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I could not find instructions for m#22549 but I did find instructions for m#22540 and I believe you may be confusing the instructions for mounting when no box exists with how to mount when an approved box exists. Could be because only a light was installed there, and that is what came with the light and existing spanner. If you find a box mounted to the bottom of a joist (not what the OP has) you can mount a Hunter by using those wood screws run into the joist on either side of the box. Would it be effective to knock out circular hole in outlet box line with grommet and pull cable and wires through then? A fan-rated box will also accept #10 machine screws for mounting the fan, rather than the #8 screws that this box accepts.
To minimize the work you need to do on the ceiling itself, fan-rated ceiling boxes come in the 8-B configuration you have now, with a variety of mounts. It looks like I can punch out the centre hole and reuse the nut (not sure if the hole is same size).
I actually bought a ceiling brace and box kit when I bought the fan, in anticipation that I would need the extra support. Yes, you would have to remove the existing box and bar, but that would give you a good idea as to where the joists are.
A sawzall or hacksaw blade inserted next to the joist will allow you to cut the bar out of the way. Yes, make a small slot next to the joist and use the saw blade to cut the bar out of the way. I can't see all his bar, but what do you guys think of using the existing bar and strapping a new fan rated box to it using the u bolts?
Ceiling fans are nothing short of a blessing especially in rooms or areas of your home where air conditioning is not possible. Carefully climb a ladder and take a hold of the power supply cable emerging emerging from the outlet. Connect the power supply wires to the leads emerging from the ceiling fan’s motor by twisting them together.
This site answers questions related to home electrical wiring, home wiring, general electrical help,and other electrical questions related to aleternating current (AC).

The ArchBlocks AutoCAD Electrical Library has electrical symbols for designing Lighting Plans and Electrical Plans that are required for CAD construction documents.
Scroll down to see a complete preview of all the Electrical CAD blocks included in this library.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Your existing 8-B box appears to be mounted with a U-bolt which should pass around a support bar that extends to the joist on either side. I have tried this and the outlet box is secure and i put bracket on as well it is firmly mounted on ceiling.
I want to ask if the outlet box in my room is safe for installing a 10lb ceiling fan (see picture). Bring a selection home and return the ones you didn't need, if you aren't sure which one will work best.
I know you're just supposed to stick the brace through the hole and turn to expand the brace until snug, but it seems a bit difficult to do when you can't see what's above the ceiling! It's a solid piece of steel - I can't bend it, even with a hammer, and I can't just push it to the side either. From a practical view I guess it would be ok if you could eliminate the box swaying on the bar. The most important thing you will need to do is interrupt the flow of electricity to the power outlet from where you will supply current to the ceiling fan. When you have pulled out the wires, you will need to screw the downrod into the motor housing by hand.
Use a utility knife to peel away about 6 inches of the cable sheathing and thus reveal the bare copper wires.
The hook to which you attach the motor will temporarily hold the motor sideways so that you can easily wire the ceiling fan without having to worry about supporting the weight while you are working. Be sure to take the colour coding in to account as you will have to connect white to white, black to black and bare copper to copper. You will also find CAD Blocks for Reflected Ceiling Plans and a basic Lighting Schedule in AutoCAD .DWG format to help you get started. The light kit is ingeniously sculpted into the fans design, as the 3 concaved blades flow directly out from the fan body.

Please give us the make and model number of the fan or better yet a link to an on line instruction sheet.
While I prefer to screw the canopy mounting bracket to a framed support when possible, I have never seen one that couldn't be mounted, just as securely, to a fan-rated ceiling box. The box itself seems pretty sturdy but it is only attached to a metal bar by an odd-looking nut located right in the centre of the box.
If you are not confident at working with electrical appliances, it will be wise to hire an electrician for this task.
To make the process easier, peel away the top sheathing and then treat each individual insulated wire. The high blade pitch insures optimal airflow, while the 100 watt halogen bulb provides ample lighting into the room. Also after removing light fixture there are red, black, an off white color, and copper wire coming out of ceiling. The screws that hold the spanner are not as long as what i am used to seeing and do not continue to the top of the outlet box.
However, if you have the skills and some basic knowledge about electricity, wiring a ceiling fan can be easy. Just to be sure, use a non-contact circuit tester to check for flashes or chirps which in turn indicate the flow of electricity through the circuit. Slowly twist wire nuts in a clockwise direction onto each of the wire pairings and complete the process by folding the pairs into the junction box. Check that, and if those screws are 10-24s in this box (and if the box is mounted the way I described), you're probably good to go. Other models i have installed have had you remove the intial screws and mount the bracket with the screws provided.

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