall. Renovations like adding a walk-in shower take up a lot of space; space that you may or may not have.
Remember, keeping your bathroom looking renovated and updated doesn’t necessarily require a drastic over-haul makeover. Check out our website or visit our Orange, CT showroom to see how we can help you makeover your bathroom today. This entry was posted in Featured, Flooring Lines, Tile, Tips, Trends and tagged 2015 bathroom trends, a.
The holiday season is an exciting time to revamp your interior design!  With events to host and friends coming to sit around a crackling fire, there is no better time to try these 3 great holiday flooring trends!  Which of these looks inspires your design for the upcoming holidays?

Mohawk flooring’s Austin Casual hardwood flooring in Butternut Oak, complete with ArmorMax ensures the longevity and durability of your beautiful hardwood flooring!  The warm yet versatile tones in this wood is perfect for your family room or living room! Porada Glazed Porcelain tile from Daltile is sure to impress your guests this holiday season!  The sleek finished look is classic and transitional, ideal for any kitchen (or bathroom); this is a fantastic alternative for slate tile, as well!  The modular designs are ideal for creating patterns, allowing your creativity to shine! This entry was posted in Featured, Flooring Lines, Tile, Tips, Trends and tagged 3 great holiday floor trends, a. Check out our interview on Connecticut Homes, a top site for Connecticut real estate, as well as Vermont homes for sale, Pennsylvania homes for sale and Orange, CT homes for sale: An Overview of Your Home Flooring Choices. Innovative apartment owners are taking advantage of recent developments in flooring technologies to differentiate and update their rental properties. New York Carpets is a wholesale outlet open to the public every day, providing you with 1st, 2nd & closeouts at discount prices. Tile floors are a great choice for parents with younger kids, pet owners, or anyone else who wants a low maintenance floor. One of these things is sweeping or vacuuming to keep any gritty dirt or sand from wearing away the glaze on the tiles and making them look dull.
Let the paste sit on the stain overnight, and then use a stiff nylon brush to scrub it away.
Many bathrooms get passed over when it comes to renovations in favor of things like kitchens and living rooms, but bathrooms are great to keep up-to-date too. Less and less designers are choosing to play it safe, and are opting for other neutral colors besides white. So what is something that you can change in your bathroom to update it and make it look fresh, without sacrificing half your space? Use these 2015 bathroom trends to just make a few key changes and your bathroom will look fresh for the new year in no time!
To give your tile floor a little more of a quick clean, use a mild detergent and a rag or a Swiffer-style mop.
Thanks to this trend you can bet you’ll be seeing lots of muted grays, charcoals, and taupes in bathrooms this coming year. Just imagine walking into what feels like a whole separate little room with walls covered in beautiful tiles, where warm water just rains down on you as you relax. Therefore, it’s better for you to treat and decorate it well as it still one of the parts of your home.
Flooring Specialists are laying out our favorite ways to work 2015’s biggest trend into your interior! Here is how to clean your tile floors so they will look like they’re brand new for years to come. Try not to use sponge mops, as they are more likely to push dirty water into your grout lines and make them look dirty.

Designers are already noticing that bold, statement tile patterns are becoming a huge 2015 bathroom trend.
Flooring Specialists make revamping your Connecticut home easy!  Led by design specialist Annamarie Amore, A. Flooring, in Orange, Connecticut!  We welcome you to walk into our Orange, CT location and browse with your family and friends.  Are you looking to install new hardwood flooring in your home?  A.
Flooring Specialists.  Walk-in or call us for a free flooring estimate at (203) 553-9595 today! Well, there are actually many aspects that you have to consider when decorating and designing your kitchen, and one of the important things is choosing the kitchen flooring. Use a clean cloth or rag to rub it on the stain, and then let it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing the stain with a soft brush. Cast aside those boring white ceramic or porcelain tiles, and go for some bold colors or detailed patterns and designs.
There are actually plenty option of kitchen flooring which you can use, but here I’ll brief you some options of best kitchen flooring which might be much helpful for you designing your kitchen in the best way.What are the criteria of the best kitchen flooring actually? Well, there are actually a number of factors which can indicate the best flooring for your kitchen. And don’t limit this bathroom trend to just flooring, try it on a wall or backsplash area instead if you’d like! Flooring Specialists in Orange, CT feature a variety of styles and colors!  Flip through our carpet swatches and re-discover your interior!
The indicators are surely depend on your own need including what style you are going for, your budget, and also how much tear and wear the floor will see. The last indicator is truly important to consider, especially if you have young children, or pets or something.
It’s good since it’s one of the most durable options since it’s made from a synthetic plastic which is derived from polyvinyl chloride. Moreover, such kind of material has better durability, especially when it comes to be the kitchen flooring.The next option which should be also included into the best kitchen flooring is linoleum. Another good thing is that such kind of flooring is also available in some different colors so that you will easily match it with your preferences.

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