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Originally Posted by Arielflies Becky's firming up her veto speech with Jackie in have not room. I think Becky will still be going over her speech when I get home from work this afternoon. With the tease that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) might be the next big villain on ABC's Once Upon a Time, season 5 might be a rough one for fans, emotionally. We knew that Once Upon a Time's Emma had the capacity for evil, and based on the final episode of season 4, it looks like that evil will be realized.
Dallas, who plays Charming on the series, spoke with Spinoff Online back in April about how the season finale would reveal the next great villain.
Fans now know that this is going to be Emma, and it will certainly be conflicting to have the Savior and hero of the story turn into the villain.
There are more open casting calls ahead for 'Big Brother 18' - find out if there's one near you this month. We have nominations, MVP, the MVP nomination, PoV, we've got Mama Pirahna taking control of the game. Because of her sisterly relation to her "Big Brother" it's really important that Big Sister's identity remain covert - we wouldn't want the parental unit getting wind of her snooping and "ground" her. Site Design and Programing Copyright 2003 - 2013© Reality TV Calendar, all rights reserved. As the stories about fat high school teachers multiply, it?s a relief when the trivia screen comes up. But no worries, the men seem pretty happy to see all the girly-girls getting lots of pretty stuff. Even though Eric asked Jessica what her decision will be, he ends up just laying out what he thinks while she nods along. At one point, Zach was lecturing Jessica about people who are dead weight in the house, who can?t win competitions. Downstairs, Daniele has been nervousing about Zach up there with the week?s power couple, but Dick assures her that Jessica won?t make that kind of move at this point. Jameka joins the HOH group and the talk turns to food, clothes, with a few comments about how annoying Zach is for variety. Big Brother apparently told Jessica not to wear any new clothes to the nomination ceremony; will they be saving the luxury competition footage for later in the week? As Jessica hides upstairs folding her new clothes and commenting to Jameka, Daniele and Eric how awkward it is in the house after nominations, Amber is downstairs with her head in her hands. Dick is cooking dinner, and Eric has a specific food order that he asks Daniele to check on (America?s Player is allergic to mushrooms), so she goes down to where he?s puttering around in the kitchen.
By 9:00, the house is gathered around the table eating dinner, except for Amber, who is still in the midst of her funk in her room. The night grows late, and Zach shows once again that he has no idea what is going on in the game. Zach tells her that he feels that he?s her friend, and he doesn?t think she would have a side deal with ?those two? ? and while he?s at it, he?ll vote for whoever she puts up as his replacement. Eric is stilted but he explains that he has to be cautious because the ex-girlfriend didn?t sign any papers and doesn?t want her life out on the internet.
Jessica is pursing her lips a lot and looking tired, but she lets Eric finish his thoughts (he is continuing to fumble with his words). Jessica says that from her point of view, she was afraid of developing feelings for someone in the house ? it was what she was worried about the most going in. Jessica says that if they had met outside the house and he had told her about this ex situation, she wouldn?t touch him with a ten-foot pole.

The feeds are blocked for a short while, and when they come back we learn that everyone will be playing in the POV competition except for Dick.
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Share Share this post on Digg Twitter Trinity: The Father (Evel Dick) The Son (Dan) The Holy Ghost (Dr. It wasn?t a pleasant start to the day, as BB is forced to kick their butts out of bed at the crack of noon. Ronnie is still miffed about Russell?s supposed ?fat f***? comment, but tells Chima, Jessie and his lapdog Natalie that he just wants to talk to Russell to get some info.
At some point Casey?s name is brought up as a replacement nominee, to ?teach him a lesson.? What lesson that would be, I don?t know. In today?s game of He Said, She Said, Jessie runs to Russell and spills all about the sorta-kinda plan to put him up in Jeff?s place. Russell and Natalie were upstairs pretending to play chess (Nat couldn?t figure out a game of checkers, never mind chess) - they were also listening in.
In the HoH room, poor Casey is locked in with Chima to watch the movie they won during that horrid luxury challenge. Meanwhile, Ronnie has finished pouting alone and goes inside to bang on his highchair to his crew.
Bolstered by this, Ronnie weasels his way down to Michele and rips in to her, accusing her of riding his coattails and letting him do all the dirty work.
Stupid Hamster Trivia:Chima says (and I don?t believe it) that she won Miss Congeniality during her debutante ball.
So sure that the upcoming HoH comp will be Majority Rules, Ronnie holds court and tells everyone on his ?side? how it works so they will win. The evening winds down early, with Lydia and Natalie betting on a game of pool and Jeff spot bleaching some pink stains out of his pants. Rosyummm, en esta foto, creo que la que se ve super cute es Kourtney, ja le robo la atencion a la novia, el vestido le queda stunning!!!
Creo que habria sido mas sencillo que Kim K ttuviera un clon para poder casarse con ella misma….
As the threat of Emma becoming the next big bad grows stronger and stronger as a possibility, let's take a look back at one of actor Josh Dallas previous comments. Fortunately around here they can keep a secret much better than most of the major networks! Amber whips around and with a mouthful of sugary cereal tells her to ?shut your face, you little s**t.? Ha?ha? Casey was already up, of course, having eaten breakfast, worked out, swam, napped, and burned a few ciggies all before the others were awake.
Ronnie insists that he?s not going to put up Jordan, getting her to promise the same in return.
She tells him that he?s playing both sides, and she basically doesn?t want to hear any of his crap because he?s just going to do what the bullies tell him to do anyway.
Chima was bitching earlier about having to pretend laugh and act like she?s enjoying the movie.
Ronnie, King of the Wafflers, did nothing but rehash his ?brilliant? (not) plans to turn the house on its head. Jessie points the finger at Jeff and Jordan, then runs to tell Ronnie what he just told Russell. Did it ever occur to this witch to actually try and enjoy it instead of whining like a child with a loaded diaper?

He had previously agreed not to tell her what was going on so she could be innocent, and now he was holding it against her. The big boys were hefting some serious poundage, while pudgerat Ronnie was pumping teeny little Barbie sized weights.
Casey then brings up the totally idiotic concept that some people in the house have - that if they were to vote out Kevin, they?re automatically anti-gay. A few minutes after that, Lydia is squawking about putting Jordan up to teach Jeff a lesson.
Of course Russell hunts down Ronnie for a chat, denies calling him a fat f*** and points the finger at Laura for causing all the problems.
Laura was eavesdropping and goes to talk to Jordan afterwards - Jordan knows she?s going up now.
Jessie and the rest of the assnozzles in his alliance will be ecstatic, because now the fact that some of them were the ones who originally wanted Russell put up will be forgotten.
He basically wants her to kiss his butt and bend to his will from now on, and just to shut him up, she agrees. Even more unfortunately, the lovely gum chomping noises didn?t drown out the details of Kevin and Russell?s discussion of oral sex, which I will spare you. I wish he?d been on BB8, Dick would have eviscerated him and used his bones for toothpicks. Of course, the lot of them have the collective IQ of a hot summer day, so cheating isn?t out of the equation. La boda de Kim Kardashian, el novio a nadie le importa!  Por meses veremos fotos de Kim sonriendo vestida asi en todo tabloide existente. Ronnie then brings Casey?s name up as a replacement, and both Jeff and Jordan defend him, saying that he doesn?t talk trash about anyone and keeps to himself. He claims that he now has the justification he needs to break his promise to her and put her up. He also takes the opportunity to rehash his browbeating of Michele in front of the others so they?ll adore him just that much more. Jordan, Jeff, and Laura laugh at themselves for believing Ronnie?s BS - at least they?re not sore losers. Todos ofreceran detalles intimos de la boda, secretos nunca antes revelados… blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, he didn?t ?go off? on Russell, which would have made buying the feeds so worth it. Lydia comforts him, telling him that they are seven strong and the house will be so awesome when all those fun people are gone. Anyway, aqui no hay fotos exclusivas de la mega super boda de Kim Kardashian y Kris Humphries… LOL!  Pero pueden ver algunas previews de las pics, una de Kim posando con las hermanas, y claaaro la de la portada.
In between bouts of fish, Jordan and Laura begin their primping in the bathroom and Chima scares the small animals out of her mop in preparation for the ceremony.
Por cierto, hablando de secretos jamas revelados… soy yo o Khloe se parece a Kris (el novio)? That logic is fuzzier than the stuff in that Tupperware container in the back of my fridge I refuse to go touch.

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