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When we were hit with a lot of new maps last week unexpectedly, everyone kept asking where Karazhan was. Well obviously, as the new Baradin Hold boss would be tied to the next arena season, which won't begin until 4.2 is shipped. Well obviously, as the new Baradin Hold boss would be tied to the next arena season, which won't begin until 4.2 is shipped.I wrote that really badly, to be fair, it is almost 4AM and all I see are maps? Sooo, Karazhan is coming back?It was never goneNot in that way of course, but coming back a la SFK, DM, ZG etc.
Sooo, Karazhan is coming back?It was never goneNot in that way of course, but coming back a la SFK, DM, ZG etc.No. Sooo, Karazhan is coming back?Just because its getting a map does not mean it is gonna come back, although i really wish it did i have fond memories of that place at 70. The latest version of the Public Test Realm client has hit, and it reveals some interesting things, among them the itemlevel range on Raid Finder items and the model of a new Chromatic Dragon mount. We've known for a while that the weapon will have two earlier stages like the previous legendary did, but now there's some more information on them. Crystalline Geode, Perfect Geode, and Elementium-Coated Geode--indicates Blizzard is still going through with geodes for epic gems. Looks like Blizzard is having a lot of fun with weapon design and doing what players have wanted for a while--cool, unique procs. New mounts: Experiment 12-B and Heart of the Aspects (most likely the reward for completing Tier 13 meta achievements or the rare Deathwing mount drop).

New companion pet, previewed a few weeks ago and most likely a guild reward for finishing the t13 legendary: Soul of the Aspects. There's a lot more information to be found at the source, so click the link below, and take a look at everything, including the Death Knight's tier 13 - which will be getting a proper news post of its own once Blizzard releases its own official update with input from the artists and a look back at the other sets. Wowheadnews - Patch 4.3 - PTR Build 14890 - Spell Changes, Fangs of the Father Legendary Proc, and More!
We've datamined the season 11 arena sets and here they are for you to check out--some really gorgeous sets, especially the paladin set. All the Burning Crusade instances are getting the map system that was introduced in mid Lich King. This latest patch included maps for all Burning Crusade dungeons and raids that did not previously feature one!
One of the worst things about leveling thru Burning Crusade is that there is absolutely no dungeon maps available. I saw A LOT of shapes by the time I was done, some that I probably shouldn't mention.Aleluya xD! Once you have acquired 30 stacks of Shadows of the Destoyer, each stack gained grants an increasing chance to trigger Fury of the Destroyer and cancel all stacks of Shadows of the Destroyer. Some of them are now showing up in this PTR patch: Slowing the Sands and Summon Tentacle of the Old Ones, for example. It looks like the Raid Finder epics will be mostly ilvl 384 with special loot (that also contains flavor text) at ilvl 390.

Remember to click on the images to load our awesome modelviewer so you can preview the images for yourself and take your own screenshots if needed!Warlock Priest Death Knight Hunter Shaman Warrior Mage Druid Rogue Paladin The Paladin set didn't have a breastplate, so it's safe to assume the last model of each set is an extra set that isn't going to be used.
The shaman, paladin and warlock sets are really beautiful, with intricate details and interesting shapes.Holy cleavage Batman!It's a very good thing that draenei can't be warlocks. All the Vanilla instances received them when Cata went live.There are a lot more maps after the break--you didn't forget how big Karazhan is, did you?It's not really big. I'm talking about Miyari not putting a space between words of course.These maps are so fresh, even the commas don't know how to act around 'em. Going from Classic(cataclysm) with the new shiny, to the sespool that is currently BC is painful.
How will I know where I am once I get into the room with the big ramp that only goes to one location? HELL.I just finished leveling my latest main for Northrend, and now they tell me they've updated the Outlands map?omgblizzwtfbbqimquittingtogotorift. Fury of the Destroyer immediately grants 5 combo points and causes your finishing moves to grant 5 combo points. It's akint how a 3 floor house has more floor plans than a single floor office building, despite the office building having 3 or more times the floorspace.

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