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With our broad domain experience, we are involved in offering a quality gamut of DC LED Bulbs. Haiku is currently rated by ENERGY STAR as the world’s most efficient ceiling fan – and the company just launched a new patent-pending fan with integrated LED lights that are 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs.
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One home renovation mistake we made with our first home at the Rivervale was not installing ceiling fans.
We had the project handover from the defect team yesterday afternoon, and were fortunate that our appointed interior designer was present to help us negotiate some parts of the outstanding issues. Item #2: The incomplete door signage was hilarious, but very tough to rectify as it required the specific subcontractor to return to redo our signage. Item #11: There were still chips at the edge of the floor tiles at our yard toilet, which might accidentally cause feet injuries later if people rush in and out of the yard toilet. So, we agreed to sign off seeing that the majority of the defects have been resolved, but also made a strong note of the outstanding ones, and followed through on correspondence on these very early this morning. Our interior designer will be starting renovation work proper this Friday – more notes to come soon! Bit of a funny experience to relate here that happened about 5 weeks ago during our key collection event. The lady probably concluding by now that I was of no help whatsoever to her cause, huff and puffed away – much to my relief! As renovation projects go, many new home owners will typically advise against letting your designer accompany you when you go about hunting for electrical and sanitary fixtures and furniture at shops, despite the obvious advantage of having your designer provide advice for you on the spot whether your preferred fixtures will work well against your current home design intentions. We made a pre-pre-final inspection check of our Minton unit on Saturday first, and apart from having an invisible grill contractor down for a second visit to finalize measurements, also witnessed workers doing a bit more rectification work – specifically buffing the long scratches off our guest bedroom toilet. Thereafter, it was off to Taylor B, a furniture warehouse situated all the way downtown for a quick look at their sofas and dining room sets. One important service offered by Interior Designers is in the selection of colors, materials and accessories for one’s new home.
We spent most of the afternoon today deciding colors and materials with our designer, and we’re bowled over!
We met another bunch of specialist contractors over the latter part of the last week and last weekend, and they included persons for curtains, and also different types of grills. One sure thing about home renovations is that you really learn a lot about the different options out there, the materials used, and the short and long term maintenance and issues posed by them. The chipped skirting just outside the yard toilet has also been replaced with new skirting. We met with our designer too to plan out our apartment’s electrical and Internet points, and from the looks of it, are going for all the works. We were surprised to see that there were workers still going about it over both days of the weekend too. From the general look of it, I suspect nearly all of our listed defects will be rectified in a first pass indeed by the end of week 3, but a couple will remain outstanding.
Following through my earlier post on defects; here are more notes alongside pictures that new owners might want to especially watch out for. On the other hand; the groove in between two homogenous tiles just in front of one bedroom has been stained, pretty obviously. In comparison, here’s what the similar outlet for our guestroom toilet cistern looks like. There are both pros and cons about the new kitchen and yard when compared to what we’ve got in our current home. The Minton kitchen on the other hand is long and somewhat narrow, and less friendly to natural lighting. We’ll likely be going with either of two retractable hanger contractors here and here. One possible complication though is that the yard balcony is more exposed than our current home’s.
As for the kitchen: in our discussions last year, we were planning to have our designers fabricate a full height kitchen shelving and cabinet at the existing washer cavity.
Using as a reference our annual family photos taken during the Lunar New Year, it’s fun to watch how we change over time.
Funnily, post-first days of CNY, Hannah, Peter and Ling are all down with varying degrees of illness. Like the last year, the Nikon D7000 stayed at home, with the two micro four-third cameras pulling all photographic duties.
Just a few days ahead of CNY and heading out early morning for her school’s CNY celebrations.

If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. This is exactly what designer Nik Hiner and his business partner Richard Halsall decided to do when they came up with a revolutionary new idea that would allow them to reinvent the standard ceiling fan. Its digital dimmer offers 16 unique brightness settings ranging from soft nightlight to primary light source. KDK, Relite, Amasco, Fanco, Crestar – the grandfather among these, in terms of apparent reliability anyway, is KDK.
Our designer shared that one of his previous clients installed an Italian-designed fan distributed by this company that would fit nicely into our (very) small study room – the Vento Fino 13.
Online opinion seems quite favorable, with many noting that both brands offer a wide range of designs, sizes and optional accessories. Basically, when coupled with a light kit, extra wire cabling needs to be laid  down to allow for the additional switch. Our defect list was about two pages long and comprising around 40 items, though in some cases, items were generalized.
The defect workers did not like the idea of tile replacements again, so we agreed on a compromise – if the tiles could be rounded off, that would work as well for us. We observed that other units had similar issues in their first defect reports; that there were very visible and ugly stains on the toilet seats. To be fair, I trust our designer, and he showed no inclination to accompany us on such shopping trips anyway, apart from suggesting to us several shops that we can check out.
The prices were very good for its specification, shape and feature set – but there was also some online chatter about the after sales support service. The defect team in charge of our apartment unit at The Minton stated yesterday that the unit will be ready for the handover inspection early next week (excepting a couple of other items involving door signage and that the wire gauze of our kitchen oven has come loose). Early on last year, we were briefly toying with the idea of managing our renovation project ourselves and going with specialist contractors for each renovation area. So, while the living and dining room are going to be dominantly light colors with some shades of brown, the children’s room is going to feature more childlike colors (Ling liked Lavender for instance), while our own bedroom has strong brown colors. We’re customizing the frame and going with a higher-grade of laminated veneer for its surfaces.
I think we’ve got a pretty good idea of our options, and are learning towards specific contractors for each of the items now. And while the Internet is full of resources for us to read and make perhaps slightly more informed decisions, a lot of it still comes down to gut feeling and instinct. Seems that with such a large number of units in the project, the developer has got a number of workers to do overtime now. The wire gauze in our cooker hood was not properly fastened using a metal retaining bracket.
The floor and wall tiles that were chipped in a few places have been removed, alongside the skirting on the far end of the picture. It looks easily removable (well, hopefully) but we will be continuing to monitor it and see if the defect team cleans it on their own initiative.
The long holiday weekend meant that no progress was observed in our defect rectification, though we did see that parts of the kitchen had been mounted with cardboard protectors – ostensibly for the re-tiling work to begin hopefully this week. Our Rivervale kitchen is large and squarish, with a large window leading to the outside which lets plenty of natural sunlight in. We’ve decided now instead though to buy a dishwasher unit and have it installed in the area there, and some minimal wall-hung shelving above it. The lift lobby at our home was actually quite dim, so some post-processing in Adobe was required to lift out details.
Her dress looks like it still has some space to grow – perhaps still wearable next year. With a lifespan of 50,000 operating hours, Haiku’s LED is the one light you won’t be changing this decade. Looking at general online opinion, many home owners regard KDK fans as reliable, established, and long-lasting. The fan cost a bit of a bomb though, powerful as it is, but it was an interesting little appliance to consider nonetheless.
The motors in Crestar fans, as one shop owner told us, are made in Taiwan, while Fanco’s are in China.
Routinely, most fans by design can be controlled via a pull chain switch, but we don’t like the idea of having chains dangling from the base of the fan.
These premium-designed fans though are priced accordingly, and one could easily get 2 to 3 reliable normal fans for their asking price of one. We noticed that the typical rectification method was to just re-sand and re-varnish the flooring again, which was what the defect workers did for us as well. We also managed to corner the Bangladeshi defect team-lead, a stocky looking and jovial fellow, and nagged at him gently for the couple of remaining defects ahead of Tuesday’s unit handover.

Still, we figured that the risk of a couple failing is acceptable against the pretty low price of the LED lights – and these are end-user replaceable anyway.
Our electrical fixtures plans will require a separate post, so I’ll do one up once we receive the proposed schematics later. Hopefully, the team will conclude their works in a week or so for us to do another joint inspection alongside our appointed designer, whereupon our real renovation project can begin.
While the area isn’t in the most pristine condition, the outlet should at least be unblocked. A couple of residents have reported finding debris and all manner of yucky stuff in this hidden compartment. The weather has certainly been odd for this time of the year, with the cold front lasting longer than normal. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing!
Unfortunately, their designs are also somewhat limited, and for want of better word, functional.
However, online opinion of Amasco fans seemed mixed, and that certainly made us think again whether to go with this brand of fans. We checked out the Crestar range at the very well-known electrical appliance shop Tai Yong (also situated along Jalan Besar, and also where we picked up a bunch of lights for the front balcony, our master bedroom, and also the home shelter), liked what we saw, noted selections for each room, and got quotations for all of them.
Money for the both of us doesn’t grow on trees, so nope, we had to drop these from consideration too, if reluctantly LOL. To be fair, the workers tried scrubbing the stains several times, and while the stains are less visible now, the seat surfaces now feel overly buffed down too.
Each are 12W, about 6 inches across, square with glass edges, and each having a separate driver unit (this makes the LED unit thinner, which in principle allows for our false ceiling to be less deep).
Still, some caveats for persons who’re reading this entry wanting to give this warehouse a try too. Hence, we signaled our Interior Designer to begin preparations for the project to begin middle of next week.
We spent today to nearly 3 hours for us to decide on (most of – see below) our colors and materials! Still and if nothing else, putting up wet laundry will be so much easier with hanger poles that can be lowered to your shoulder level.
Hannah is also fast closing the height gap with her cousin, and this year too, we had Peter in the pictures as a new addition.
Imagine the amount of cable clutter on the floor, and worse still is many of these fans started breaking down in the usual ways after a year.  Granted, we routinely went for the cheapo NTUC Fairprice models, but still. Ling was not going to risk having our bottoms sit on seats which had been scrubbed with god-knows-what cleaning agents, so told the defect team firmly that she wanted replacements for the seats.
The warehouse offered both single-color temperature ($28 each), and 3-in-1 types ($38 each) which toggles between warm white, cool white (our preferred for most of the house), and daylight white. For example, children-proofing sharp and corner edges in our Master Bedroom furniture, removing the bed guard for Hannah’s bed. Lots of little details we would have missed our or misjudged had we try to do this on our own. A lot of it seemed to come down to intuition, and a mental projection of how a color will look like against another. Not a big issue for oneself to clean it out if there’s rubbish there, but it can also be added for the defect team to sort it out. Too bad he looks a little sickly with the return of mosquito bites he suffered over the last couple of days.
She said that she looks at KDK-styled fans everyday in her classrooms, and doesn’t want to see them too at home LOL. What remains thereafter is the selection of colors and surfacing materials, after which a final set of 3D renders will be prepared with these choices for us to sign off. But the yard is also relatively well-covered against weather elements, and we usually don’t have to worry about rain splashing into our hung laundry, outside the odd occasion when wind is billowing and such. And we’ve had bad experiences with remote controllers over the course of our using electrical appliances in general. True, many home owners routinely dispose and buy new electrical appliances every few years and get new packaged controllers, but ceiling fans are more permanent fixtures and most certainly not easily replaceable by normal home owners.
The carpentry items will also need to take into account the dimensions of devices it’ll hold.
Or does it use existing technology in a new way?The fan is based on the bladeless turbines from Nikola Tesla.  However, there have been many changes to the original design to maximize the efficiency at low rpm.

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