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Posted on April 1, 2012, in Weird News and tagged gathering of the juggalos, hip-hop, horrorcore, insane clown posse, juggalos, rap-rock, weird news. The younger brother of Backstreet Boys' member Nick Carter shares a picture of him with a black eye, claiming that he fights with alleged New Kids On The Block fans. Aaron Carter recently had a fight with some alleged New Kids On The Block fans, which cost him a black eye and bruised knuckles.
Following the fight, Aaron spent some time to interact with his fans on Twitter, retweeting and replying their messages.
Founded and hosted by clown-paint horrorcore rappers Insane Clown Posse, The Gathering takes place in a lawless corner of rural Illinois called Cave-in-Rock. The younger brother of Backstreet Boys' member Nick Carter told TMZ that he was leaving dinner with a friend on Saturday, June 22, in Boston when a man approached him in the parking lot.

A look from the archives then, on an attempted glimpse of supporters from both sides of the border. Tickets will set you back $175 apiece, with additional fees for RV and car camping—which you will almost certainly want to do, because really, are you just gonna leave all your shit in a tent when you’re camped next to these people? That being said, you can actually vote on who you’d like to see at the Gathering on the ICP website. Each time India and Pakistan have contested on the cricket field, it has been a gala occasion. They will smell the drugs stashed at the bottom of your knapsack the way a hungry grizzly smells a cooler full of hamburger patties.
Conveniently, ICP’s next album, The Mighty Death Pop, comes out just two days later on Aug.

The singer said he got some punches on his face, but he attacked back before the four left the scene. A look from the archives then, at supporters from both sides of the border, through the years.

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