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The exhaust is unique as for the headlights, they are racing version headlights, they won't present the final look of the car on a racing pre production version. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
In pictures: Best's last journey home George Best's grave will be kept under 24-hour guard after fears that a grieving or deranged fan could interfere with it or the mass of floral tributes.
Zombies have become increasingly prevalent in all areas of popular culture over the past few years, and whilst The Walking Dead, Left4Dead, Dead Rising and even Call of Duty each have their own take on how the apocalypse will play out, the Resident Evil series is perhaps the one that started it all way back in 1996.
The latest in the Resident Evil canon is the Xbox One release of Resident Evil 6, which was originally released on Xbox 360 in 2012.
Looks good — With its upgraded visuals and higher resolution, Resident Evil 6 looks excellent overall. Better with friends — Resident Evil 6 essentially comprises of four campaigns, each of which can be played cooperatively either via local split-screen or across Xbox Live. QTE — Within the first five minutes of booting up Resident Evil 6, I had already experienced more Quick Time Event (QTE) sequences than I would ever like to see. Clunky — Although Resident Evil 6 does look great, and plays very well, it still suffers from clunkiness both graphically and during gameplay. Identity crisis — Likely a result of the evolution that the Resident Evil series has been through, Resident Evil 6 does feel as if it is unsure of whether it wants to be a slow, traditional survival horror game or just a pure action game. Having not played Resident Evil 6 at length when it originally launched, I can safely say that I enjoyed the vast majority of my time with this remake and I can foresee myself replaying the campaign with friends again in the future.
Late last month the Xbox One witnessed a temporary price drop to $300 but for how long that would last was still up in the air, until now. The deal makes the Xbox One $50 cheaper than the PS4 and one of the lowest prices that the console has been available to purchase.
The new skin pack lets buyers play as "many" characters from Telltale's series, such as Jesse, Magnus and Ivor. I used to love dodgeball at school mainly because I hate sports, and it wasn’t a proper sport, at least not the way we played it.
Cool story, bro — I’m going to show my age here, but I honestly think the last time I played a sports game was Pete Sampras Tennis on the old Sega Megadrive. Spaced — Humor in games can often come across as awkward and crass, but with Stikbold it’s more of a surreal style, and I had some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Eat, sleep, dodge, repeat — To win a round of Stikbold, one team has to knock all players in the opposite team out at the same time.
With that single comparison made, I'm also acutely aware that aside from a few quiet re-releases on newer consoles like the Xbox 360, Sensible Soccer is a series which hasn't been relevant for almost twenty years.
More than just 4-4-2 — The range of options provided by Active Soccer 2 DX is simply astonishing, both on and off the pitch. More than just a name — It may seem odd to list this as a positive, but Active Soccer 2 DX features literally hundreds of teams, including those made up of club legends, comprising of players with fake, yet recognisable names. Match fitness — As with any football game, most of what really matters when determining if it's any good or not can be decided on the pitch.
It's not FIFA — Active Soccer DX 2 may be incredibly feature rich for an indie game, but it still lacks the comprehensive, fully licensed features and gameplay modes of FIFA or the intricate, realistic football of Pro Evolution Soccer.
Rough around the edges — Outside matches, Active Soccer 2 DX has a look that is kind of endearing if you do remember Sensible Soccer, but it's downright basic and probably quite jarring if you don't. I'm enjoying Active Soccer 2 DX, and I have no doubt that with a European Championship coming up, I'll be aiming to replicate a few tournament scenarios with my friends over the coming months. Rocket League developer, Psynoix announced yesterday that they would be partnering with various eSports leagues to bring players of all skill-levels the opportunity to compete against one another in tournaments. The partnerships, to begin this month, will be with Electronic Sports League (ESL), Rocket League Central (RLC) and the American Video Game League (AVGL).
Luke Thompson, Competition & Events Manager at Psynoix said that they will be providing more than $30,000 in prize pools and scholarships.
Upcoming competitions include the Rocket League Collegiate Spring Showdown hosted by AVGL, with a $1,000 scholarship prize pool.
Psynoix hopes that with all these options, Rocket League players of all skill levels, ages and regions will be able to find an eSports league to compete in.
Perhaps due to what seemed like an incredibly promising title, I began playing Gryphon Knight Epic feeling pretty excited. Gryphon Knight Epic is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up featuring cute sprites set against pretty and varied backdrops. Looks all right — There isn't much in Gryphon Knight Epic that warrants being called out as exceptional, but the art style is attractive. Tooled up — As Sir Oliver liberates each of his former friends from the curse that has befallen them, he gains access to their unique weapons for use in later levels. Big boss man — Although highlights are infrequent, some of the better bits in Gryphon Knight Epic are undoubtedly the boss battles.
Unremarkable — Unfortunately, the main problem with Gryphon Knight Epic is that it is, simply put, pretty darn average.
Frustrating — For every boss I enjoyed fighting against, there was at least one other one that made me want to smash my pad through the TV in disgust.
I went into Gryphon Knight Epic hoping (perhaps unfairly) to find an unexpected delight, however niche it might be.
The post New preview feature lets you turn any Xbox One into a dev kit appeared first on XBLAFans. If you have an Xbox One you now also have a Xbox One dev kit, thanks to a new update for the preview version of the feature that can make any Xbox One become a development kit. The new feature was promised three years ago but proved more difficult to do than was previously expected.
After releasing on PC last fall, Sword Coast Legends' Xbox One version was delayed into 2016, and is still coming this year despite recent events. The post Sword Coast Legends is still coming to consoles despite n-Space closure appeared first on XBLAFans.
Ben Leary, a weapons artist who was working on a separate n-Space project called Gunstruction, let loose the news of the studio's closing on Twitter this week.
The new world is one of the episode's more interesting aspects: it seems to be inspired by the Sky Dimension, a long-lost concept for an alternate world that was once teased for Minecraft but never saw the light of day. While still being connected to the larger narrative, this episode is an entirely standalone story. This is a nice diversion from Telltale's usual storytelling formula, as experiencing a complete narrative in one sitting is very satisfying. To find reviews for the other episodes (as they become available), check out the Minecraft: Story Mode review hub. On booting up Steredenn, I was immediately reminded of R-Type, which is definitely not a bad thing.
This randomisation is both Steredenn's strength and its weakness, ensuring that it offers a stiff and unique challenge every time you tackle it, but also removing the aspect of pattern recognition, which is so often key in games of this type.
Classic design with a modern twist — I love classic, scrolling, shoot-em-ups like R-Type, and adding a unique twist such as those seen in various Treasure games like Ikaruga is a good idea. Pulsating presentation — After a few hours of play, I did begin to tire of Steredenn's largely black and muted pastel colour palette. Rapidly random — One issue with Steredenn that I've already hinted at came somewhere in the middle of my time with it. Randomly repetitive — Some people are just going to find Steredenn repetitive, and at times I did too.
Flying solo — The biggest shame about Steredenn is that it is entirely single player, and although it features both a ton of online scoreboards and a really fun daily challenge that allows players to compete just once every 24 hours for the top spot, it would benefit from local and online multiplayer. In Organic Panic, you play as different fruit and veggie characters each with their own powers and personalities to help you blast and puzzle-solve your way through fully destructible environments overrun with meat and cheese monsters.
Totally unique — When was the last time you played a game like the one I described in the previous paragraph?
Controls — Everything plays just loose enough to let you really mess around and try to have a good time but tight enough to be well put together. Repetition — Not to repeat myself here too much, but Organic Panic really is very repetitive.
Who does what? — Characters all have their own play styles and unique abilities, but figuring that out is basically just up to random luck. Production value — While the graphics are pretty good, and controls aren't bad, everything else about the game feels like it has low production values almost to the point of making this feel like a really high-end student game. Like a trip to Whole Foods, Organic Panic is not without its share of fun, but its cons unfortunately outweigh its pros. A new trailer has been released for the upcoming comedic action-adventure game Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom. The post New Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom trailer shows that clowns are no laughing matter appeared first on XBLAFans. Rocket League's basketball DLC, known as Dunk House, will arrive next month, developer Psyonix, Inc. The post Rocket League getting basketball mode 'Dunk House' in April appeared first on XBLAFans. Psyonix first teased Dunk House earlier this month, mentioning at the time that the reveal lined up with the upcoming NCAA March Madness tournament.
Psynoix's brand of dunking involves knocking the ball into an oversized virtual "net" sitting on the court in front of an equally oversized backboard. The post Newsbits: RBI Baseball 16, Stikbold, Subnautica and Steredenn all hitting Xbox One this week appeared first on XBLAFans.
It’s also looking like underwater survival game Subnautica will be hitting Xbox One this Friday. And finally, Steredenn is also set to land on Xbox One April 1 making it a very busy Friday indeed. The post Minecraft: Story Mode Season Finale 'Order Up' Available Now appeared first on XBLAFans. In Episode 2 Michonne must escape the colony of Monroe, which she fought to liberate with fellow survivors Pete and Sam. Developer Heart Machine has released a new trailer for Hyper Light Drifter as well as a PC and Mac release date. After being announced a few months ago, details on the new Telltale Games Batman game have finally been revealed. The post Telltale's Batman game will let players play as Batman and Bruce Wayne appeared first on XBLAFans. Decisions made by Batman will not only effect Batman but also Bruce Wayne as well, and vice-versa. Eli Wallach, left, and Clint Eastwood in 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.'In the 1970s and1980s, he was reduced to a punch line, as everyone and their grandma trotted out bad imitations of him.
In 1993, he was given a pair of Oscars -- and his first-ever nominations -- for starring in and directing the Western "Unforgiven," which many saw as a token so the old hand could end his career on a positive note. Since then, he's racked up seven more Oscar nominations, taking home the trophy twice more (not counting his Thalberg Award), and has become one of Hollywood's most respected directors. If you're an Eastwood fan and you weren't feeling lucky before, you have to be feeling it now.
Get the latest news, reviews, trailers and up-to-date listings for movies playing in local theaters. The new SugarHouse Poker Room promises 24 poker tables, which will allow up to 240 people to play at once.

For those looking to reserve a spot in the new poker room in advance, use the Bravo Poker Live app to secure your seat at the table.
This newest addition to the casino joins a variety of traditional casino games like roulette, blackjack, craps and slots. For an easy way to get to and from SugarHouse, hop aboard the Sugar Express trolley, which offers guests free transportation from several points in the city to the casino. Philly Radness: An Interactive Pop-Up Skatepark opens to the public today with motion-responsive projection, video elements and more. This week, the African Methodist Episcopal Church celebrates its bicentennial with a gospel concert, social justice forum and more, April 7-10. Spring has sprung with April’s First Friday, which promises art openings, live music, flowing champagne and more. Despite its heritage, the series has had to move with the times, making the transition from ponderous survival horror to cooperative action shooter.
The game focuses on four interlinking storylines featuring series favourites, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong along with a number of new and partner characters, most of which are playable due to the focus on cooperative gameplay. As always with games in this series, every environment is incredibly detailed and oozing with atmosphere. In addition, there are a number of other multiplayer modes that add a lot of variety to proceedings, including a particularly fun invasion mode that allows you to take on the role of a monster in another player's game. Resident Evil 6 is the first game in the series that legitimately allows players to engage some enemies using pure melee attacks with a degree of success. These continue in various forms throughout the remainder of the game whenever there is a cutscene, but there are also some sequences that occur during gameplay depending on contextual situations, and frankly, they feel very outdated. When sprinting, the camera adopts a very bizarre and totally unique kind of sway which for me is almost nausea inducing. For example, there are some sections where ammo and health restoration items are nearly limitless, allowing players to carve through hundreds of enemies with ease. With that said, I don't think that there is really any new content here for fans who played the game comprehensively the first time around, so it is those returning players who should consider their purchase most carefully. In a move that will almost assuredly make Xzibit smile, Microsoft has released a new skin pack that brings the characters from Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode to Mojang's non-story-mode Minecraft.
It can be had for free during its first week of availability before Microsoft starts charging $2.99 after April 12.
It was just one kid running round the gym hall skelping the others with a plastic ball until there was only one left or the teacher got bored. The graphics have a blocky, Minecraft-style to them, but they don’t come across as cheap, and the color scheme just hits you in the face like the first day of summer. Cut-scenes play out between each level, and they usually highlight the absurdity of the game’s story or feature Jerome mocking Bjorn’s crush. I was able to play it entirely with my couch co-op buddy, which made for a more enjoyable experience. A Dodgeball Adventure was developed by Game Swing and published by Curve Digital on Xbox One. Little information is known but the collaboration with Fox Digital Entertainment should result in three new tables for the popular pinball platform.
Active Soccer 2 DX is clearly a labour of not just love, but absolute adoration for this classic series, and it is all the better for it. There is a huge range of modes and competitions available including simulated cups, tournaments and leagues. This is obviously due to licensing, but for me, it also provided a hit of nostalgia that sent me searching for a Team Edit function. Active Soccer 2 DX is mostly very competent in this regard, with a match engine that is quick, responsive and very fluid, delivering fast-paced arcade fun with the potential for lots of shots, and as a result, lots of goals. What it offers instead is the accessible, no frills look and gameplay of its 20-year-old inspiration, and whilst I do enjoy that, it will undoubtedly be too simple for some. There are lots of quirks in navigation which could have been ironed out through more comprehensive playtesting, and some of the localisation into English is less than perfect. With that said, my friends and I are all of a certain age, and I'm acutely aware that what I consider to be warming nostalgia might simply be hideously dated for others. These leagues will join the previously announced, Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).
For more amateur players, ESL will be offering the Rocket League Go4 Cups, with weekly and monthly prizes up for grabs. Less than an hour later, I had completed it, albeit mostly on the easiest difficulty level, and I was left feeling as if a decent opportunity had been missed. The unremarkable plot has our hero, Sir Oliver, piloting his trusty gryphon, Aquila, through eight stages of fairly generic enemies in order to save a bunch of his hero pals from an evil curse that was previously set upon them. In general, I prefer lighthearted, cartoonish shooters, and this certainly qualifies as one of them, with characterful sprites and busy, colourful levels.
In addition, a store provides access to a range of squires, each of whom offers a different buff such as a shield or an additional attack. Each level features both a boss and sub-boss, and although some are infuriatingly cheap, others are really interesting and fun to play against. With only eight stages, it's much shorter than the name suggests, and it just isn't the kind of shooter that will have you returning again and again to chase down a higher score.
The easiest is far too easy, and the hardest is far too hard, whilst the middle setting swings wildly between the two. The best bosses in any game like this are tough but offer just enough of a tell to give the player a chance of defeating them.
Sadly, what I got was a sometimes promising, often frustrating, always underwhelming and overly short shoot-em-up that fails to meet the expectations set by its own title.
Xbox Dev Mode lets anyone turn their Xbox One into a development kit for free, so that anyone interested in developing for the console can now do so with ease. Even though it is free there are some requirements in order to use the new feature, you must join the Windows Insider Program, run Windows 10 on your PC, and also have a wired connection between your PC and Xbox One.
Digital Extremes didn't have much to add in the way of concrete details, but a representative for the studio did allude to a release still being in the plans.
Staying alive as a mid-sized independent developer in the games industry is no small feat," reads a statement Digital Extremes provided to XBLA Fans. Some time has passed since the Wither Storm saga, as Jesse and friends have been holding up the mantle of The Order of the Stone for a while.
Not only is it visually different, but it also allows us to bear witness to a very different culture and some great new characters played by some fantastic guest stars. It's got a great "monster of the week" feel that will hopefully continue through the later episodes. This is a classic, two-dimensional scrolling shooter set in space and featuring a single ship tasked with eliminating an entire fleet of hostile alien invaders and their increasingly powerful overlord bosses. The action is delivered alongside a pulsating soundtrack, and the variety of weapons and boss configurations makes for a reasonably varied experience for the first few hours of play. Steredenn's use of random enemy formations and strategies is generally very good, and it rarely feels cheap or unbalanced. For at least a couple of hours, though, the punchy, direct soundtrack and classic feel really got my blood pumping and served to ensure I was fully engaged, which is excellent considering this is a genre requiring complete concentration from a die-hard audience of highly skilled competitors. The enemy patterns and weapons are memorable, so although each set of enemies in a sequence is randomised, it is possible to remember the behaviour of a given wave from a previous playthrough. It's perfectly competent and features a really solid and completely unique randomisation mechanic that's worth exploring. Some funny, original character designs, good platforming, destructible environments (always fun in my book) and a solid variety of gameplay.
It certainty sounds unique and interesting on paper — and it was actually kind of fun to type that last sentence! There's something about being able to blow up pretty much any and everything that adds to any game experience.
There are some cool play mechanics too, especially the character who can shoot out water that actually fills up the environment rather than just disappearing when it hits the ground.
They're all very short, so they never really get into any kind of a groove, and they can mostly be beaten by shooting anything and everything while collecting anything and everything you see. Every level has roughly the same goals, the same amount of obstacles, the same collectibles. It doesn't help that one vegetable guy doesn't look or act that much different than another, so it's hard to keep track.
That's not the worst thing in the world considering there are lots of student games that exhibit high levels of originality and fresh ideas, and some of that sort of thing is found here, but Organic Panic would definitely be a better game if it was more polished. Destroying the environment and flooding out meat and cheese monsters has plenty of charm, but some variety and polish would have gone a long way toward extending it.
Developer Big Ant Studios released the new trailer that definitely is not clown propaganda, the trailer shows off some of the clown characters in the game with a comedic atmosphere. The tournament has since narrowed down to the Final Four, but with the championship game not taking place until Monday, April 3 it's still possible players could be shooting hoops in Rocket League before it wraps up, though Psyonix has not provided an exact release date.
According to a tweet by the game’s creator Charlie Cleveland, Subnautica will release via the Game Preview program April 1.
It’s time to see how things pan out for Jesse and the gang, as they make way through worlds beyond their own. With machete in hand is up to Michonne to make the tough choices for herself and those closest to her. The new trailer displays the amazing pixelated art style of the 2D action-RPG game, which is also coming to Xbox One, and some of the game's vibrant settings, as well as the fast-pace action you can expect from the game. No details were revealed about the console release date other than that it is expected to be "soon." You can check out our preview here as well as the trailer below to see the impressive art style and 2D action. During a panel at the SXSW Gaming Expo Telltale revealed a handful of details regarding the upcoming game including that players will be able to play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.
Players will also be given the opportunity to approach choices as either Batman or Bruce Wayne which will impact the story.
All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of NOLA Media Group. Aston Martin has proven its racing capabilities with the DBR9, the Rapide should also do well. The poker room is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and all 24 new tables have charging stations for smartphones so players can easily participate in a text-to-order food service. The citywide interactive and performing arts festival hits Philly with dozens of performances throughout 16 days. The game has been overhauled in high definition and all previously released DLC is included, ensuring that this is certainly the most definitive version of the game available to Xbox players so far. Player characters look crisp and realistic with superb animation, whilst common enemies such as zombies and the like are varied enough to ensure that the suspension of disbelief is never broken. All of these modes are great fun with a friend because humans are simultaneously smarter and less predictable than AI partners.
The cost of chaining multiple, high energy attacks together to dispatch foes comes at the cost of stamina, and when it runs out, the player character is left winded and badly exposed to enemy attacks. The gameplay itself certainly benefits from the introduction of credible melee combat, but it does look a little odd as if the team that coded it into the game wasn't entirely comfortable with it.
In other sequences, the player will suddenly be expected to creep through an area with only a pistol and a single clip of ammo.
If you have yet to pick up the console now might be the right time to pick it up, especially if you are interested in developing for the Xbox One, with the recent announcement that every Xbox One can now be turned into a dev kit. Alternatively, players will always have the option to download just one of the six versions of Jesse for free.

As it turns out, Stikbold, which is what dodgeball is called in Scandinavia, is a lot similar to the version I knew: plenty of cheating, lots of tears and loads of fun. The premise is that Bjorn and Jerome are practicing for a big tournament that Bjorn lost last year because it was against his number-one crush, Heidi.
Bright yellow and orange dominate the screen and really make the whole experience a fun and uplifting one. The levels themselves are pretty hilarious, too; my favourite was playing dodgeball against some hippies in the park.
Each level does have three bonus objectives to work towards that allow for some replay value, but I felt that they were just padding out the game, especially since you’re often not told how to complete them until later in the game. Depending on the mode and level, some of your opponents can then revive each other, meaning that rounds can often go on and on until you get all players down at the same time. Its gameplay is refreshingly different, it has great graphics and a groovy soundtrack and the entertaining story mode is a real hit.
Given that Fox recently declared April 24 as Alien Day, from planetoid LV-426 where the chaos kicked off, it seems a good day so set aside for a little pinball action too. Well, simply put, I've been told many times that I must review each game based on its own merit, and not draw too many comparisons with similar games.
Like the series that inspired it, this is a game which looks rough and simplistic outside of actual matches (despite the inclusion of a staggering range of options) but delivers where it really matters – on the pitch. A career mode that replicates the domestic leagues across multiple countries and standards is a particular highlight. Lo and behold, there is one, meaning that I was rapidly able to restore my Leeds United Classics team to their former glory, replacing the amusingly named Ettie Glai with the name of his true life counterpart, Eddie Gray. In single player, it's a decent game which is good fun but rarely serves as more than practice for the main event, delivered via the multiplayer mode.
On the pitch, glitches are few and far between, but there are some oddities that occur outside of open play, and like all football games, the goalkeepers can be dodgy from time to time. Active Soccer 2 DX plays a simpler game of football than its modern peers, making it less entertaining for solo players, but I think the opposite could be said for when you want a quick match with pals – especially when there are lots of them. With the inclusion of these leagues, Rocket League will now have options available to amateur, collegiate and semi-professional players. Rocket League Central CEO, Blake Tull, also announced the return of the fan favorite, Rocket Royale. The special weapons can be equipped in conjunction with your main weapon, and the squires can gain access to additional levels of power that increase the bonus they provide. The shooting element is improved by the weapon and squire combinations, but, to be honest, what you're shooting at is a pretty dull bestiary of uninteresting drones.
Interestingly, once the first two levels have been completed, you can tackle the rest in any order, and, mercifully, the difficulty level can be changed at the outset of each stage, which means that if you find one particularly challenging or frustrating, you can always try again on easy or skip to another one. That's not the case in Gryphon Knight Epic; some of the bosses have attack patterns that are almost completely unidentifiable. The art style is pleasant, and the weapon combinations are fun, but that's not enough to drag this game out of mediocrity. If a console does get converted over to a Dev Mode version you may occasionally run into problems running retail versions of games as well. Telltale has announced an additional three episodes, making this the studio's longest season to date. Order Up!
The entire tone has changed, instead of being the aspiring heroes, they are now the established heroes.
Also notable is the shakeup in the main cast, as most of Jesse's adventure is spent without his best friends. It's a welcome change to spend time more time with other characters, most notably Paul Reuben's Ivor. Telltale has finally nailed the tone they were going for all along: a fun story about a group of friends on an adventure. The lone ship, the blackness of space and the bad guys will all be immediately familiar to fans of the genre, but Steredenn features a unique twist: each playthrough is randomly generated in typical rogue-like style. It isn't long, however, before the randomness begins to feel repetitive, and the dull backdrops and lack of variety in enemy appearance begins to take its toll. Similarly, bosses each have two or three weapons or attacks that appear in random combinations, so as long as you can piece together the puzzle from an earlier encounter, you just might be able to overcome the odds. Outside that, it is a little repetitive, and beyond the first couple of hours I doubt it has the longevity to attract casual interest. Part of it is just because it's cool to do, but mostly it's because seemingly anything is possible in this type of game. If they all had more distinct personalities, it probably would have gone a long way toward actually learning who does what. This is definitely not a bad game, but it does get a little boring — just like veggies. Releasing Friday April 1, Stikbold is a 70s themed, over-the-top, action sportsgame with players taking on the roles of Bjorn and Jerome on an heroic rescue mission in the name of love and dodgeball. Currently available on Steam Early Access, Subnautica allows players to explore an unknown alien planet by scuba diving and traveling in submarines.
The game is an endless adventure with randomly generated levels, insane boss battles, and upgradable ships. In this episode Jesse and friends are on their way to an abandoned temple housing mysterious treasures when ambushed by Aiden.
Michonne must battle her own mind as memories of the past flood her consciousness causing her to confused delusions with reality.
Next year, construction will be complete on a larger 28-table permanent poker room that’s part of a larger renovation plan at the casino. Plus, poker fans can also look forward to a table-side beverage service and a massage service. Larger enemies, such as bosses, are as impressive as you would expect, and there are a number of these that do more than fill the screen.
The game expects that cooperative players will support and cover each other, and goes to some length to enforce that expectation through inbuilt mechanics (such as stamina limitation) and enemy placement.
It's a little clunky, but this mechanic (especially when playing with a human partner) works really well to introduce an element of strategy to a game which might otherwise be a bit too straightforward.
This is the case with a few things in Resident Evil 6, the sum total of which is not at all game breaking, but often distracting and probably related to my next point.
This time around, however, Heidi gets kidnapped by the devil just as the big game is about to start. Main characters Bjorn and Jerome have a comical '70s style with sweatbands and big hair, and there’s some groovy funk and soul background music throughout that just manages to stay on the right side of cool.
If you happen to get downed by the opposition, your partner can bring you back with a high-five or if you’re in an awkward place you can pass the ball between you until someone gets an opening. This will earn you one point, and you then have to repeat this two or more times to win the whole match as the first team to three points will be the winner. Whilst the campaign mode is fairly short, if you have a couch buddy or two or even a whole family of them, Stikbold is a fun party game that could have you laughing for hours. Unfortunately for me, Active Soccer 2 DX is such a direct clone of the classic Sensible Soccer games that this review could probably start and end with that statement alone. There's also the unexpected bonuses of a basic but functional transfer system, confidence rating and financial management structure.
Guessing which player is supposed to be who is half the fun, but it's also nice to see that both the current and classic squads for my favourite team are included and that the players (assuming you guess the name correctly) reflect their correct hair and skin colour, position and approximate skill level. The simple controls and a high degree of accessibility make this the perfect game for a kickabout following a few beers, or alternatively, one of the fully fledged tournament modes allows players to team up (or not) to guide a chosen team through several matches to achieve victory. This weekly event provides competitive community events at the pro level and semi-pro levels.
There's nothing new here, and there's no complex interplay between weapon choices or enemy types, but it's fun to try out different combinations (of which there are many) and see how each works for you. Elsewhere, Sir Oliver himself is very large and his hit-box is oddly shaped, meaning that dodging projectiles and other threats doesn't have the natural, muscle memory associations that other games offer following prolonged play. We are working hard with them to realize as much as we can for their team during this difficult time and encourage players to keep an eye on the official website for more details on the launch of Sword Coast Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The story revolves around the discovery of an enchanted item that opens a portal to an ancient realm containing a mysterious artifact. Gone is the doom-and-gloom of the Wither Storm, making way for something with lower stakes but that is still very exciting. Order Up! feels much more thematically coherent than anything that came prior, making it the most consistently enjoyable entry thus far. Special weapons are also randomised, and a minor downside here is that some are considerably better than others, so picking up a particular one can lead to considerable success or abject failure. This mechanic actually works really well, as it gives a genuine advantage to dedicated, experienced players and ensures that the level of technical skill required for success is even higher than usual.
Most of the iconic side-scrolling shooters have a unique visual style, and the bosses are a particular highlight, but with Steredenn it feels a bit like it's all business, with none of the nonsense that made me love games like Deathsmiles or Parodius. I highly recommend it to leaderboard-chasing fans of the side-scrolling shooter, but anyone else is advised to use caution when considering investing their cash here. The silly idea of mixing food-based characters with a cartoon style and lots of action is pretty great.
There's a ton of them too, which isn't the worst thing if you do like the game, but it's going to make for a real slog for everyone else.
It becomes especially confusing when you're introduced to a new obstacle or enemy but you really have no idea how your character's powers will interact with new enemies or environments. The game features a co-operative campaign mode for up to two players and also includes a four player brawler mode for you to put your friendships to the test. Developers Pixelnest Studio promise gameplay will be hard and unforgiving; best prepare your pad for the upcoming bulletstorm! Yours proudly, Calum." Beside it lay red carnations spelling out George from his 87-year-old father Dickie.
Frame rate is pretty consistent throughout, but certainly not flawless, with busier and effect laden scenes causing a few issues when the camera pans rapidly. If your buddy is the kind of player who runs off on their own, chances are you won't last long in Resident Evil 6. So Bjorn and Jerome set off on a daring rescue mission to save the girl, battling it out with hippies, bikers and animal rights activists all through the medium of dodgeball. There’s also six-player free-for-all and team versus modes that can be played with four people locally and an additional two CPU players. It’s not particularly difficult, and I did actually enjoy the gameplay, but depending on how many rounds the match goes to, the novelty factor can wear thin. When it comes to team selection, you'll find everything you could want in terms of formations and tactical options, and real thought has been given to what football (soccer) fans expect in that respect. Leeds United is my personal example, but clubs from lower leagues all over the world are also represented, which is something fans might not have expected from an indie game like this.
Leagues and longer tournaments can also be saved and resumed at any time, with players dropping in and out whilst the AI plays out matches on their behalf, which is another great idea. I only wish the production values allowed Last Limb to expand on all the personality that is hidden just under the surface. The latest instalment in the popular baseball franchise promises to bring upgraded graphics and lighting as well as a suite of additional features including new fielding capabilities with dives, wall catches, fake throws and more. After being labeled as villains by Aiden the crew will be faced with some tough choices to help save the city and themselves from the void below. That wasn’t a deal breaker for me, though, and single players haven't been forgotten about, as you can happily team up with the excellent AI for all game modes.

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